foot and weather getting better…

So far, the week has been absolutely beautiful! I started out Sunday by planting some flowering shrubs (Lorepetalum, etc.), cut some shrubby and viney stuff, and did basically anything else I could find to do outside. Then, at 3 pm we headed to the south farm gravel roads for our Sunday afternoon run. Because Joseph ran a longer race than usual the day before (10k), plus a mile run, plus warm ups and cool downs totaling at least 11 miles, he did not run as long as usual today. Instead he ran for 1:06 minutes at whatever pace felt comfortable to him. 1:06 just happened to be what it worked out to. Of course, our buddy, the amazing Professor Steve Shaffer, joined us for a run! Unbelievably, nobody else showed up. Unbelievable because it was so freaking nice out, everybody should have been out running! Beautiful! Yeah. We had the entire farm basically to ourselves. So scenic out there, with the rolling hills, horses, cows, and wooded areas. Love that place. As my foot is starting to feel a little better, I have been running every other day or so, so today was one of those days. Took off with Steve at a comfortable pace. Felt surprisingly good at 2 miles, so I picked it up to about 6:30 per mile. Caught up with Joseph at about 3 miles, even passed him! Then headed back to the truck for a total of 5.5 miles. Most I have done in 6 weeks! Then jumped on my bike and headed back to give Joseph some water.  Then I rode back with Steve who was finishing up his 7 mile run! Awesome! Joseph showed up a while later. We stretched and went home where I got in about 7 sets of pullups and other things. Great day all in all!

Monday! Another gorgeous day! After work, I picked Joseph up and met Arash at the Research Park for our interval paced workout for the week.

view of the pond near the research park

Today started with a 2 mile warm up run, then 2 x 1200m with 3 minute jogs after each, 3 X 800m with 2 minute jogs after each, 4 X 400m with 1 minute jogs after each, and a 2 mile cool down. I rode my bike to pace them and let them know where to stop, etc. Both did a great job today and were right about where I thought they should be.  Joseph ran the first 12oo at 3:45, the 2nd at 3:47, the first 800 at 2:25, the next one at 2:31, the 3rd one at 2:30, and the 400s at 1:10, 1:08, 1:05, and 1:15 (the last one got interrupted by some vehicular congestion, so it would have been better).  Likewise Arash did a good job: 3:53, 3:57 (1200s), 2:32, 2:29, 2:34 (800s), and 1:11, 1:13, 1:12, and 1:14.

Arash, after the run

I was surprised at how easy this workout was for Joseph after the race Saturday. He basically hit every mark I wanted him to, and did not appear to be tired or winded at any point. Progress!

Joseph, after the run...

After we got through, we saw Tyler Hutchinson, a senior at Starkville High who was on our XC team. Tyler is an awesome biker dude and even though he is still in high school, he competes at the professional level. He came in 2nd this past weekend in his age bracket in a professional mountain bike race!!

Tyler Hutchinson, bicyclist extraordinaire!

Got home and did 10 sets of pushups for a total of 1100 plus, all within a 40 minute time period and with crunches and 40 lb dumbbell curls in between. Man! I am still hyped up from that! Then capped it off with some crazy delicious jambalaya that I cooked up with some weird, wacky fruit salad with strawberries, orange slices, apples slices, pineapple, cranberry sauce, blueberry preserves, raspberry agave nectar, and coconut milk! Very strange combination, but also strangely delicious!

Found out today that  Joseph broke the 15 year old record for the 10k for Mississippi on the hardest course in the state on Saturday! [ ].  If the darn Frostbite Half Marathon here in Starkville was certified he would have the 14 and 15 years half marathon records too! He was 1:24 at 14 and 1:19:25 at 15 years old, compared to 1:37 and 1:25 for 14 an 15 on the records book!

Tomorrow, back to the south farm. Probably will go about 3 to 4 miles, then bike some…



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3 responses to “foot and weather getting better…

  1. Rasheed Wallace

    Yeah. The guy with the actual records is a beast. I heard he is getting attention from tons of colleges like OK State and Stanford.

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