Plantar fasciatus type injury makes running a challenge!

We attended Devin Mitchell’s funeral Sunday. A sad day for everyone. He had many friends, as was evidenced by the fact that even though we arrived an hour early, we had to park a block away. The church was filled to capacity, and we had to stand the entire time. It was an amazing mix of young and old, black and white, and different economic classes. It was a very sad day, but it was wonderful that so many different people could come together as one community.

After the funeral, we decided to stop by the South Farm and go for a run to de-stress. And I was about to go crazy since I had not run in a week because of my foot injury! Actually, it was still sore, but there is no way I can miss an entire week of running just because I am in pain. This is not the advise I would give anybody else of course! Anyway, I ran 5.5 miles at a pretty slow pace, much slower than usual. And, yeah, my heel hurt much worse when I was done! Still think it was worth it though. Joseph got in an easy 7.

On Monday, Joseph did an decent workout out here in Sessums down a not very busy road where I had marked off 200m, 400m, 800m, and mile marks. Trying to get back into shape a bit as he has not really done much of anything hard all winter since cross country. Today, after a warmup jog,  he did a cool workout which consisted of 4 X 200m runs with 200m jogs between, then 4 X 400m’s with 400m jogs between, then 1 X 800m with 400m jog between, then 4 X 400m’s with 400m jogs, and finished with 4 X 200m’s, then a cool down. He did a pretty good job overall. I rode my bike along with him.

On Tuesday, Juan Villarreal, Jorge’s brother, met us at the South Farm, and he and Joseph ran 7 miles while I rode my bike on some extremely muddy roads! Lots of rain today! Juan, like his brother, is a great runner. Last year in high school at Horn Lake he ran a 16:30 5k (xc), 4:37 1600m, and 9:56 3200m. He was running for Ole Miss this fall, but has since transferred to MSU where it appears that he will be running with his brother Jorge!

Following the easy run on Tuesday, I again rode my bike with Joseph as he ran out here in Sessums. Another rainy,wet day. Today he did a mile warm up, then a mile at 5:30, then a mile at 5:09, then 4 X 400m intervals with 400m jogs between, then another mile at 5:09, and finished with a mile cool down. Decent day for him I thought. It was pretty chilly and wet too.

By Thursday, I felt like I was ready to test my foot again, so I ran some at the South Farm with Juan and Joseph. They went 6 miles, but I only went 4. I should have only gone 2! The first one was great, easy, and the second one was not bad either. Averaged about 6:30 a mile. But, by the time I got to the 2 mile point and turned around to go back, my heel was killing me!  I ended up hobbling back at a pathetic pace. But, if you are a runner, you know how hard it is not to run, even when you know you shouldn’t! Still sore to walk on, but I imagine I will attempt another run on Sunday. Definitely not this Saturday with the Boardtown club. I imagine it will be some time before I will be running any significant distance again.

Despite the foot injury, I have been getting some exercise riding my bike this week, albeit, just along side of Joseph or whoever else is there. Also got two pretty good upper body workouts at home. Pullups, pushups, dips, curls, dumbbell military presses, and crunches. Trying to do a better job with the pullups by hanging all the way down between each one. Much harder! I really don’t like doing them this way, it seems like too much of a stretch, but trying to get better at them even so. Super setting all of these is a great workout and does not take very long. Gets me hyped up too!

Tomorrow, Joseph will do a 20 minute tempo pace run after warming up. I think we are skipping the Boardtown club Saturday, as it is supposed to be very chilly that morn! He will probably do 10-12 miles later that day though. Last decent long run before the Frostbite Half Marathon coming up the next Saturday. For anybody interested in running it, go to:




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