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chilly nights

Had a great Sunday evening run at the South Farm with Joseph, Arash, Brent, Kyle, and Steve. The weather was freakishly beautiful tonight. We started just after 6 pm and by the time we finished the 7 mile loop, we had a cool breeze and a spectacular sunset. If that wasn’t enough, there were two newly born foals stumbling about in the horse pasture! The run was very nice too. We all started together. Arash turned around at 15 minutes, as he was only going 30 minutes. By the 2nd mile, Joseph picked it up some. We did too, but not as much I guess! Kyle kept up with us for the first 2.5 miles, which was at a pace a good bit faster than he typically goes. So, hats off to Kyle! He and Steve ended up running in together at the end of the run, doing the 7 miles in 53 minutes. Brent and I picked it up a bit. By the 3.6 mile mark (at the gate), Joseph turned around and waited on us. Then the 3 of us ran the 2nd half together at a very decent pace. My splits were 7:18, 6:47, 6:35, 6:47, 6:50, 6:35, and 6:15. Felt great tonight!

Just me and Brent today, about 7 miles. Started at the XC course, hit part of the South Farm, hopped a gate and headed down Poor House Rd. First ran through Sunnyland Estates and the gorgeous houses with gigantic mowed lawns, then back to Poor House Rd (no longer an appropriate name for these road after seeing these houses!!!), crossed S. Montgomery and continued on for a while, turned around and headed back finishing up through the XC course as the SHS team was finishing up. Easy run today, but not bad, with the last two at 6:26 and 6:26.  Most of the team had left by the time I found Joseph out running on the farm. In fact, he was only one still running. He wasn’t sure how long he had been, but a while I guess. He said he also ran 5 miles that morn with the team. Long day, probably 14 or 15 miles.

Got some decent running in Wednesday at 6 PM. Kyle and Joseph joined me at the Research Park. Warmup mile, then 3 X 1 mile, then 4 X 400m (on a hill), cool down and some stretching. Ran my first two both at 5:27, did not run the full distance on the last one, but instead ran a fast 600m then jogged back. Joseph ran the first one with me at 5:25, the 2nd at 5:01, and the third at 5:12. Kyle did a great job today: 5:57, 6:08, and 6:18. The 400’s were all pretty good. Surprisingly good really. I thought we all were cruising along nicely.

I ran 5.25 miles with Brent on Wednesday afternoon. We started at the South Farm, then ran around campus, behind campus, crossed old 82 to the North Farm, then back through campus to the South Farm. Ended up averaging 6:50 per mile. Not terrible. I felt very good for the first 3 miles, then felt a loss of energy. Don’t think I ate enough today! Brent had no problem at all. Joseph was just finishing up with his team when we got back to the South Farm. Of course, he had already done an early morning run with them. This afternoon, after a warmup, they did a 4 X 1 mile workout, then cool down. Of course, he had done something similar the day before, but apparently today’s mile repeats were slow, so it ended up being a series of slow tempo cruise miles, which was ideal actually. He said his first two were 6:00-6:10 or so, then the next two were 5:40 and 5:50. I would not have minded him doing them at his actual mile tempo pace, which is about 5:28, but he was dragging in general this week, so that was probably for the best. Not enough sleep and too much homework! Such is the bane of many a high schooler!

Thursday afternoon, ran by myself for a change. Joseph ran an easy run with the XC team. I headed back to Longmeadow for a slightly fast paced run. After a warmup, I did 3.5 miles at a 6:12 average pace.

Took Friday off and only did an upper body workout on Saturday. Watched Joseph and the SHS team run at the Corinth Invitational. Another good week for Starkville. The girls team won second place to Pontotoc, and was once again led by Kate Mattox who finished up at 14:52 for the 4k.  Walker Mattox was next for the team (16:19) followed by Shaunika Musser (16:41), new comer Carla Bohna (16:46), and Anna Jackson (16:59).

