rainy evening here in Starkpatch…

Joseph was still coughing Sunday afternoon and not feeling too good. But, he came along and jogged 5.5 miles when I went to the south farm at 5:30 pm. He probably should not have gone, but I think he was tired of sitting around. Steve Shaffer was there  when we arrived. I took off ahead of them today, cruising through the first 3.6 miles at about 6:35 per mile. At that point, I met Ethan Musser. Apparently he and his younger sister Shaunika showed up right after we started. Steve happened to look back and see them, so he waited and ran 4 miles with Shaunika. He told Ethan were Joseph and I where headed, so Ethan took a short cut and met me. Joseph was somewhere behind me today, just taking it easy. I finished up the run with Ethan doing the last 2.5 miles at about a 7 minute mile pace. Joseph did not push it today, which was good, since he was still sick.

Monday, Joseph woke up still coughing and was kind of groggy and weirder acting than usual. Probably due to some medicine he was taking. And probably, running the day before did not help. I told him to go back to bed and not go to school. After work, I came home and did a couple of 800m intervals and threw in a 400. Also jogged a warmup mile and did a mile after. Nothing crazy. It had just rained, and the road was pretty wet.  The 800’s were pretty good for me though: 2:27 and 2:32.

Tuesday was a repeat for Joseph, and he again stayed home. After work I met Ethan Musser, and we ran 6.5 miles around the MSU campus and around the Research Park. I dont’ know what our pace was, but it was comfortable. Thought we might get rained on, as it was thundering now and then and quite cloudy. As it turned out, with the cloud cover, it was not too hot! We did not get rained on, although the rain did come in right after we finished. Joseph did not run today either. But, he did seem to be feeling somewhat better. Definitely going to school tomorrow regardless. I think he is planning on trying to run tomorrow afternoon if he feels like it. He is really hoping to be able to run the Gumtree 10 on Saturday, but unless he is feeling a lot better, that may not happen.

Tomorrow, I am heading back to the Gulf Coast to be interviewed about crazy ants for a tv show that will be later aired on the Animal Planet station. Pretty cool. Hopefully, weather and scheduling permitting, I will be able to get a run in afterward. It is wonderful to run on the coast with the flat terrain and cool breeze.

Whether we get the Gumtree run in or not, next we week we will start taking it easier and begin our summer base training phase. We still may throw in a couple of races here and there, but nothing to serious in the way of training.


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