Vacation almost over:(

The group was somewhat sparse Saturday morning at the Boardtown Running Club. Not surprising, considering it was the day before Christmas. Actually, I guess it was more surprising that anybody was there! The scheduled run was only 8.7 miles, which was nice for a change. Started the run with Joseph and Ethan Musser, and we made it to the water stop (about 3.5 miles out) doing about a 6:35 per mile pace. More or less kept that pace up the rest of the way, except ran the last mile, which I did in 6:19. Joseph eased in just behind me, and Ethan came in a few minutes back.  Pretty decent run all in all, not great, but not terrible.

Took Christmas day off altogether, and as it turned out, took Monday off too because it rained ALL DAY!!

Back to the South Farm on Tuesday with Steve, Joseph, Brent, and Christian Kingery. Ethan, who has been pretty regular with us, was out of town for the rest of the break. Most of us did the 7 mile loop, except for Steve and Christian who did about 5 miles. Steve finished up with a couple miles after they finished. Joseph and I broke the run up a bit, with the first 1.5 miles at a 6:40 pace, the next 2 at about 6 minutes each, with Joseph’s probably about 5:45 (he was in front of me a good bit, so that’s my best guess), then 2.5 at an easy pace, then the last mile pretty fast (6 minutes for me and 5:20 or so for Joseph). When I got done, I jogged back to cool down a little and came back with Brent. We lost him somewhere around 3 miles and he ended taking a different turn, so he may have run farther. Looked like he was doing alright though.

Joseph and I met Steve at the North Farm on Wednesday at 3 pm, where we ran 4.5 miles. Steve had already done 4 X 400m and 4 X 200m intervals that morning with some of the Starkville High Track kids! Joseph started out by running the first mile in about 5 minutes, then jogged along with Steve and I for another mile and a half before he and started doing a few fartleks. The longest was 1:30 and the shortest was about 40 seconds. All were pretty good I thought. Julie ran some intervals on the gravel road after warming up. Apparently, an unleashed dog jumped on her while she was running. And, of course, the dog’s owner was rude to her. Rudeness seems to be something shared by dog owners that walk their dogs in areas clearing marked with signs that state “dogs must be on leashes at all times”! The North Farm is one of those places. From now on, we are bringing a cell phone, and every time I see a dog out there unleashed, I am calling campus security. This is getting ridiculous!

Back to the South Farm on Thursday afternoon. Today it was just Joseph, Brent, and I running together, with Julie also running a 5k distance. We added a little extra loop today and ended up doing 7.6 miles. Brent kept up with us for the first 4.5 miles, which, excluding the first easy warmup mile, we averaged at a 6:35 per mile pace. That’s not bad for this hilly, gravel road. Brent is getting faster every time he runs with us! In just a couple of weeks of running with us, he is knocking time off like crazy. For the rest of the way back, Joseph and I picked up the pace.  I averaged 6:16 a mile, and Joseph averaged about 6:04 per mile for the remaining 3.1 miles. I think we wore Brent out on the first part, and he ended up finishing about 4 minutes after me. But, even so, I am guessing this was one of his best runs ever.  Probably the best.

Next run will be Saturday morning with the Boardtown group, and then back on Sunday afternoon at the South Farm at 3 pm.


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