SHS boys at race start

The boys team, despite having two of their top 6 runners out due to illness or what have you, placed 2nd behind Saltillo, the no. 1 ranked 5A team in the state.Joseph once again led the team and once again won first place overall  with his 17:06 time, with Damian again coming in 2nd place overall. The race was very similar to the Bulldog Invitational two weeks earlier for both of them. By 2 minutes into the race, Joseph had a good lead and was never really challenged. Damian ran hard with a runner from Pontotoc and one from Corinth for most of the race and just edged them at the finish with a tremendous battle to claim the 2nd place spot. How close? Damian and Brayden Timmons (Pontotoc) were both 17:18, and Clayton Allred (Corinth) was 17:21.  Good job to Damian for edging that out. Ethan Musser ran much better this week coming in side by side with Alex Ross both at 18:14. Jack Bryan was next (19:12), then Christina Kingery (19:12), and Nathan Methvin (19:17). All  of these guys looked great and I would say this was easily their best race of the year. Joseph was not happy about his time,  and similarly Damian was not overly happy with his (17:18), but time means nothing in XC. Courses vary in length and difficulty. They were definitely running well Saturday. It was an easy course, so I figured it was long, had heard that before. In fact, I talked to some of the boys who ran the race with their Garmin watches, and they measured the course at 3.25 miles rather than 3.1. If true, this meant that the guys’ times were much better than they thought. For example, if the Garmin guys were right, then a 17:06 for 3.25 miles translates to a 16:17 5k. Guess we will find out next week at the premier Jesse Owens Meet in AL. Either way, any time you have 2 guys coming in 1st and 2nd you are doing great. Two meets in a row with an SHS girl and boy winning is pretty amazing too. I can’t remember a time when this has happened, although it may have.

Complete results at:

Joseph finishing up the race…

Tomorrow, I plan on meeting at the South Farm for another run at about 5:45. Join us if you like!


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Stormy Monday Blues

Awesome run this eve with Steve, Joseph, Brent, Dominique, and Richard the Motorcycle Man McCrory. Headed downtown, down Greensboro St., Whitfield St., Gillispie St. and back to the South Farm. Ended up doing 6.6 miles. Started slow and gradually sped up. Easy today for sure. First mile was 7:40, then 7:03 with each mile after being faster with the last mile being 6:35 and the last 0.6 at 6:19. Pretty nice. Felt great. Dominique and Richard started with us and then split off and more or less did their own thing. Steve stayed with us for much of the way until the about the last couple of miles. He was cruising along very well!

Well, Monday it rained. Joseph’s XC practice got canceled, both morning and afternoon. With the weather, I also took the day off. That’s ok, needed a day off anyway;) Ran with Dominique and Joseph again on Tuesday afternoon.  It was somewhat windy, but the temperature was very nice. Road was still a little wet from the crazy amount of rain we got the last couple of days. Research Park loops today. Joseph and I did 2 miles for warmup, then 4 X 0.9 miles, then 1 mile cool down, and Dominique did a 1 mile warmup and 3 X 0.9 miles, part of another one, and mile cool down. We rested 3 minutes between each one. The reason we did a 0.9 mile distance, was that is basically the distance around the inside loop. Pretty good place to run, although sometimes we have to slow down for cars exiting the various buildings. We all did pretty well today I thought. Joseph averaged 4:36 for his four, with the first and last the best (thats a 5:06 minute per mile pace); I averaged 4:56 with all of them fairly close, but the last one being slower-4:59 (5:28 per mile pace average for all 4); and Dominique was right on 6:02 for the three full ones he did (6:42 per mile pace).  Couldn’t believe Dominique showed up, as I posted the run very last minute, and it was his 21st birthday. Happy birthday, come run some crazy intervals! Gotta like that.  Today was weird, I felt tight, but still did ok. I may be getting in shape? I ate  a humongous jalapeno bacon cheeseburger with some gnarly awesome fries and 2 cokes for lunch at Brian Michael’s Burgers in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. Boy, did I feel that on the last one!! But, it was worth it. Great burger and fries! On each of my loops, and in about the middle of the long slow hill that is on this route, my mouth became very dry. Not sure why. I did not like that.

Wednesday! Gorgeous day! Perfect running weather. Joseph got his morning run in with SHS. I got mine in that afternoon at the South Farm at about 4:30 pm with Brent and Dominique. The SHS XC pumpkin-heads and Starkville Academy jokers were out there doing their running thing.  MSU’s XC team was on the XC course practicing as well. Lots of fast folks out and about! Brent, Dominique and I got in 7 miles, which was the longest run Dominique had done with us yet! Felt pretty good, first half was easier, then Brent and I picked it up gradually. Finished up with a 6:20 mile. Nice. Joseph said he ran 8 or 9 miles with the team, and did 5 hill sprints after (about 300m each) after.

