Pretty weather this week

Been doing lots of pushups and pullups and curls and crunches and other stuff lately. Feeling pretty good with all that. Getting in quite a few most days, probably somewhere between 700 and 1000 pushups in a workout and 120-200 pullups. That sort of thing. Have not been able to get to the gym at all lately though. Went for the first time in about a month the other day and felt better than I expected. On my last set of dumbbell incline bench press I got 12 reps with the 95 lb dumbbells. I guess the pushups are keeping my weight training fairly stable.

Hit the Research Park on Monday where Joseph did 6 X 1000m intervals with 3 minute jogs between each. Not a crazy pace, but not terrible, all between 3:09 and 3:18. Of course, 1.5 mile warmup and then a 2 mile cool down. I cruised around on my bike pacing him. Following that workout, he did an easy run at the South Farm on Tuesday, probably about 7 miles or so.  I decided to try my foot out a little, so ran about 2 miles at a ridiculously slow pace! AHH. Did I mention that I hate running slow!! Probably should not be running at all for at least another month, but damn! It was so nice out. Anyway, only went 2 miles, then got on my bike and cruised the gravel roads at a decent clip. Met Joseph back at the truck and headed out.

We met Arash Taheri at the North Farm on Wednesday afternoon for a 4 mile tempo run. Of course, I mean they were doing a tempo run! I biked.

Rose Garden at the North Farm

They took off for about 10 minutes for a warm up jog, then came back and stretched. Some kind of road work or something is happening on the west side of the area out there where they warmed up with trucks flying by throwing up lots of dust. They also said there were some more idiot dog owners out there with about 8 unleashed dogs on this research farm that has signs clearly stating that all dogs must be on leashes. With this in mind, Joseph and Arash went the other direction toward the east for the tempo run, going out and around for 2 miles, then heading back. Whew! Windy, windy, windy, crazy windy! Probably not the best day for a tempo, but that’s ok. It is hard enough to run a decent pace on gravel, much less with strong winds. But, even so, I like Joseph to do tempos out here (as do I when not injured!) so we can compare to previous runs at the same location. Also, it is so much harder to run on gravel, if you can get used to running a decent pace on it, running on pavement or on a track just seems much easier. Long story short, Joseph finished up at 23:28 and Arash came in at about 24:09, both of which were pretty decent times considering the harsh wind. That was Joseph’s best 4 mile tempo at the North Farm ever, and if he can get that down to about 22 by mid to late summer, we will both be happy. Probably would have been in under 23 today if it weren’t for the wind.  They finished up with a 10 minute cool down and stretching.

Joseph and Arash after a great run on Wednesday at the North Farm

Back to the South Farm on Thursday afternoon for an easy 45 minute run. Arash joined us again! He seems to be enjoying the punishment. I cruised along on the bike with them as we headed into 18-20 mile per hour south winds. As we began, the MSU distance runners were leaving the farm as they finished up some kind of tempo run (or so it appeared). Always nice to see them out there. Anyway, I rode along with Joseph and Arash for a while, with Arash going at a pretty decent clip today and Joseph running a bit easier. After about 4 miles, I picked it up and rode back to the truck at a nice pace on my bike. Biking does seem to stretch my plantar fascia out some, which makes my foot feel better for a while anyway. So, I jogged a mile or so after the bike ride. Didn’t feel too bad. I may start trying to do 1-2 miles about 3 days a week just so I don’t go more crazy….


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