Starkvegas 10k

It rained almost all night Wednesday night and into Thursday, but yep, by the time 3:30 pm came around on Thursday, it had pretty much quit. So, we were able to get our run in. Picked Joseph up after school and headed to the South Farm. We ran the 6 mile loop today and it was definitely muddy! Even so, this was probably the best my foot had felt in a while. Could have went farther, but since Joseph was planning on doing the Starkvegas 10k on Saturday, we decided that was enough for today. As we were heading back we intersected paths with Steve Shaffer, who ran a 4 mile route. He had been planning on running with some of the SHS kids, but apparently they canceled practice the last couple of days due to rain chances, so he came out here hoping to catch us.

Joseph and Steve…

We decided to just take Friday off from running, since we had a good couple of weeks of training in. Instead I got in a good upper body workout at the house. Joseph got some stretching in. Followed that with some cheese stuffed tortellini with pesto sauce, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, and sliced kalamata olives with some Italian bread! AH, tasty. Then we chillaxed while watching a netflix movie with The Rock in it. Apparently, Steve Shaffer ran with some ROTC deal on the MSU campus Friday afternoon running 17 miles in total! Beast. Awesome.

Got up about 5:40 for a light breakfast Saturday morning: breakfast bar, apple, and orange juice. Then around 6;40, we headed to the Starkvegas race in town. After getting Joseph signed in, I jogged a warmup with Joseph for about 11 minutes. Got back and stretched and drank more water. I think he drank at least 40 ounces before the race started, which may explain his 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom. Walked around a bit and found his running partner of late, Arash Taheri. They stretched some here and there and got a few strides in before settling in for the 10k start. A 5k was held at the same time and for the first part of the course, the two races followed the same route. Between the two races there were over 300 people, with well over 200 more than last year’s first race. I decided again not to run today.

race start

This was a relatively difficult 10k course with lots of hills and sharp turns. But, it was also a pretty course that wound its way through the heart of the historic district of Starkville and the MSU campus. The morning was beautiful as well with temps in the upper 50’s with relatively mild winds. The course was well marked with arrows on the roads and lots of people helping to direct the runners. The only negative was that the course was not accurate, it was actually about 6.43 miles instead of the 6.2 it was supposed to be! Very annoying for runners trying to PR, but at least it was not short. The race directors were aware of the almost extra quarter mile in the race, and they said that it would be accurate by next year. And, apparently the 5k was accurate.

At the end of the day, Ian Prester won the 5k with a time of 19:24 and Corey Martin won the female division of the  5k with a 22:36.

Ian Prestor, 1st place overall 5k winner, Starkvegas 5k

Corey Martin, overall 5k winner, Starkvegas 5k (2012)

A couple of our SHS eighth grade XC boys also ran the 5k and were 1st and second in the 9-14 year old age division. Patrick Harris was first with a 21:56 and Issac Jackson was 2nd in that age group with a 22:11.

Patrick Harris

Isaac Jackson

The 10k overall male winner was Joseph MacGown with a time of 36:18. However, due to the fact that the course was long, his actual 10k time was likely 34:55 to 35:00. According to the gps, he averaged 5:38 per mile, which was significant improvement from his first 10k three weeks ago. And, yes, Arash Taheri, who has been running with us the last few weeks, was second overall with a 37:55 (or about 36:35 for the actual 10k)!

Joseph MacGown, overall male winner of the 2012 Starkvegas 10k

Arash Taheri, 2nd place overall 2012 Starkvegas 10k

Superstar Meggan Franks was the overall female winner of the 10k and was 3rd overall in the race with her time of 38:16 (which was probably really a 36:55 or so?). Another fellow boardtown runner, Kelly White, was the 2nd overall female running a 41:40 (or around 40:20ish).

Meggan Franks, overall female winner of the 2012 Starkvegas 10k

Kelly White, 2nd place female finisher 2012 Starkvegas 10k

Overall awards were unique-antique doorknobs mounted on raised wooden platforms. Very strange, but cool.

Joseph and Arash with awards.

Meggan and Kelly with awards

After the results, Joseph and I went over to the Mississippi State High School Track and Field Invitational to watch some of the kids we knew. Obviously, we were mostly interested in the 3200m, 1600m, and 800m races. We got there in time to watch Walker Mattox run the 3200m. I believe she came in about 8th. Did not get her time, but it looked like it was around 12:50ish. But, the race of the day was the boys 3200m with three boys battling it out the entire way with our friend Jon Luke Watts from Columbia Academy pulling off the win with his 9:39, which I believe was a course record. The two other boys were both from the Memphis area and were 9:50 or better themselves!  Joseph used to race against Jon Luke when he was at Starkville Academy and seemed to really want to be out there pushing him. Jon Luke is an awesome kid, and we were glad to see him run such a good race!

Top three 3200m boys-Jon Luke Watts on left.

For Starkville, Alex Ross PR’ed with an 11:01 3200m, and team mate Stuart Woomer ran an 11:52 (I believe). Kate Mattox of Starkville easily won the girl’s 1600m with her 5:34. She also ran the 800m race and ran around a 2:34 or so. Not sure of her place.

Kate Mattox, 1600m girls winner…

Both Kamau Bostic and Damian Grady ran the 1600m and 800m races, with Damian beating Kamau in both races, which was highly unusual. Damian was about 4:52 in the 1600m race with Kamau around 5:01 or so, which was about 30 seconds slower than he should have been. He looked better in the 800 for about 500m, but then appeared to die and was one of the last finishers. Don’t know what happened really. He just seemed to not be in good condition for the races he was running.

Tomorrow we will be at the South Farm for a longish run at 3 pm…..


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