Thursday, another nice day. Met Ian and Joseph at Longmeadow at 6 pm for a tempo type run. After a 1.25 mile warmup, we started. Joseph did 5 miles at 28:08 (5:37 per mile pace). I did another .75 miles at a 6:25 pace, then started my 4 mile tempo, which I did in 24:19 (6:05 pace).  Ian ran 3.7 miles (I think) at about a 7:10 per mile pace. We all finished with a cool down of about a mile. Stretched a little and got out of there. Good day. We all three felt good. Felt energized afterward. Felt like running some more, but figured that was enough!

While waiting for the SHS team to finish practice on Friday afternoon, I got in about 7 easy miles around the MSU South Farm and XC course. Joseph and his fellow runners (at least the older ones) did a 12 K run looping the XC course 4 times. Nice afternoon for running, maybe a tad warm.

Joseph did not have a XC race on Saturday. We thought about running the Screaming Eagle XC 5k in Hattiesburg, which also had an open division, but instead we did some 400’s at the XC course. We got over there about 9 AM and I measured out 400m with my wheel on the open, mowed field where they start the races. Basically, the field is 400 m long, but I wanted to be fairly exact, so I measured it. After a warmup jog, we did 10 X 400m with 30 second jogs between. Not as easy as it sounds! The short rest makes these pretty hard. Plus, we had two pretty good workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe it would have been easier if we had not run that evening before. Well, for sure it would have been easier. Also, we stayed up too late the night before. Joseph actually went out with some friends to hear some local band play, so no telling when they went to bed. He said he had a doughnut for breakfast though! Yeah. Anyway, back to the story. He averaged 1:14 for each of his, with his slowest being 1:18 and last two at 1:09 and 1:08. I averaged 1:22.4 for mine. I had one as slow as 1:27, but my last two were 1:18 and 1:17. We tried to hit the last two a little faster.  To me, everything seemed slow today, but I usually when I do 400’s, I take more rest in between each. In actuality, the pace for both of us was very close to what we wanted to do. If you have read this blog before, then you know I love the training advocated by Jack Daniels (voted collegiate women’s cross  country coach of the 21st century). I love his training methods and love the pace charts that he created. If you don’t have the Daniel’s Running Formula book, you should get it. If you follow it, you are more than likely going to get better. Anyway, Daniels likes the idea of using several different running speeds, as do I. Also, do every run at a certain pace based on your current race pace. Sure, its easy to go run 10 X 400’s at 1:10 or whatever if you rest long enough. But, then, how easy is it to do every other workout and easy run later that week at the right pace. Its not one day that matters, but every day, every week, every month, etc. Yep. Sure is. So, how did we do this week? According to the Daniel’s chart, if I can run a 17:17 5k, my easy and long runs should be between a 6:58 and 7:28 pace per mile, and if Joseph can run a 16:07 5k, his easy runs should be between 6:38 and 7:08. No problems there. In fact, maybe we are doing them too fast. I hardly every average over 7 minute miles, unless its a recovery type day, and even then, I am never over 7:28 for sure. Next, 1000m or mile intervals. I would need to be at a 5:28 pace, he would need to be 5:08 pace (according to the chart). On our Tuesday run for 0.9 miles I averaged a 5:28 pace and he averaged 5:06. Good. My threshold pace should be 5:59, but add a few seconds for the 4 mile run vs. 1 mile cruise tempos, and Joseph should be 5:36 per mile (same deal, could be a few seconds slower for a longer run). On my Thursday 4 mile tempo, I averaged 6:05 per mile, and Joseph averaged 5:37 per mile. Good. My 400m interval pace should be 1:22 and Joseph’s 1:17. Saturday morn, I was 1:22.4 (average) and he was 1:14 average. Basically, every thing I am doing is on pace for a 17:17 5k.  Joseph is actually doing everything a bit faster than a 16:07 guy, and should be able to do a 15:45-15:50 5k right now. Of course, training is all well and good, but then going out and putting it together in a race is something else altogether!! Especially for me, because I rarely run races. Feeling good right now though. I am lighter than I have been in about 15 years. 165 lbs and staying more or less there. Awesome. Maybe I will run a race this fall???

