Sunday afternoon run was hot!

Joseph and I met Steve “the beast” Shaffer, Arash Taheri, Nathan Gaudin, Brent Wallace and James Wright at 5 pm on Sunday at the South Farm. We had been going at 3 pm, but its so blooming hot lately, we pushed it back it bit. No help. Still hot. Got going on the gravel at a decent pace today. Joseph and I took the lead. Arash would have been up there, but he got there late, so started behind us. Our first 2 miles were at a 6:20 pace, not bad. We slowed down some when we got the the “good” hills. I ended up running a 5.5 mile loop at a average pace of 6:40 per mile before getting some water. I then headed back out for some more and passed Brent and James, who were finishing up their 5.5 mile run, and Steve and Nathan, who were not far behind. Nice to see Nathan, as he hasn’t run with us in a while. He is in amazing shape and as a high school junior and can do over 70 pullups in a row! Steve, 58 years old, had already walked 6 miles earlier, then ran with us, and still had another 6 mile walk home! Crazy joker. Back on the farm I cruised around at a slower pace and eventually met Joseph who had been roaming around here and there. We headed back and got some water. I called it a day after about an hour of running, but Joseph ran for a while longer.  Not sure how far total. Arash showed up a few minutes. He had run 9.3 miles in 1:03.

On Monday afternoon, we met Ian Prester, Arash, and John Mitchell at the high school track. Got in a warm up jog of about 2 miles, then did a crazy workout. 800m pretty fast, 200m jog, 200m fast, 200m jog, 200m faster, 800m jog, then repeated that twice. Joseph and Arash did a good job once again, with Joseph’s 800’s 2:19, 2:22, and 2:32 and his 200s between 34 and 31. Arash was a few seconds behind him on the first two 800s, but was usually in front with the 200s, and ran a faster third 8oo at 2:25. My first 800 was 2:30, 2nd was 2:40,and 200s were 35-36. I did not do a third 800. Foot was a little tight, so that was enough of those for today. Both John and Ian did a great job too, especially considering both of them had done a triathlon yesterday and don’t usually do track workouts like this. They are wanting to get better at the running for their tri’s. Both of them are on the MSU triathlon team. Ian’s first two 800s were 2:50, pretty good, but his last one was crazy good for him at 2:26! That long legged joker has some potential! John was a few seconds back from him on everything, but not sure exactly what his times were, but he did a nice job as well. Got a cool down and some stretching and headed home! John continued jogging for a while, and Ian headed to the gym for a swim!

Tomorrow, back to the South Farm hills for an easy 7 miles at 3:30 pm!


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