Rain, running, and rest…

Joseph and I met Newman Kazery Sunday at 5:30 pm for a run through the South Farm gravel roads. Newman  has never run with us before, but has wanted to. His busy schedule makes it difficult for him to do everything. Among his many talents, this MSU student is apparently a great violinist! Newman participates in many of the local road races. We saw him at the Frostbite Half Marathon, for example. Two of his younger brothers, William and Peter, run XC at the University of West Alabama. Their dad is also an avid runner and has done many races. Anyway, I like Newman, he’s a crazy joker!

Joseph and I planned to do at least an hour today, but Newman was only going 4 miles, then back to his studies. I ran the first 2 miles with him, and he turned around and headed back. Joseph was so far ahead by then, I could barely see him. Punk. I ended up doing a 7 mile loop, got some water and ran a couple more. About 7:25 per mile average. I was hurting from another day of cutting trees and moving them. Joseph ran for 80 minutes, not sure how far. His first few were obviously in the mid 6’s, but he said he slowed down later. Probably a good idea, since he had just run a decent 5k the day before.

The forecast for Monday was for rain, and more rain. But, we only got a little that morning. So, at 3:30 pm, Joseph and I met Ian Prester for a 5 X 1 mile workout around the MSU Research Park Loop. Paved road, continuous loop, some elevational gradients, all in all, a great place to do mile intervals. At least in prep for road races, which this simulates quite well. On the way through the research park, we saw a guy running who I thought was an MSU track runner.  I said to Joseph, “that guy runs just like the MSU guys’ coach, Houston Franks. Coach Franks [who is and was a great runner], has his guys trained well”. Then, when we got closer, I realized it was Coach Franks! Anyway, I guess his running style is pretty distinctive!

I jogged along with Ian and Joseph for the warm up, which was about a mile. Then I got on my bike to pace them, and let them know where to stop for each mile. Based on Ian’s best 5k time, which is around 19:25, I figured he might want to shoot for 6:05 to 6:08 per mile. Joseph’s best 5k is around 16:30ish, so figured his should be around 5:15 or so. The rest break between each mile was 2 to 3 minutes. Here is their breakdown: Joseph-5:14, 5:08, 5:19, 5:22, and 5:04; and Ian was 6:20, 6:04, 5:50, 5:44, and 5:16.  Joseph looked a little tired today, probably with the 5k Saturday, the hard week before, and the probably too fast 80 minute run on Sunday. But, still, for the most part he was right around where he needed to be with an average of 5:13 per mile. Ian ended up with an average of about 5:51 per mile, which was much better than his 5k’s indicated he would do. In fact, I would guess that he should easily be running 18:30’s or better right away. And, his last one at 5:16 was super good. He said it was his fastest mile ever. PR! Pretty good for the last one in a set of 5. If he can get those all down to mid 5’s or better, he will be running under 18 before long! Anyway, they got in a 1.5 mile cool down (more or less), stretched, and we got out of there.

Well, we got the rain on Tuesday! Been raining all day with no end in sight. Will take today off and rest! Back to it tomorrow, but probably nothing hard. I think we are going with the one workout this week, with the rest easy. Joseph and some of our other guys will be running in the Old Cotton Mill 5k this Saturday morn here in Starkville. A few other folks will be heading to the Warrior Dash in Jackson. There is yet another 5k here in Starkville next Saturday, the Kim Gee 5k, which will actually be held at the Research Park where we ran today.


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