Boardtown Running Club

Ran by myself last week, because Joseph took the week off following the state XC meet to rest a while. In general, I felt pretty good too! But, by Saturday, Joseph was anxious to run, so we joined the Boardtown Running club for a 12 mile run. Of course, some folks went farther and some went less. The temperature was cold enough that we decided to wear running tights, longs leeves, and gloves.  Glad I did too, felt much better than had I not. A few years back, I would never have worn tights, but I am now a firm believer in them. The ones I have not only keep me warm, but also keep my calves and knees feeling better. Anyway, quite a few folks were there this morning, including several new people. We had not run with the group since the summer, and it was interesting all the new people. Today was also a bit weird because most of the really fast runners were not there, or  had just recently done a marathon and were still pretty wiped out from that. Micah and Kelly White, and David Dycus all ran really well last Saturday in Savannah with times right around the 3 hour mark.  Joseph and I both felt pretty good today and we ended up running the 12 miles at a 6:40 pace, which was pretty good considering we had not run 12 miles since the beginning of the season. Hope to knock that pace down a bit too!

We will be running this week on Sunday at 3 pm at the South Farm, Monday at 4 pm meeting at Sanderson Center,  Tuesday at 3:45 pm at North Farm, Wednesday at 4 pm meeting at Sanderson Center,
Thursday at 3:45 pm at South Farm, and Saturday morning at 6:30 am with the Boardtown running club if anybody wants to join us.


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