Saucony running shoes are making me happy!

Been a semi weird week for exercise. Have not had much time for anything exercise related except for some running. Unless, you count collecting insects in the woods as exercise! Joseph has been sick all week, some fever on the weekend, then sore throat and weak feeling the rest of the week, so we have been keeping the running to a minimum. Obviously, he did not run on Sunday. I was feeling some of it, but not to the level he seemed to be at. On Monday, we decided to try some to see if we could get an abbreviated workout in, even though he could barely breathe. Probably a bad idea, but thinking that if he did ok at least, then maybe he would be able to do ok at the first XC coming up on Saturday in Memphis. After a warmup jog, we did 4 X 1000m intervals on a grassy loop of the MSU XC course. Its great to run on grass! Joseph did his between 3:00 and 3:10. The slowest one was the first one. So, not bad really.

Tuesday, ran 5 miles on the south farm at a 7 minute mile pace. Joseph ran with SHS XC team on Wed morn. Before dark, after a warmup run, we did a short tempo paced 1.2 mile run out here in the country, then a cool down. He again ran his at a 5:20 pace, but it seemed pretty hard. Still not feeling good. Mine was not great, slower than the week before despite the shorter distance. Ah, the joys of being sick!  Joseph took the rest of the week off and tried to get some rest. A sore throat definitely makes breathing more difficult!  And, when  your body is weakened, you think you are running as fast as normal or faster, because you are working so hard, but then you notice that you were actually running slower.

A big XC meet Saturday in Memphis, the Twilight run. Lots of the best kids from the Southeast were be there. Unfortunate that Joseph got sick this week, but that’s how it goes. The weather was sketchy, but they were able to get the meet in. There was a long delay for the college races because of storms, but they eventually ran sometime after 10 pm. In Joseph’s race, the winning time was only 16:27. We figured he would actually have a chance to win this race, since a week before he did a 4k tempo run at a 16:28 pace. But, that was before he got sick. He looked worn out and sloppy from the start. His first mile was ok, 5:11 and he was in 5th place, but he was obviously done and slowed down from there. He ended up running a 17:35 (38th), which was his slowest XC 5k in two years.  The last 5k he did earlier in the summer was 16:29 with nobody pushing him, and lately he has looked much better. So, he was pretty bummed out to run slower than his tempo pace. Hard to run fast when you are sick though. Hopefully, he will get to feeling better soon. I think he is on the upside anyway.

I had planned on running the Prairie Arts Festival 5k Saturday morn, since I have been running pretty good lately and have not been in a race in a while. But, whew! Got up that morning and felt terrible! Eyes were puffy, body was weak. So, I went back to bed. We ended up going to the festival later in the morn to look around. Found out the winning time was only 18:49! Man, I should have went. But, probably for the best. I could not even have put my contact lenses in. Definitely could have beat that time, at least if I was feeling ok. Oh well. The festival was ok, some good artists here and there, but more crafts than in the past I think.

Recently got in a new pair of Saucony running shoes, the  Saucony Progrid Ride 4. Been running in them some and really like them. In fact, I have really been liking Saucony in general. I am starting to accumulate quite a collection! They are awesome. They may not be for everyone, but they certainly are working for me. The new pair are a step up from the ones I had been using, and somewhat firmer, but still feel good. Today I ran a faster run in some Saucony Kinvaras. I really love these lightweight shoes for faster workouts, although I do not like to train in them every day as I tend to get calf strains when I do.


Running at the South Farm today at 6 PM….earlier than in the past….


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