raining in Starkville

Got our 400m workout in on Monday at the SHS track. Joseph and I met Arash at about 5 pm and we did a 2 mile warm up through Longmeadow neighborhood. Got back and stretched a little, and about that time the SHS track practice was finished up. So, we got to it! The workout today was again 16 X 400m with 400m jogs. A difficult workout at best! I did not do the same workout, although I did get in a few 400’s at 1:09-1:12. I also did several 200’s. For most of those, I jumped in with Joseph and Arash at the 200 m point of their 400’s to keep them honest! I thought they did a pretty good job overall. For the most part, Joseph’s averaged around 1:09 with Arash just a bit behind him. Although, for some reason they both ran one of them much slower-around 1:15. I think it was an anomaly, and they just lost focus, because the rest were fine. On the other hand, there were some pretty good ones in there, especially considering the heat.  Joseph did one at 1:04 and several at 1:06-1:07. All of the others, except for the slow one, were 1:09-1:11 or so. We got a 10 minute cool down following the track stuff, stretched, and called it a night. While we were at the track, there were quite a few folks walking and jogging. Phil Cunningham, assistant coach for the MSU basketball team and a graduate assistant for the team were among those. In fact, Phil told me I looked like John Mellancamp.

I took Joseph to the South Farm after school for an easy run on Tuesday. The first part was anything but easy as it  was a crazy windy day with strong south winds. I started out pretty slow and Joseph was quickly out of sight! Punk. I decided  to only do 4 miles today, so I just went out 2 miles then back. A lot easier on the way back with the wind at my back! I ended up doing the 4th mile in 6:35, but all the rest were 7 to 7:30. After about an hour and 10 minutes, I went to look for Joseph, who was still running. Figured he might want some water. When I found him he had been planning on doing another 3 or 4 miles, but I reminded him that he was already late for some group project thing with some fellow students. Today was the 4th day in a row that I was able to run, so I was pretty happy with that!

We again met Arash on Wednesday afternoon at the Research Park area off old Hwy 82. I got a 2 mile warmup run in with them, then jumped on my bike to pace them for 6 x 800m runs with 2 minute jogs between, which was followed by a mile cool down. While I was biking with them Tyler Hutchinson biked a lap around with us on his new mountain bike, which was sweet!  Several MSU runners were also cruising around including Steve Shoto, who was an 800m star at Pearl high the last couple of years. As far as today’s workout,  I told them to shoot for 2:28-2:32 for the 800’s. Joseph’s were  2:27, 2:32, 2:41, 2:27, 2:28, and 2:29, so other than the one that was 2:41, he was right on target. About half of Arash’s were also at the right pace, and the other three were a bit off.  After the workout, we did a mile cool down. The guys probably would have done more of a cool down, but a storm suddenly descended upon us!

We plan on running at the South Farm tomorrow at 3:30 pm if the weather holds out. It is raining right now and is supposed to rain much of tomorrow. But, maybe it will clear out by then.

Both Joseph and Arash are planning on doing the Starkvegas 10k Saturday morn. Hopefully, they will both run well under 36 minutes. Guess we will see!


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