Hyper this Week

I don’t know if its the fact that I have not had a coke in two weeks, or that I have been doing some tedious, monotonous stuff at work the last few days, but by quitting time each afternoon I have been quite hyper the last few work days! That’s fine with me, and maybe I will actually not starting drinking cokes again! Used that energy for a quick two mile run yesterday with Joseph. I don’t actually know how fast we went, because we had a stop watch malfunction, but it was definitely faster than our regular runs. Then we jogged around a while to cool down. Temps weren’t too bad, but we did wear long sleeve shirts.

Picked up Joseph this afternoon and headed to the South Farm for one of our nice hilly, gravelly road runs. While waiting for Joseph at the school, we saw Steve Shaffer, who decided to run with some of the kids doing training for indoor track. He said we wore him out last week running too fast and he was taking it easy this week! As far as our run, it started out with just me and Joseph. We decided to only do the 6 mile loop (actually, about 6.25 miles). First half mile was a little slower, then we picked it up. My next 3 were 6:18, 6:25, and 6:31. As we made our way to a gate we needed to cross, we spotted  Ethan Musser. He apparently got there a little late, and took a shortcut. So we ran the rest of the way back with him, and averaged 6:25 per mile most of the way, except for the end, which was faster. Ethan is really coming along! Its nice to see him getting in such good shape. He’s a great kid who puts the work in. I think he will have a great XC season next fall for his senior year. I pushed Ethan pretty hard on the last half mile. Felt good too, according to my Garmin watch I ran that part at a 4:50 pace. That felt great!! When we got through, Steve Shaffer came by. He told how good the kids ran at the high school. He ran with some of the varsity girls and jv boys. He mentioned that Stuart Woomer was running very well and had to run by himself because he was much faster than everyone else! Way to go Stuart.

I think we will hit the North Farm tomorrow at 4 pm, maybe do a tempo type run on the flat gravel road over there.  We will park at the Rose Garden off of old Hwy 82. Then on Thursday at 3:30,  we will be back to our favorite place to run, the South Farm! That is, if the weather is conducive. Decent chances of rain on Thursday and Friday.

The route for Saturday’s Boardtown Running club is 11.4 miles. Sounds great to me, as we went farther last Saturday. I like to alternate long run distances each weekend from 11.5-12.5 one weekend to about 15-16 the next weekend. Seems to be working out pretty well.



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