Still injured, but my pushups and pullups are getting easier!

Still injured, obviously plantar fasciatus does not go away over night, but I sure want it to! Been pretty good this week, no running at all (well, very little anyway). Been biking with Joseph and whoever else goes while he/they run. Also been getting some awesome upper body workouts at home. Nice routine: pullups, crunches, pushups, curls, crunches, dips, lateral dumbbell flys-then repeat for about 4 or 5 sets. No or very little rest between exercises or sets. My running has been suffering for sure, but feeling really good otherwise!

On Sunday following the half marathon, we headed over to our favorite running site, the south farm, and Joseph got in an easy 5.5 mile recovery run. However, on Monday, it was anything but easy as he did a workout along a road out here in Sessums where I have marked 200, 400, and 800m points. The workout was 4  X 200m/with 200m jogs (32-33 sec per 200m), 4 X 400m/400m jogs (1:10-1:12 per 400m), 1 X 800m/400m jog (2:18 sec for 800m),  4 X 400m/400m jogs (1:07-1:09 per 400m), and  4  X 200m/with 200m jogs (28-31 sec per 200m). Of course, a warm up mile first and a cool down jog after. He did a pretty good job considering he had run a decent half marathon on Saturday.

Tuesday afternoon we met Ethan Musser, Arash Taheri, and Juan Villerreal at the South Farm and they all did an easy 8.5 mile run while I cruised along on the bike. On Wed, I took Joseph over to the Research Park, where he did a mixed tempo/interval type workout. After a 10 minute warm up he did a 10 minute tempo run, then 3 minute jog, another 10 minute tempo, 3 minute jog, 1000m at 3:15, 2 minute jog, 1000m at 3:18, 2 minute jog, 2 X 400m/400m jogs between (1:10-1:12 per 400), 2 X 34 second runs fast, with 1 minute jogs between, and a cool down jog.

Thursday was just an easy 6 mile run at the South Farm. But, on Friday, Joseph did a 20 minute almost tempo paced run with a warm up and cool down at the Research Park. Saturday we went to the South Farm again and did a 6 mile run. It was crazy windy, with strong winds from the North. Needless to say, the first part of the run with the wind at our backs was easy, Joseph was running at about 6 minutes per mile for miles 2 through 4, then slowed down to 6:50-7:05 on the way back into the wind. While we were there, we saw about 30 other people running including the MSU distance runners, but others as well. Despite the windy conditions, it was a beautiful day!

Went back to the South Farm today at 3 pm where we met Kamau Bostic, Ethan Musser, and Steve Shaffer. Ethan and Steve probably did about 8 miles, not exactly sure, as we turned off a different way, and Joseph and Kamau ran 13.1. Joseph was doing a 90 minute run, and Kamau decided to join him for the duration. They were so close to the 13.1 mile mark at 90 minutes that they added a bit just to get the distance in finishing in 1:32:49. The first mile was slower as they warmed into the run with a 7:40 pace, then the next 10 were at a 6:45 pace and they slowed the last 2 down to a 7:25 pace. When they got done, they both felt good and did not look particularly tired.  So, yeah, they can basically run a half marathon in 90 minutes and not even look tired. These guys are in awesome shape!!!! 15 and 17 years old. Impressive. The only part I don’t like about it is that I am still having to ride my bike and don’t get to run with them:(  I actually jogged a little bit before everybody showed up, but I could tell my foot was still pretty sore. At least today I did not run to the point of hurting myself further!

MSU South Farm

Tomorrow, we are going over to the SHS track around 5:30 for a workout following the high school track team’s workout. Workout tomorrow will be 3 X 400m/400m jogs, 3 X 800m/800m jogs, and 6 X 200m/200m jogs. Should be a good one. Wish I could do it! Really missing the running.


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