finally a couple of cool days!

Sunday, 7 pm run through downtown Starkville and beyond. Steve, Kamau, Damian, and Ethan joined us. Damian and Ethan are all excited after seeing that the SHS XC is ranked 2nd in the preseason poll, and not off from 1st by much. Of course, a lot can happen in the course of a season, but its nice to start out on the right track. Run was pretty good today. I was super sore from the long hike on Saturday, but still was hitting 6:20’s and 6:30’s pretty much the whole way today. I ran along with Joseph today and finished up the last mile at 5:45. The others went a bit slower and we dropped after the first mile or so.

Monday, some more hill repeats at the South Farm. Last week of these before changing the routine! 6 X 1 minute, then 8 X 30 seconds. Pretty good today. The weather was awesome at 7 pm, coolish, windy, cloudy, storm coming in. Awesome!

Tuesday, Cleat, Richard McCrory, Ian Prester and his friend Matt (who ran XC in high school) joined us for run on the South Farm. Brent and his friend Dominic (who also ran XC in high school) dropped by for a few minutes to talk. Brent had some crazy foot injury which he sustained while playing soccer with some ninjas. He should be alright when his foot grows back. Ran the 7 mile loop the hard direction and averaged 6:38 per mile. Not bad. It was not too hot, so that helped. Richard and Cleat basically ran together, also did the 7 mile loop; and Ian and Matt cruised around for just under 5. 5 miles I believe. Great evening for running. Not too hot. Crazy humid of course! I had about 500 tiny beetles plastered to my body when I got done! Crepuscular flying Coleoptera! Probably some good species, but I did not collect any.

On Wednesday morn, Joseph got up early and did an easy 45 minute run with the SHS XC team. He said quite a few folks were there. Later, that evening we did our last hill workout. Today, 4 X 30 seconds, then 8 X 1 minute (with jogs back down the hill between each)! Whew, a little warmer today. Harder. Made it through somehow. Went a little slower today, because I am a slacker and also because I felt some slight soreness in my quads. By the last few I felt better. Going to miss these a little, but its time to move on….

Not many folks on Thursday, just Brent and his buddy Dominique Belcher, who joined us for the first time. I believe he ran XC and track at Ocean Springs. They always have a good team down there! Figured we would take it easy today after the hill workout and do something more flat. Joseph and I ran a 5.5 mile route through campus and the research park, and Brent and Dominique ran about 4. Started out slow and easy. First mile was 6:58, then we averaged 6:29 for the rest of the way. The other two were behind us and I have no idea what their pace was. Maybe not as slow as I meant for us to go, but it feels a lot easier to go that pace lately. I think its a combination of the hill repeats and the lower temps we have had lately.

Took Friday off, as I have been doing lately. But, I did get a core and upper body workout in that night. Always makes me feel good.  Got up Sat. morn to a crazy thunderstorm! But, again, we headed to the Boardtown Running Club because we know that those crazy jokers run no matter what! THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Actually, by the time we got there, it had mostly cleared up. Quite a few folks. Rod Simmons, of Rod’s Racers was in town and joined us. Rod is the greatest promoter of MS races ever!! Several of the SHS kids were there again including Damian Grady, Ethan Musser, Abigail and Shaunika Musser, Anna Jackson, Haley Jenkins, and two new girls-Madison and her twin sister Chandler.  Our good buddy Steve Shaffer was there too! The route was 15 miles today, but since we did that and a bit more last Saturday, we decided to only do 10 today. Damian and Ethan opted for the 8.8 mile route. Felt great outside and I actually felt pretty good too, despite the fact that I woke up several times the night before because of the storm. No MSU runners today, so Joseph had to run by himself. Poor feller.  He  took off in front and reached the first water stop well in front of me and everyone else. I would guess he was averaging about 6:20 or better for the first 3.6 miles. I did alright too. First mile was 6:48, then 6:28, 6:29, and 6:20. Even with the last mile of the run being sort of a cool down at a 7 minute pace, I averaged 6:37 for the entire 10 miles, which was pretty good for me. Joseph was out of sight from the first water stop on, so I have no idea what pace he ran. Obviously faster than me! Punk. Good run today for sure. Good running all week.

Tomorrow evening, we plan on being back over at the South Farm at 7 pm to run.


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