Meggan Franks dominates Mardi Gras Marathon!

Starkville’s own Meggan Franks dominated the field at the Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans with her winning time of 2:49:06! The second place female was almost 4 minutes back! Congrats to Meggan. Her hard work is working, go figure! Beast!

You can see the full results for the women’s division at:


Full results for the Vicksburg 10k, 5k walk, and 1 mile run for kids is up at:  Joseph ran both the 10k and the mile. Maybe he should not have run the mile, since he may be in a class above most of the other kids (many of which were very young), but there was actually a pretty good runner from Jackson there who did alright, so they got to battle a bit. He probably pushed that kid into running faster for sure.





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5 responses to “Meggan Franks dominates Mardi Gras Marathon!

  1. Rasheed Wallace

    Don’t you think Joseph shouldn’t run speed work so much? Are you afraid of him burning out?

    • I don’t think once or twice a week is too much at this time of year. We do things seasonally with base training in the winter and summer. And, really, I barely consider anything he has done yet this year speed work. Mostly interval speed to threshold pace on the faster days. Not much super fast stuff. We base it on how he feels largely too. This is typical track training, and even though he is not running track this spring, he is training as if he was. I am not worried about him burning out at all. He runs because he likes it, not to race. I am the same way. I could run 10 miles when I was 9 years old and have been running since. I am almost 48 now. Likewise, many of my relatives have run much of their lives. I think its in the genes. I don’t make him run, but I do control what he does somewhat so he does not go crazy!

      Thanks for the comment..

  2. I love the treadmill during the winter months…

    I wish I lived in a hot, humid climate year round…


  3. I feel like its almost impossible to do too much speed with Joseph right now. When I was in high school we did speed work Monday-Thursday (I don’t recommend this but I wanted to point that out). I think your training is spot on.
    -Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Thanks Meggan. We try to mix up a lot for sure, different paces on different days. I think its working-he is getting better and does not seem overly worn out. There is always a fine line between doing too much and not doing enough! But, I feel pretty good about where Joseph is right now, and I know where has come from too. I would not even let him do a 5k until 7th grade. Speed work 4 days in a row! Ouch!

    You are welcome for the props! You deserve it. I know you put the work in. You are making Starkville look good!

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