Killer Kudza 5k coming up

We kept the week going with an easy 5 mile run on Tuesday at the South Farm. Didn’t worry about the pace or anything. With about 2 miles to go, the rain came flowing down from the skies and drenched us pretty good, but it felt nice!

Wednesday afternoon, Joseph and I met John Mitchell in Longmeadow neighborhood for an easier workout than we did on Monday, but still not easy. Arash did not make it today, I think he was not feeling good.  I jogged with them for the warmup, which was about 1.5 miles or so.  Then biked with them on the workout to let them know splits and where to stop. Today was basically the same workout as the week before with 3 X 1 mile at tempo pace with 1 minute rests, then 2 x 400m with 400m jogs, and 4 X 200m with 200m jogs (in this case they just ran fast for 35 seconds). They started off too fast, and I had to tell both of them to slow down! Its so easy to start too fast. Joseph handled this workout with ease today, which, following his great workout on the MSU track Saturday and then at the SHS track on Monday, was nice to see. His splits were 5:04, 5:08, and 5:12 for each of the miles, then 1:08 and 1:02 for the 400s, and his 35 second fast runs looked good. At no point did he look overly winded and was not even sweating very much! I thought John also did a good job, especially considering this was the first time he had done this sort of workout. And, John is a triathlete, so does not just emphasize running, but rather, is looking to improve his running, swimming, and biking. He ran 6:27, 6:56, and 7:07, then 1:25 and 1:16 for the 400s, and ran two good 35 second runs before calling it a day. After, we all did a cool down jog, stretched, and headed out.

On Thursday, Joseph and I went back to the South Farm for an easy 6 mile run. I ran some of mine faster than him today, since I did not do the workout the previous day. I ran the  middle 4 miles at an average of 6:30 per mile, then finished up with a 7:20.

Not much on Friday. I picked Joseph up at school and let him try out the new pair of Saucony Hattories I got him. These are light weight racing flats-bright orange and only 4.4 ounces.

He did lap around the track and a couple of 100m strides in them. Said they felt good, but not great on the track, which as I have mentioned before is harder than any road we have run on. These shoes don’t have a lot of cushion.  So, he and Steve jogged a mile or so on the road, and he said they felt great. He will probably wear these tomorrow in the Killer Kudzu 5K in Holly Springs, MS [ ]. Going to have to get up early to get there for the race,which starts at 9 AM, but is a couple of hours away or more.

In other running news, Starkville competed at a meet at Pearl High School today. I don’t have any results yet. Also, Mississippi State’s track team is hosting a meet tonight and tomorrow. Tonight’s portion is over and included various throws and the 5k. All other events are tomorrow. The meet is free. I believe it will start back up around 11 AM tomorrow. Go check it out! See the number one 400m college girl and guy in the country right here in Starkville!!


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