MSHAA 5 State Championship

Well, our cross country season is over. Ended with the MSHAA state meet on Saturday at Choctaw Trails. Our team competed in the 5A division and acquitted themselves well with girls team coming in 2nd and the boys coming in 3rd.  For the girls, Kate Mattox won the race, her sister Walker came in third getting a bronze medal, and Abigail Arinder came in 7th.  All three girls made the all state team, which is composed of the top 14 runners at the state meet.  In the boys race, our top finishers were Kamau Bostic who placed second overall and Joseph MacGown who placed third.

Lucienne Duchanne, Kamau Bostic, and Joseph MacGown

The boys had a decent chance of winning the meet, but in order for that to have happened, each of the guys had to have their best race, which did not happen. I think the pressure got to a couple of them, and they ran much slower than they had been. They felt really bad about it, obviously, but even so, this was the best finish for both girls and boys in probably over 10 years. Definite progress. I will say, Alex Ross remained composed and was our 4th finisher behind Ethan Musser. Prior to this meet, he had always been our 7th finisher, so that was wonderful. For complete results of the meet, go to:

With the season being over, the runners are taking a week or two off from running to rest their bodies. Following that, some of them will be running indoor track, then doing base training to get ready for the outdoor track season (assuming they run track). The break will be nice in a way. I will have time to get back in the gym more regularly! I felt like any muscles I had were disappearing daily with all the running I have been doing with the kids. At most, I was only getting to the gym once a week! Anyway, today, I used the 100 lb dumbbells for my last set of dumbbell bench press, so I guess I have not lost everything! Felt nice to have some weight on there. As I was leaving I talked to a student who I had met last year when he ran high school track for Madison Central. He said be would be running track for MSU this spring! Cool. I went out and ran 3 miles before heading out, and passed that same kid, who was also running. I ended up doing about a 6:20 pace.

Ran about 6 miles yesterday with Joseph and Steve, as sort of a recovery run for Joseph. We cruised along pretty slowly, but it felt great. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The previous Friday, I got a nice 4 mile tempo run in following a 30 minute weight workout. I ran on the gravel roads at the north farm and was able to run just over 24:30, which was good for me. The first two miles were great, just under 6 minutes per mile, but then I slowed down to about 6:10 for the next one, and about 6:22 for the last mile. Still, I was pretty happy with the run.

One thing with practice being over, I hope to get in a few runs with the boardtown group on some Saturday mornings, assuming I can make myself get up! Both Joseph and I need to get our long runs back up to an hour and a half or so. We had dropped back a bit as the season progressed, doing only 10 miles, then only 8 the last couple of weeks for our longer runs.  Anyway, I feel like we got a little faster (maybe), but at the same time, I don’t think we are as in good shape as we were six weeks ago. Partly due to lack of tempo runs as of late. I love tempo runs and think they are critical for 5k success. Need to find a way to implement them next year (hopefully).



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