eclectic running partners this week

Started out the week Sunday afternoon with our 6 mile run at the South Farm. Steve Shaffer and Arash Taheri joined us. Very humid today! We were all sweating like crazy by the time we finished. At least the temps dipped a little by the time we finished. The run was pretty good, although I took it pretty slow today due to the humidity and the fact that I needed to take it easy! Joseph ran ahead of us, and I ran behind, and then with Arash for a bit, then Arash and I split off as he was doing a longer run. As we were running we passed John Mitchell, who was finishing up his run. Steve mentioned the humidity being crazy bad too, but he seemed to finish up strong nonetheless.

Monday, Arash met Joseph and I out here in Sessums for a run. We first did a warmup run, then mixed in some decently fast fartlek type runs in going 5 minutes fast, 4 minutes slow, then 5 minutes fast, 4 minutes slow, 5 minutes fast, then finished up with a cool down jog. Obviously, during the faster legs, Arash and Joseph left me behind. I ran my three legs of 5 minutes segments at an average of about a 5:55 per mile pace. The first one was definitely the best, and it was at a 5:45 minute per mile average. I don’t know how fast Joseph and Arash were going, but it was decent for sure!

On Tuesday morn, Joseph did a easy recovery type run on our trails, then did a upper body workout followed by some plyometric skips, bounds, etc. Later that day at 7 pm,  we again went to the South Farm for a 6 mile run. Joining us today were Steve Shaffer, Walker Mattox, Nathan Gaudin, and Arash. Pretty much everyone went 6 miles, except Arash, who did about 9. I ran mine at 7 minutes per mile (average). Joseph was running at about a 6:20 per mile pace for the first 4 miles, but slowed down later, especially on the last mile. Said he felt a little weak, and thought he did not eat enough food earlier that day. Nathan, Steve and Walker all ran together, and they seemed to be having a blast out there running and talking. They are all three awesome people who love to be in good shape and have amazing attitudes! After I got thru with my run, I brought some water to them in case they were thirsty.  Weather was still humid.

Arash again joined us in Sessums Wednesday at 7 pm. We ran about 1.3 miles for a warmup, then did a pseudo tempo run for a 3.4 mile distance, before doing a cooldown. Arash actually kept going and ended up doing 9 miles at 6:20 per mile. For me, I averaged 6:10 for the 3.4, and Joseph was somewhere around 5:40ish.  After the run, we sat around and watched a movie with Arash. The next morn, he and Joseph got up and did an easy run on our trails. Joseph then did his workout and plyos. Arash decided to skip that because his groin was sore. Bummer.

At 7 pm on Thursday, we hit the South Farm again for another 6 mile run. Today we had Steve Shaffer, Alex Ross, Shaunika Musser, and Abigail Musser join us! The latter 3 will all be running for the SHS XC team this fall. Alex was SHS’s top 3200m runner this year. He did quite well and was able to make it to the state meet. I could tell a big difference in his fitness level from the last time I had run with him, which was probably last November. He and I ran together for about 2.75 miles of difficult, hilly, gravelly roads at a 6:38 minute per mile pace. After that point, he slowed down, but still managed to get in a nice 5.5 mile run.  Joseph was flying ahead of us somewhere, and if we were running 6:40 or better, he must have done the first 3.6 miles at a low 6 minute per mile pace.  Steve said the Musser sisters did a great job today as well.

No running on Friday, although Joseph hung out at Lake Tiakata in Louisville, MS all day. Saturday morning we ran with the Boardtown Club for the 10.9 mile route. Lots of people today. Some were getting ready for a marathon in Minnesota next Saturday. I did not run super fast today, but ended up with a 6:54 average for the entire route. Joseph was far in front of me at each water stop. I figure he was doing 6:20’s more or less for the entire route. Finished up the run by hanging out at the White’s for a while.

Tomorrow, back to the South Farm at 7 pm. Come run with us, its awesome!



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