Kim Gee 5k-Joseph MacGown 1st place (16:29)

Joseph was feeling weird Wednesday, so his mother took him to the doctor and they played hooky and stayed at her place for the day. I guess he had some kind of rash on his face, so the doc prescribed some type of topical cream to put on his face. Nothing serious. Who knows?  So, he did not run with us today. Ended up being just me and Ian Prester. We met at the South Farm  at 3:30 pm and turned a 6 mile run into a fartlek run. Today, the wind was from the south, so we headed into it. We started the fast portions of the fartlek workout at around the 3 mile mark and only did a few. But, they were pretty good. The first was maybe two minutes, on a fairly flat grassy road and we were right around  a 5 minute pace or better for that. The other bursts varied in speed depending on the duration. The longer ones were slower, and the shorter ones were at a faster pace. With the wind, hills, gravel, and the temp, which was fairly warm, we were pretty thirsty by the 4th mile! Anyway, I thought it was a good run overall. Ian did pretty well, especially considering that he did not even know what a fartlek was before today.

Not too many people running with us right now. College kids are preparing for finals, and most of our regular high school kids have been running track or playing tennis. Hopefully, that will pick back up! Today was no exception, and it was just me and Joseph. We ran at about 5 pm through Longmeadow neighborhood, McKee Park, and down Industrial Park Road. I ended up doing 5.5 miles at a 7 minute pace and Joseph got in about 6 miles in the same time it took me to do my 5.5.

We took Friday off from running, although I did get a pushup type workout in that morning before work. Saturday, I figured we would either go run at the MSU track, or I would take Joseph to the Kim Gee 5k at MSU. He got up that morn and said, lets go to the race. So, there you go. Race time was 9 AM, so we did not have to get up overly early.  The Kim Gee race has been going on for a few years, and is named for a lady from this area who died of cancer a few years ago. So, of course, this is a cancer fundraiser. Holly Wiley is in charge of the race. She is a local fitness guru and a VERY enthusiastic person.

Holly Wiley and Joe Gee

Holly  had lots of help too, from folks like Elaine Schimpf, who rode her bike in the 5k to get everything started. Elaine is a fitness instructor at the Wellness Center.

Elaine Schimpf

Kim’s husband and kids have always been on hand for this race, and today was no exception. They now live in Horn Lake, MS. The dad and son (Joe and Joe) both ran the 5k. The son is only 13, and 13 year olds are not allowed to win awards in this race as they are encouraged to do the 1 mile fun run instead. Even so, he ran the 5k at a good pace and was in the top 8 for sure. I think he must have been around 21 minutes or so. He also won the mile fun run afterward with a time of 5:43 , and out gunned another 13 year old, Lake Spradling from Starkville Academy, to finish less than a second ahead of him.  Joseph ran the mile run with them to push their pace, which I think he succeeded in doing. Joe Gee’s daughter Mary Hollis also did well in the  mile run with her 7:09 and won it! Awesome! A Gee sweep in the Kim Gee mile fun run! I am Kim would have been very proud of them!

Joe Gee (middle) and Will Christianson (right)

We knew lots of folks at the race today of course! Jorge Villarreal, who runs for MSU, and occasionally runs with us, came out to watch Joseph run. In fact, he rode his bike along with him in the race. There was not a lead car or anything, so that was useful. The course itself wound around the Thad Cochran Research and Technology Park Boulevard located over on Old Hwy 82 .The first loop was on the inside of the Boulevard, then somewhere after the mile mark, the runners crossed the median through one of the crossroads, then the route followed the outside loop one time, then crossed back to the inside for another loop before finishing up behind one of the research buildings. Worked pretty well.

Race Start, Kim Gee 5k

Joseph had a pretty good race today and easily won with a time of 16:29. As I mentioned in a previous post, he has been training more for the mile and two mile, so his 5k times are not expected to be great. He said he felt good until the two mile point, then was pretty tired, but slogged in decently even so. His training will come back to the 5k later in the summer, so hopefully he can get under 16 next fall. He said he felt like he could have or should have been 16:10 or so today. His form did get a little sloppy on the last mile, with him crossing his arms across his chest. Need to work on that! The course, according to Garmin watches (including mine, which Jorge wore while biking), appeared to be relatively accurate today. And, at least it was not a quarter mile long or anything as in the last couple of races. I think Joseph was happy overall with the race as this was his best 5k time yet.

Joseph during the Kim Gee 5k

Local fireman Wade Jones was 2nd overall at 18:21.

Wade Jones

One of our XC runners from Starkville High, Nathan Gaudin, was 3rd overall and 1st in his age group with a 20:05 effort. Nathan is in excellent overall shape and can do lots of pushups, pullups, and that sort of thing, in addition to his being a decent runner.

Nathan “the beast” Gaudin

Gaudin doing pushups after the 5k

Several other folks we know did well, including Steve Shaffer (Steve ran the race, but apparently did not go through the finish-just did it for fun I gues?), who was near the 21 minute mark (not bad for 58) and  Will Christianson, who was 5th overall with a 21:12. Will is 14 years old and runs XC at Starkville Academy where his mom is the coach now.  The person who won my age group, 46-55, won with a time of 20:30. I feel pretty confident I could have done that, probably by about two minutes. So that was cool.

Happy runners: Melissa, David Gaudin, Amanda Gaudin, and some red haired dude. They look so happy!

I won’t list everyone, but we probably knew most of the runners at the race today.  Another fireman, Brian Arnett, ran the race in full gear, including mask and everything. He still ran 23:43 and managed to beat lots of folks! Quite a few of our firemen are in great shape, which is good to know considering that they are the ones out there saving lives. David Gaudin, whose son and daughter both ran, is another fireman who ran well today. He also seemed to really enjoy it (see the photo above)!

Overall 5k results: Kim Gee 5k 2012 Results 

Overall mile fun run results: Kim Gee Youth Race 2012 Results

Brian Arnett, local fire fighter in full gear (except shorts and boots)

Tomorrow, we will again meet at the South Farm at 5:30 pm to run. I am thinking about taking the punk to either the Market Street 5k or the Coke Classic 10k next Saturday. The Market Street race is nice and is held along the riverwalk in Columbus, MS. Very flat, pretty. Usually nobody super fast though. On the other hand, the Coke Classic, which is in Corinth, MS, will have some quality runners. This race has cash prizes, so will pull some speedy jokers in. Also, the Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10k has been designated as the 10k championship for the State of Mississippi by Roadrunners Club of America! No race day registration for this one! Very sweet race though with cool awards.



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4 responses to “Kim Gee 5k-Joseph MacGown 1st place (16:29)

  1. Holly Wiley

    Awesome blog Joe…and what a great day! We enjoyed having you guys as usual!

  2. Nancy Christiansen

    The pictures are great. Will wants to frame the one from the start of the race. Will says to tell you that he is 14. When he gets older he will be wishing to be told he is younger than he really is…

    Thanks again for posting the pictures and the kind words about Will.

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