Windy Start to the Week

Sunday at 5:30 pm Joseph, Brent [Wallace], Arash [Taheri], and I did a few miles on the gravelly South Farm. It was a crazy windy today! And, cooler than usual. Wind can be hazardous. Even opening the door to my truck become dangerous.  As I was getting out of the truck, the wind blew the door back at me hitting me in the head! Arash arrived after us, and he said he only got in about 30 minutes. The rest of us started out at at a decent pace, with me and Brent behind Joseph. Brent and I did the first mile right at 7 minutes, then we  picked it up with a 6:40 second mile, and a 6:33 third mile. Joseph was off doing his own thing, and took some different loops than we did after the 2nd mile, but was going at a slighter faster pace than us. As we made the turn back to the north, we hit a wall of wind! The next miles were 7:00, 7:14, 7:06, and 6:58. Brent and I basically ran side by side for the entire run, except for the last 3/4 of mile, of which Brent slowed down. This was the longest run he had done in some time, as he had been going no further than 5.5 miles or so the last couple of months. On our way back, the wind was blowing so hard, we could not even think about talking because the wind was so loud! When Brent and I got back to the parking lot, Arash was already there, following his run. I got some water, talked a while, and then went back out to get in a couple more miles. The other two running jokers took off.  At some point while I was running, I found Joseph out there cruising around. We headed back, stretched, and got out of there. I don’t know how far he went, but at least 10 miles. Finished off the day with a “Rock and Roll” pizza from CJ’s Pizza. I highly recommend them! Loads of toppings, including jalepenos. When we picked up the pizza, we were greeted by Ian Prester, who sometimes run with us. He was there with some church friends. On Monday afternoon, it was Ian, Joseph, Arash, and I meeting at the research park for a nice workout. Like the day before, strong winds prevailed making the running arduous. I only did the warm up mile with the guys, then after stretching, rode my bike with them. This works out pretty good, I can help pace them, tell them where to stop, and can carry water for them in my back pack. The negative is that I am not getting the workout in. But, I can’t keep up with Joseph and Arash any more, and although I can keep up with Ian, I am enjoying pushing Joseph and all of them more than my need to push myself. Also, with the plantar fasciatus injury that I am apparently finally getting over, I don’t want to over do it! Trying to keep the running to no more than 5 times a week right now. Today they did 3 X 1 mile then a 2 mile run with about 2 minutes breaks between the miles and slightly longer before the 2 mile run, before cooling down with a 2 mile jog. Times for the run were supposed to be geared to 10k pace. Arash’s times were  5:14, 5:16, 5:26, and 11:36; Joseph’s were 5:27, 5:19, 5:08, and 11:18; and Ian’s were  5:46, 6:01, 5:45, and 12:32. That last 2 mile run was hard for all of them following the 3 X 1 mile runs. The wind definitely increased the difficulty of the workout today! On Wednesday, Joseph and I ran through Longmeadow neighborhood.  Since I did not do much the day before, I thought I would run part of the run today at a decent pace. We got going at a 7-7:15 pace for the first 1/2 mile or so, then I picked it up. I ran a 5k portion of the run in 18:55, which included the first half mile at the 7 minute-ish pace. This was the best I had done since my foot injury. And, on a positive note, I ended at a 5:40 pace and the 2nd part of the first mile was about that same pace. I think I could probably do something in 18:30 or better right now. Starting to get back in shape. Would like to get back to running at least in the 17’s for the 5k. Maybe I can stay healthy! I think I was about 17:30-ish shape when I hurt my foot. On the other hand, maybe I was pushing it too much and that is why I hurt my foot. While I was doing my thing, Joseph ran about 25 minutes at a decent pace. He did not go the same route as me, so I don’t know what he did exactly. Tomorrow we will meet at the South Farm for an easy run plus a few 200m strides.


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