Decent Sunday Run

Sunday afternoon was another hot one, but we did not let that stop us from getting in a run. At 3 pm Joseph and I went over to the MSU South Farm gravel roads so he could get in his weekly semi long run. Usually, when he has done a race the day before, especially a 10k or more, we worry less about the distance on these runs, but still try to get in at least 10 miles at an easy pace. Boy, considering it is still only March, it has been really hot! Anyway, Joseph got in about 80 minutes today, as did I. This was the longest I had run since being plagued with plantar fasciatus starting mid January. Very promising! Over 10 miles. It was not easy for sure. The first 7 were not too bad. I made the loop and got some water, then headed back out. The next mile was not bad either. But, it suddenly felt much harder after going up a decent hill in the sun, so I slowed down for a few minutes and relaxed. About the time I started heading back I met Joseph and Steve Shaffer. I actually saw Steve earlier as well. He had arrived late and did a 5.5 mile run. Not sure how far Joseph went, as he did his own thing.

On Monday, I met Joseph and Ian Prestor at the SHS track at about 5 pm. We were also expecting Arash today, but he could not make it. Ian is on the MSU triathlon team and is wanting to work on his running. He was the winner of the Starkvegas 5k last week with a 19:24. Ian is only 20 years old, and apparently his 5k times have been getting much better the last couple of years. With the shape he is in, I think he could easily be running in the 17’s before long. For a warm up, we jogged 16 or 17 minutes; just a nice little loop through Longmeadow. Got back and loosened up a bit, then waited for the SHS track team to finish practice. I think it was about 5:40 before the last of them were finally through. Long practice considering they get out of school at about 3:10!  In fact, these 2+ hour practices are one reason Joseph decided not to run track this spring. Last year we were not getting home until 6 pm or later every day, and he was not having time to finish his homework some nights! This spring, he actually has a tougher class load, which would have made things even worse. While we were waiting, Steve Shaffer showed up to run with us. Today’s plan was a few 1200’s: 4-6 of them with 800m jogs between each. I actually felt good enough to do some myself and did 4 of them with Ian. Our pace was not crazy or anything, but felt good all things considered. My first one was 4:15, then 4:30, 4:30, and 4:26. Ian was with pretty much with me on all of them except the 2nd one, which was only a few seconds slower. Man, it was hot!!! Joseph got five 1200’s in and averaged 3:47 for the five. Mostly all the same pace, but with the first and last ones the best (3:43 and 3:46).  I believe Steve did a couple of the 1200’s before then just jogging for a while. After the workout, Joseph and Steve a cool down run around the high school campus. Ian and I did ours on the track. Pretty good day all in all. Although not very fast, I was happy to be able to get in any kind of decent workout in! And,  Joseph again mostly hit the marks I wanted him to hit for now.

On Tuesday afternoon, Joseph and I met Arash for an easy run on the South Farm. Another hot one! The folks out there were burning random bales of hay here and there, which made running in those areas less pleasant than usual. Both Joseph and I altered our routes accordingly. I only ran 6 miles, and not very fast, around 7:30 per mile. I don’t know how far Joseph went, although he ran for the same number of minutes as I did. Arash, on the other hand, plowed right through the roads whether smoke filled or not! Animal! He planned on running for an hour, and I assume he did. We were stretched and ready to go before he returned to his truck, so we did not see him before we left.

On Wednesday, Joseph will be meeting Arash and possibly Ian at the SHS track parking area for a tempo based run through Longmeadow neighborhood.  Workout will be 3 X 1 mile at tempo pace with 1 minute rests, then 4 X 400m at interval pace, then one more tempo paced mile, and of course a warm up and cool down. I will not be joining them for this one, as I have something going on at work.  Back to the South Farm on Thursday at 3:30 pm.


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