decent running despite the temps increasing

Since it is now summer here in Mississippi, things have heated up considerably! We are still getting runs in late afternoon, but are gradually moving the start times later. Additionally, we have started doing our long run each week on Saturday mornings with the Boardtown Club to try and beat the heat some.

Sunday, we got started at 6 pm at the South Farm. Did an easy 6 miles on the South Farm with Steve and Joseph. Nobody went crazy. With Joseph having exams on Monday and Tuesday, we took Monday off. But, we did get an easy 6 mile run in Tuesday at 6 pm with Juan Villarreal and Steve Shaffer. Today’s route started at the South Farm and went through the MSU campus, University Estates, Bardwell Road, and back through the campus. Joseph was completely zapped out today, probably with exams and all that. He ended up running with Steve today, and they actually took a short cut, so probably ran more like 5 miles. I ran with Juan the entire time, around 6:45-6:50 per mile. I imagine I greatly slowed him up, but he did not know the route, so he needed me. Anyway, he said he wanted to take it easy today. Unfortunately, we will not see Juan again until August because he is going back home for the summer.

I had some Entomological visitors in town Wednesday through Friday, but was able to slip in a 5 mile run in on Wednesday. Decent run too, 6:25 pace. Although, it was relatively flat. Did not run again until Saturday morning when we joined the Boardtown group again. It seemed that some of the speed demons were away for races or what ever, so I ran with Joseph since he did not know the route, which was about 10 miles. For what ever reason, it seemed easier today and I was able to run the 10 miles at a 6:40 pace without too much struggle. Of course, this was slow for Joseph, but he did not seem to mind.

We spent today (Sunday) at Choctaw Lake kayaking around a bit, swimming a bit, hiking some, and chilling out. Pretty nice early, but got hot later. The sun really zaps you! But, we are still planning on getting in a run this afternoon at 6 pm. Again meeting at the South Farm Parking Area. We will also meet there at the same time on Tuesday and Thursday if anybody wants to sweat a bit.


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