Awesome run today

I wasn’t sure how the guys would feel this morning following the race yesterday, but the five guys (yeah, you guessed it, the top 5 boys once again) who showed up to run  this morning were awesome!  Julie, Joseph, and I showed up the south farm and Steve Shaffer was already there ready to go. Grant and Stuart Woomer pulled up soon thereafter, although Grant rode a bike with us, as he has been injured.  Ethan Musser brought Damian Grady, then they got Kamau Bostic on the phone and told him to get out of bed and get on over there! He just lives around the corner, so it did not take him long to get there.

We took off, and as usual we started out slower to warm up, then gradually eased into it. The first mile was at a 7:37 pace (according to my Garmin watch), and we all basically ran that together. Then we picked it up with Joseph soon far in front of us. The other guys mostly stayed with me, and our 2nd mile was right at 7 minutes, but for the next five miles I averaged about 6:40, and Damian was ahead of us on the last couple of those before we stopped for a water break at McKee Park. We met Joseph there, but not for long. He had stopped for water and to stretch. We hung around a few minutes and did the same thing.  Then, we headed home at a faster pace for the last 3 miles. I averaged about 6:20 per mile, running with Damian most of the way until the last half mile or so, when he picked it up. Kamau, Stuart, and Ethan finished up about a minute behind me. Everybody had a great run today, better than most days really. Joseph average 6:10 per mile for his last nine miles, and close to 6:20 for the whole distance.  I think Damian was about 6:40 or better for the whole 10 miles, I was 6:45 and the other guys probably about 6:50. Steve was behind a little, but also ran well. Especially considering he had run 11 miles the day before on the trails in the Tombigbee National Forest. Since we finished relatively fast, we jogged for a few minutes to loosen up.

We again followed the run with a trip to McDonalds! These Sunday morning runs are really helping these guys, at least I believe they are! I wish we could get the next 5 boys on the varsity team to come run with us, but I guess not. It would have definitely given us a stronger team! Hopefully, none of our top 5 get injured, because the other boys are pinning their hopes on them.

Tomorrow afternoon, our schedule is changing, and we will run on the South Farm at 4 pm.


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