Biking/running on the MSU South Farm

Following my trial 4 mile run on Thursday, I again decided to take a few days or more off from running and stick to the bike until further notice. So, on Friday, when I took Joseph over to the Research Park Boulevard off of Old Hwy 82 after school. I cruised around with him on this chilly afternoon while he ran. He ran a one mile warm up, then did 3.5 miles at a 5:47 minute per mile pace, then finished up with a cool down run. Not bad, but the best thing was that each mile was no more than one second different from the next.

The next morning, we skipped out on the Boardtown Running group run, as I thought it would be a little too much following the late afternoon tempo type run Joseph did Friday. Also, it was like 25° Saturday morning! So, I took him over to the South Farm at 10 AM to run instead. Michael Lee showed up shortly there after, as did Juan Villarreal. Michael joined Joseph for the run and I rode my bike along. Juan started a bit later, as he was waiting for his brother Jorge and the other MSU distance runners who were all doing a 15 mile run. As far as Joseph was concerned, he was planning on doing at least 12 miles. Michael was also planning on doing something comparable, but wasn’t feeling great, so he cut out early. As I was riding around and about the farm roads with Mike, Jorge came flying by, so I rode along with him a while until I caught up with Joseph.  Jorge was running a 5:55 pace, which was pretty good for a 15 mile run, especially considering the wind today! He actually said he averaged that pace for 14 miles. His brother Juan said he averaged just under 6 minutes per mile for 9.5 miles. Those guys are in great shape!  I finally caught up with Joseph at about 5 to 5.5 miles or so in, then biked along with him as he ran another 8 miles around the various farm loops. It was really cool seeing all the MSU runners out there flying about today!

After Joseph’s 13 mile run Sunday, we headed back to the south farm Sunday afternoon for a 7 mile recovery run. I actually was smarter today and did not attempt to run again. But, I did enjoy my bike ride, as the temperature had warmed up considerably from earlier in the week. Joining us today were Steve Shaffer, Jorge Villarreal, Juan Villarreal, Brent Wallace, and Kamau Bostic, who had not been out with us for a while. Joseph and Kamau took off at a faster pace than everybody else, and also were the only ones to run seven miles. The other guys decided to only go about 6 miles, so I rode along with them. At a point with only about a mile to go, we could see Kamau and Joseph. At that point, Joseph slowed down and strolled in at a cool down pace, while Kamau picked it up and finished pretty hard, looking quite strong. For him, this was less of a recovery run than for Joseph, Juan, and Jorge, who had all done a long run the day before.  Kamau looked like he had something to prove today and ran great. Kamau knew both Jorge and Juan, having run against Juan last year in high school, and seemed happy to see them both again. Brent and Steve also had a nice run today. It was great to have this crew out there today. The only thing that would have been better was if I was not injured!!!!! I freaking hate not being able to run….

Tomorrow, I thing we will head over to the SHS track at 2 pm for a few 400m intervals during the Martin Luther King holiday.



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