cool end to a hot week

Monday around 6:45 pm Joseph and I  ran a decent paced 4 mile loop from Barnes and Noble’s on the MSU campus through downtown Starkville, down  toward the historic Greensboro area, and then back down Gillispie Street, through the Cotton District, and back. We were shooting to keep the pace not too fast, but not slow. Ended up with an average per mile pace of 6:19, which felt pretty good considering it was still warm.

On Tuesday morning Joseph did a light run on our trails. Later in the morning he did a pushup/pullup/crunch type workout followed by a few sets of some plyometric skips and bounds and some fast arm movement type running drill. Later that day at 6pm, we met at the South Farm parking area for a 5.5 mile run. Jorge Villarreal showed up on his bike, and Christian Kingery and Steve Shaffer also joined us for the run. Jorge rode his bike along with Joseph and I as we ran 5.5 miles from the farm , through the campus, around the Research Park and back. Christian and Steve started with us, but opted to run to the Cotton District area, as they were only planning to do about 4 miles. Man, it was hot!! The first couple of miles were not bad, 6:30’s, but somewhere after about 2.5 or so, the heat slowed me down big time. I don’t think it bothered Joseph as much, but he was nice enough to not completely run off and leave me. The entire way back was slightly over 7 minutes per mile. Amazing. I was glad Jorge was with us on the bike, because he carried some extra water in his back pack, which I needed at around 3.5 miles.

Planned a run for Wednesday at 7 pm, but we had a crazy storm come through. Blew some things around, snapped a dead pine in half, with the top half landing on my power line! Yeah. Ditto for Thursday. Rain and storms prevented us from running, although apparently Joseph ran in the rain on our trails at some point. He also did an upper body workout. That tree top that had been hanging on the  power line finally knocked the power out at about 10pm, which was about 14 hours after I had reported the problem to the electric company. But, once it went out, a guy was out at my house within an hour to cut the tree down. So that was awesome.

Got up early Friday morning and we ran 5 miles out here in Sessums. I did not have enough supper and had not eaten any breakfast, both of which greatly affected my energy level. It should have been easy to run the route, which is flat, because after the storms the temperature had dropped a lot. It was gorgeous out! But, I ended up around 7 minutes per mile and it was not that easy. Joseph mostly just cruised along with me.

We joined the Boardtown club Saturday morn for a 12 mile run. It was again cool, so that was nice.  Made running easier for sure. This was the longest run I have done since my foot injury in January, and it was not too difficult, so I was pretty happy. Not a giant crew today, but still quite a few folks, including some of the local beasts such as Coach Franks and his wife Meggan, Kelly and Micah White, and David Dycus, to name a few. I started out the run with Kelly White, and Renee Masterson, a great distance runner at MSU who up until recently had been sidelined with an injury. We started out slow, with the first 1 to 1.5 miles at about 7:30 or so, then Kelly and I picked it up hitting about 6:30 per mile until the first water stop at around 3.5 miles. Joseph and the others in front must have been flying, because they were way ahead of us. But, they were nice enough to wait for us at the for the next section. The rest of the run was also at a decent pace. My overall average was 6:42, and that included the early warmup, so I was not unhappy. And my foot felt fine too! I have no idea what Joseph and some of the others averaged per mile, but it was obviously in the low 6’s.

Later that morning, Joseph did his upper body workout and some more plyometrics skips and bounds. I spent the afternoon mowing, weekeating, cutting a couple of trees up (from the storm), and things like that.

I got up Sunday morning and headed to the Noxubee Refuge to paddle around a bit before it got hot. I took my sit-on-top out on Bluff Lake and meandered through the beautiful cypress forested habitat.

Cypress swamp at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in MS

Plenty of fisherman out today. I heard a couple of them taking to each other about how crazy I was to be in a kayak in a lake with so many gators. Maybe they are right, who knows. I only saw one aligator today though, and it avoided me.  At one point, my boat skimmed over a barely submerged cypress trunk, and my boat got stuck on it. Took a couple of minutes to finally get off the stump. Crazy.

Nice cypress tree at Noxubee NWR

Found a bryozoan colony just below the water surface! These gelatinous clumps of colonial, aquatic microorganisms always remind me of some crazy alien brain! Lots of egrets and herons flying about as usual, always cool! Anyway, it was a nice start to the day.

Bryozoan Colony

We will be meeting at the South Farm parking lot today at 7 pm. We have been going at 6 pm,but with the summer upon us, it feels much better starting at 7 pm.



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2 responses to “cool end to a hot week

  1. Renee

    oh my goodness! your bryozoan rant made me smile! another nerd who understands my passion for biology! 🙂 great run today Joe!

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