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chill in the air!!!

Sunday evening run was awesome! Had a enthusiastic crew with Steve, Joseph, Ethan, Dominque, Cleat, and me. Also, Jorge, Richard McCrory, and Ian Prester stopped by to visit before we took off. Jorge had already done a crazy cool 8 mile workout with the MSU team, Richard was in the middle of a run, and Ian was between frisbee matches. Nice to see those jokers. The temp was very nice this evening, and we ran the 7 miles loop thru the farm, with the exception of Dominque who is just getting back into it, so he did 5 miles. The first half of the run, Joseph was far ahead, and Cleat took off in front of the rest of us. I ran with Ethan, Steve, and Dominique for 2.5 miles. Dominique headed back, and Ethan and I decided to try and catch Cleat the crazy hippy climbing dude.

Cleat, post awesome run!

Took us about a mile, but we finally reeled that rascal in! After another 1.5 miles we saw Joseph in sight, and started yelling insults at him to let him know we were there. Well, I guess it was just me yelling. So, he turned around and joined us. We definitely ran the second half of the run faster, which was nice. As we ran, we talked about deep breathing exercises and how to relax more while still running at a decent pace. We finished up strong running the last half mile at under 6:20 pace. At some point, Steve caught Cleat, and they were only a couple minutes behind us.  This was Cleat’s best run out there. Steve also thought it might have been one of  his best, despite the fact that he had already run 5 miles on some bike trails earlier in the day!

Steve, Joseph, and Dominique

Dominique was equally happy with his run and said it was the best one he had had in quite some time. If he keeps this up, he will be running his 5ks under 18 minutes again like he did while running for the Ocean Springs High School XC team  a couple of years ago! Dominique only ran XC his senior year, but was able to to do pretty well even so. He attributes this to the new coach they got that year, Tim Sayers, who had run for Eastern Michigan in college. Tim was a 26 type of 8k runner and apparently, he is really pushing Ocean Springs program forward! Awesome.

Ethan, wishing he owned Cleat’s Jeep!

Monday was XC practice day for the kid starting with about 5 miles that morning and followed by about 8 that afternoon out at the South Farm and XC course (my favorite places to run). While waiting for the afternoon practice to finish, I ran about 7 miles on the South Farm, very easy pace from 7:15 to 7:30. Got home around 6 pm and did an upper body workout! Awesome.

Tuesday I met Brent, Dominique, Joseph, and Kyle Johnson for some 1000m intervals with 3 minute rests on the XC course. The MSU softball girls were out there doing hill repeats. They were killing them too! We jogged around a while to warm up, then got started. One of the hardest things today was the plethora of mosquitoes! Lots of standing water here and there in small pools or ditches to provide ideal habitat for these nasty blood sucking mothers! Fortunately, they were not bad while running, so that was some pretty good motivation to get going. I don’t think Brent or Kyle had ever done these before, but they did a good job with them even so. Brent was probably the most consistant of all of us doing his first five all at right around 3:23, and his 6th one in 3:27. Other than Joseph, Brent was also the only one to do six; the rest of us only did 5. Very awesome! Especially for his weight, which is at least 185. In fact, with the exception of Joseph, none of us really look like runners. Dominique, Kyle, and Brent are all about 6’2″ with similar builds. Kyle did surprisingly well considering he has been doing his easy runs at around an 8 minute per mile pace. He averaged about 3:40 for each of his. Dominique, who has really just started running again, also did well and was averaging about 4:00 minutes for each of his. Joseph did pretty well, although still behind where he was 2 or 3 weeks ago before he got sick. His first three were 3:05, 3:03, 3:06; then he dropped off a little on the next two doing them in 3:11 and 3:16; but his final one was an outstanding 2:55 and an average of about 3:06.   If you have not done 1000m intervals, then you don’t know how hard it is to get that last one that much faster than the others. They wear you out! My first three were decent, 3:06, 3:08, 3:12, then I dropped off to 3:23 and 3:19 for my last ones. I ran about the last third of Joseph’s sixth one to push him in, and Brent pushed him for over a third of the way at the beginning. That definitely helped him get the good time on his last one. After that, we ran the 3000m loop for a cooldown and got out of there.

