Humidity does not stop Mississippians from running

Man, did I mention it gets hot here in Mississippi? Oh yeah, it is hot here, and humid. After a typical run, I am drenched: my body, shorts, sock, and shoes. I can wring out my socks like they had been in a washer. Crazy. But, we can’t let little things like imperfect weather keep us from moving around. Otherwise, we wouldn’t do anything. With that in mind, Joseph and I had a beast workout Saturday afternoon. Pushups, pullups, crunches, and all that; then some plyometric skips, bounds, and fast arm drills with more pushups between each set. Got done and jogged the trail, before playing a game of one on one basketball in 100° weather! Awesome.

Sunday we met at the South Farm 7 pm for a run. I am always surprised that any other people are crazy enough to join us in running in this weather! Crazy jokers. Today, joining Joseph and I were Brent Wallace, Steve Shaffer, Arash Taheri, Jorge Villarreal, Ethan Musser, and Kamau Bostic. We ran from the farm through campus, around the research park, and back to the farm-about 5.5 miles. First mile was not bad, we all followed Joseph out, but by the end of the first mile he was almost out of sight already. About then, we all picked it up a bit, and by 1.5 miles, Brent and I started pulling ahead of the others. At 2 miles, Jorge turned around and headed back, as he was still rehabing his leg. Brent and my 2nd and 3rd miles averaged 6:40, which meant Joseph must have been averaging at least a minute faster per mile, because he was gone. We cruised around the research park and headed back. The rest of the gang started showing up about 4 minutes later. Joseph did not show up for a while yet. Apparently, he threw in some of the  bike trails near the research park as part of his run. Anyway, good day and it was great to have Kamau and Ethan out there with us.

Kamau, Jorge and Ethan

Monday afternoon, Joseph and I ran out here in Sessums. Did something a little faster today. After a warm up run, we ran 5 X 3 minutes semi fast with 2 minute jogs between, and finished up with a cool down jog. Although not super fast by spring or fall season running, the 3 minute runs were not bad either. The first one felt pretty good. My legs felt light, almost skipping across the pavement. We both wore Kinvaras. I was averaging about a 5:14 per mile pace on that one, and Joseph was a bit faster. The next 4 were definitely slower, each one being slower than the previous one-for both of us. My last one was at a 5:45 minute per mile pace, with Joseph’s last one at about a 5:30 pace. Whew! I did not think I was going to get through this. Hot and hard. But, made it, and felt pretty good after. Even did some pushups when I got home.

We got up early Tuesday morning and ran an easy 3.5 mile recovery run. Nice way to start the day! We got home and did an upper body workout. Then, I headed to work while Joseph finished up with some plyos in the yard.  That evening at 7 pm, we met some runner folks for a run through the South Farm. Today we had Steve, Shaunika and Abigail Musser, Jorge, Kamau, Ethan, and Cleat. Also there was Matthew Christianson and his Starkville Academy XC teammate Tyler Vaughan, although they got started just after we did. I again ran with Brent, with Joseph ahead of us. Brent and I ran the 5.5 mile route, Joseph ran 6, Cleat ran six, and I believe the others ran about 4 miles. Pretty hot!  Nobody ran fast by any means, too humid!


Got up  July 4th on Wednesday morning and went to Choctaw lake. Jorge Villarreal, Joseph and I ran about 7 miles on the bike trail.  After, we kayaked and canoed in the lake for a while, before chillin’ in the lake. Later, we saw Arash, and several other folks we know from the Boardtown Running Club who had the same idea for hanging out at the lake!

Joseph got up early Thursday morning and ran for quite a while, apparently well over an hour and for sure over 10 miles. Thursday was also another morning workout day for Joseph, and me, to a lesser extent. Mine was abbreviated so I could go to work.  Of course, we met for a run that evening at 7 pm at our usual South Farm meeting area. Another good group today. Joining us were Brent, Steve, John Mitchell, Ian Prester, Cleat, Abigail and Shaunika. Jorge and Cleat ran the farm today, with Jorge going about 5.5 miles and Cleat doing the entire 7 mile loop. This was the first time he had done the full loop, so he was pretty stoked! Steve and the girls did a slightly more than 4 mile route through campus, after which Steve added another mile or so. The rest of us did our downtown, Greensboro District, Cotton District and back route. About 6 miles.  Felt pretty good, but not great. I averaged 6:35 ish for the first half, then averaged 7 minutes per mil for the next 3. Brent again did well, running with me for a while, then finished up a minute or two back. Joseph mostly ran ahead of us, then, at some point, turned around, and joined me and we ran together on the way back. It was nice to see Ian again. He had not been out there since the spring semester. He and John ran together and seemed to be having a good time.

Friday, Joseph headed to the coast with his church group and won’t be back until next Sunday. On my own for a while I guess. So, maybe surprisingly, I managed to get up Saturday morn to join the Boardtown group for a 12.5 mile run. A bunch of folks that run with us during the week were there this morning. Brent, Ian, John, Steve, Jorge, Nathan Gaudin, Damian Grady, the Musser girls, and others! Awesomeness! Also, several of the MSU XC dudes were there including Henry, John Valentine, and a couple of others. Man, Joseph would have like running with these beasts! I think they averaged about 6:10 a mile. Hopefully, they will be out there in a couple of weeks when he can again join the group.  I met Jessica Comer, who is also on the team. Jessica ran for Caledonia High here in Mississippi and did very well. As much as she enjoyed running in high school, she said running in college was much better.

Today was not a great day for me. No energy at all. Muscles felt fine, but could not move my legs. I did not eat enough yesterday for sure, and it was obvious this morn!!! I managed to make it through the run at a 7:08 pace, which was pretty much my slowest long run this summer. And, man, it was humid. Had my glasses on with sunglass deals that fit over them. Fogged up by a mile. By the first water stop, I was sweating like crazy! I guess everyone was at that. It is not bad until you stop, then the sweat flows off. By the 7 mile mark (more or less-2nd water stop), I was completely soaked. My shoes included. At the 3rd and final water stop, I had to retie my shoes as they were loose by now. That helped for sure. Brent ran with me for a while, as did Damian and a cool guy from Niger named Ibraham (probably spelled that wrong). Brent, Jorge, Ian and a couple of others turned around at the 4 mile mark. Damian and I kept going for the full route. At the 2nd water stop, Damian took off with Micah White and Drew Anthony. I started behind them, trying to clean my glasses! Anyway, finally made it to the Whites. Rough day! Did a few pushups when I got home, and some yard work. Finally ate lunch around 2 pm. No breakfast, last meal was a sandwich the night before. Probably not the way to go, it just worked out that way! No wonder I did not have any energy this morning.

Back to the South Farm tomorrow at 7 pm.  Come on out and sweat.


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