Wednesday, Joseph again got in an early morning run of 4.6 miles with the high school team and another 9.5 miles in that afternoon on the South Farm and XC course. I showed up after the team had started to run myself.  A new feller, Jonathan Pegues, a mechanical engineering student at MSU, also joined me for the first 3.2 miles before we parted ways. He had never run on the gravel hills of the South Farm and seemed to enjoy it. He ended up doing the 5.5 mile loop. I headed over to the XC course and added the main loop there plus the extra part getting and coming back from there. Ended up with over 9 miles. Felt pretty good. It was not too hot, and I was not pushing it. Passed some of the XC kids here and there.

Thursday, Arash joined us for a run in Longmeadow.  Me and the kid ran the 1.25 mile once, then did it at tempo pace, rested two minutes, then tempo pace, then finished with an easy loop. Joseph was 6:40-6:45  for his two, and I was 7:08-7:11. Not bad. Arash just jogged the loop 3 times at an easy pace.

I did not run Friday. On Saturday, we got up early, and Joseph joined his SHS team for the Bulldog Invitational High School XC Meet. I think there were 10-11 teams there with Starkville, Madison Central, and Germantown (from Memphis) being the strongest teams. Starkville Academy also had their team there! The meet went well. Joseph won the boys race with a time of 16:58. Not great, not terrible, especially on this course. By about 400m, he was in front and was never really pushed.

  • Joseph

His teammate Damian Grady had a great race and placed 2nd overall with his PR of 17:10. Rounding out the top 5 for SHS was Alex Ross (8th), Stuart Woomer (10th), and Ethan Musser (19th).

Damian Grady

The boys team placed second overall behind Germantown. Starkville’s superstar Kate Mattox dominated the girls 4k race with her time of 14:52, which is a first team national elite time! Her sister Walker was the 2nd SHS finisher, with Shaunika Musser just behind her. The girls team was also 2nd overall, finishing just behind Madison Central.

Kate Mattox

Ironically, Joseph is running more miles right now with the team than he was this summer during his “base” phase. About 67 miles this week. He needs to tone this down for sure as the season progresses.

In other awesome running news, the Mississippi State XC team did very well this weekend at a large meet at Vanderbilt. The guys were 5th overall and girls were 4th! Our buddy Renee Masterson was the first MSU finisher!!

We will be meeting at the South Farm Parking lot at 6 pm again Sunday afternoon for a run for anyone interested.

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humid again!

Sunday evening run was not fast, but decent, despite the 6 pm start time. I say despite, because it was still pretty hot and humid. Both Joseph and I felt weak from whatever bug we had. This particular one makes your muscles feel tired with some sore throat action and other stuff thrown in for good measure. Crazy. We ran a 7 mile loop even so. Brent, Ethan, Arash, Steve, and Emily Todd showed up as well. Emily, a vet student, rode her bike through the farm roads and seemed to enjoy the scenery.  Brent ran about 5 miles, Arash did 4 and Steve also went a somewhat shorter distance.  For the three of us doing 7 miles, we threw in the 3k loop on the MSU XC as part of the run. Did not go overly fast today, as both Ethan and Joseph had run a race the night before, and Joseph and I were still weak as punk headed chickens. At the 5 mile mark, I picked it up and ended up running the last two miles in 6:40, but everything else was slower.

Labor day, we again met at the South Farm, but ran downtown instead of on the farm. Arash, Brent, Joseph, Dominque, and me today. Both Dominique and Arash went a shorter distance, about 4 miles, and the rest of us went about 5 or so. Brent was looking good today, cruising along effortlessly, or so it seemed anyway. I was definitely struggling, and we were only running at about a 6:40 pace. Joseph was obviously still tired and who knows, maybe still sick, as he only stuck with us for two miles, then jogged back on his own at a much slower pace.  The last few runs, he has not been able to keep up with me, so I know he is not feeling like his usual self!! Man, hope we get over this soon! I guess it would seem obvious that we should take a few more days off, but I doubt we will, because we don’t know how to do that.

Tuesday was a much better day for running. Not true. The day was not better, actually more humid, but I felt better! Did some repeats around the inside loop of the Research Park Blvd. Each one was 0.9 mile. Dominique Belcher joined us again. He can’t get enough of this stuff. He and I did 2 and a half, plus warmup and cool down. Joseph did 3: 4:49, 4:45, and 4:34. He was feeling better today for sure, although he still sounded like he was sick.  Good run. Felt energized afterward!

Wednesday, Joseph ran the morning practice with the XC team, and his first afternoon practice with them since being on some medicine of which prevented him from running at the higher UV times of day. Unfortunately, today was not a good day to start back because it was hot and humid with the heat index between 1:05 and 1:07°F! The practices are long too, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm (or longer). The team ran on the South farm today and did their version of a long run: 6-8 miles. I also ran out there, but did not start until 4:30 pm, as I don’t really do any of the warmups that they tend to do. Man!! It was some kind of HOT!!! I guess I have not run at this time of day at this temperature in quite a while and had forgotten how crazy it was. I started out like I normally would, and my first 2 miles were at 6:38 mile pace, but I had to slow down a bit soon thereafter.  I looped thru the farm, then ran the MSU XC course. I got in just over 7 miles, and was very glad to be thru! Despite starting my run much later than the practice start time, I was done much earlier than Joseph who, was still finishing up 10 X 100m strides. Finally got him, and we headed home for some serious homework (him) and eating. Got home at about 6:20!

Did a tempo type run on Thursday in Longmeadow neighborhood. I went ahead and did mine for 3.1 miles, to sort of see where I might be for a 5k right now (considering I had been sick this week). Somewhat flat, but with gentle hills here and there, so not completely flat. I ended up doing it in 18:32, so was pretty happy with that. Joseph went a little farther and did his at a 5:50 pace. Still not his normal pace, but he is looking like he is feeling better and better.

While waiting for Joseph to finish up at XC practice on Friday, I got in about 4 super easy miles on the south farm. The team ran an easy run on the XC course, after an extensive warmup period, and followed the run with 10 X 30m strides. Typically, I take Fridays off, but him running XC, I need to do something while waiting on the practice to finish.

Since the run was so easy Friday, we decided we would go ahead and get a long run in the next morning. The high school team often has meets on Saturday mornings, but this is an off week. Unfortunately, we ended up staying up much later than we meant to, which made getting up on Sat. more difficult. This was exacerbated by the fact that when we awoke at 5:30 it was raining and dark outside! Despite this, we met at the Boardtown Club for 12.3 mile run. We were feeling fairly lazy today, so started out a little slower than usual, me especially. Joseph ran ahead with Micah and a couple others for the first two segments, but after the 2nd water stop, Joseph and I picked it up and ran the last 6 miles together at a decent pace. I know my second half was faster than the first half by a good bit. I think his was about the same throughout, as he ran the first half faster than I did. He ended up running the 12.3 miles in 1:21 and I was just over 1:23 .This was much better than we expected today, so I will take it! The morning was again very humid, and my shoes were soaked by the time I got back. For some reason, Joseph does not sweat as much as me, as was reflected by his dry shoes! During the latter part of the run, however, we did find some respite as a light breeze appeared out of nowhere. In fact, as the day progressed, the weather became nicer and nicer. Anna Jackson was the only other SHS XC kid to make it to the Boardtown run today. She really loves to run and it shows. We have seen her many times out running here and there, as well as watching her run the Frostbite Half Marathon each of the last couple of years. In addition to her great endurance, Anna has a great attitude! A few of our Starkville Striders folks were there as well including John Mitchell, Michael Lee (who we had not seen in a while), Audrey Sheridan, and Steve Shaffer, Mr. durable! Michael looked particularly good today and ran with the front group of Joseph, David Dycus, Micah and Kelly White, Meggan Franks, and me (I know, what the hell am I doing up there??). For the first couple of legs of the run, Michael and I ran together just behind the front group and talked about stuff as we ran. We also saw a monkey crossing the road.

Later, after lunch we got in some pushups, curls, pullups, and ab excercises. Followed that by some high skips, long skips, bounds, and some fast arm drills. Even played a game of basketball! Sunday morn was beautiful! Breezy and cooler than it had been. Used this opportunity to get in some casual kayaking out at the lake at Noxubee Wildlife. The lake was extremely low, but even so we saw an abundance of wildlife between alligators, wood storks, and water striders! As the morning wore on, it warmed up, so we called it a day at noon. Saw one of the SHS XC kids, Stuart Woomer, out running at the refuge on  our way back.  Crazy little joker running in a the middle of the day! I don’t do too much of that any more. I guess I have turned into a slacker! Joseph skipped out on the kayaking, but instead used that opportunity to chillax in the hammock! Slacker. Can’t really blame him though. Man, what a beautiful day! Will cap it off with a run at 6 pm -meeting at the South Farm parking area.

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Saucony running shoes are making me happy!

Been a semi weird week for exercise. Have not had much time for anything exercise related except for some running. Unless, you count collecting insects in the woods as exercise! Joseph has been sick all week, some fever on the weekend, then sore throat and weak feeling the rest of the week, so we have been keeping the running to a minimum. Obviously, he did not run on Sunday. I was feeling some of it, but not to the level he seemed to be at. On Monday, we decided to try some to see if we could get an abbreviated workout in, even though he could barely breathe. Probably a bad idea, but thinking that if he did ok at least, then maybe he would be able to do ok at the first XC coming up on Saturday in Memphis. After a warmup jog, we did 4 X 1000m intervals on a grassy loop of the MSU XC course. Its great to run on grass! Joseph did his between 3:00 and 3:10. The slowest one was the first one. So, not bad really.

Tuesday, ran 5 miles on the south farm at a 7 minute mile pace. Joseph ran with SHS XC team on Wed morn. Before dark, after a warmup run, we did a short tempo paced 1.2 mile run out here in the country, then a cool down. He again ran his at a 5:20 pace, but it seemed pretty hard. Still not feeling good. Mine was not great, slower than the week before despite the shorter distance. Ah, the joys of being sick!  Joseph took the rest of the week off and tried to get some rest. A sore throat definitely makes breathing more difficult!  And, when  your body is weakened, you think you are running as fast as normal or faster, because you are working so hard, but then you notice that you were actually running slower.

A big XC meet Saturday in Memphis, the Twilight run. Lots of the best kids from the Southeast were be there. Unfortunate that Joseph got sick this week, but that’s how it goes. The weather was sketchy, but they were able to get the meet in. There was a long delay for the college races because of storms, but they eventually ran sometime after 10 pm. In Joseph’s race, the winning time was only 16:27. We figured he would actually have a chance to win this race, since a week before he did a 4k tempo run at a 16:28 pace. But, that was before he got sick. He looked worn out and sloppy from the start. His first mile was ok, 5:11 and he was in 5th place, but he was obviously done and slowed down from there. He ended up running a 17:35 (38th), which was his slowest XC 5k in two years.  The last 5k he did earlier in the summer was 16:29 with nobody pushing him, and lately he has looked much better. So, he was pretty bummed out to run slower than his tempo pace. Hard to run fast when you are sick though. Hopefully, he will get to feeling better soon. I think he is on the upside anyway.

I had planned on running the Prairie Arts Festival 5k Saturday morn, since I have been running pretty good lately and have not been in a race in a while. But, whew! Got up that morning and felt terrible! Eyes were puffy, body was weak. So, I went back to bed. We ended up going to the festival later in the morn to look around. Found out the winning time was only 18:49! Man, I should have went. But, probably for the best. I could not even have put my contact lenses in. Definitely could have beat that time, at least if I was feeling ok. Oh well. The festival was ok, some good artists here and there, but more crafts than in the past I think.

Recently got in a new pair of Saucony running shoes, the  Saucony Progrid Ride 4. Been running in them some and really like them. In fact, I have really been liking Saucony in general. I am starting to accumulate quite a collection! They are awesome. They may not be for everyone, but they certainly are working for me. The new pair are a step up from the ones I had been using, and somewhat firmer, but still feel good. Today I ran a faster run in some Saucony Kinvaras. I really love these lightweight shoes for faster workouts, although I do not like to train in them every day as I tend to get calf strains when I do.


Running at the South Farm today at 6 PM….earlier than in the past….

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