humid again!

Sunday evening run was not fast, but decent, despite the 6 pm start time. I say despite, because it was still pretty hot and humid. Both Joseph and I felt weak from whatever bug we had. This particular one makes your muscles feel tired with some sore throat action and other stuff thrown in for good measure. Crazy. We ran a 7 mile loop even so. Brent, Ethan, Arash, Steve, and Emily Todd showed up as well. Emily, a vet student, rode her bike through the farm roads and seemed to enjoy the scenery.  Brent ran about 5 miles, Arash did 4 and Steve also went a somewhat shorter distance.  For the three of us doing 7 miles, we threw in the 3k loop on the MSU XC as part of the run. Did not go overly fast today, as both Ethan and Joseph had run a race the night before, and Joseph and I were still weak as punk headed chickens. At the 5 mile mark, I picked it up and ended up running the last two miles in 6:40, but everything else was slower.

Labor day, we again met at the South Farm, but ran downtown instead of on the farm. Arash, Brent, Joseph, Dominque, and me today. Both Dominique and Arash went a shorter distance, about 4 miles, and the rest of us went about 5 or so. Brent was looking good today, cruising along effortlessly, or so it seemed anyway. I was definitely struggling, and we were only running at about a 6:40 pace. Joseph was obviously still tired and who knows, maybe still sick, as he only stuck with us for two miles, then jogged back on his own at a much slower pace.  The last few runs, he has not been able to keep up with me, so I know he is not feeling like his usual self!! Man, hope we get over this soon! I guess it would seem obvious that we should take a few more days off, but I doubt we will, because we don’t know how to do that.

Tuesday was a much better day for running. Not true. The day was not better, actually more humid, but I felt better! Did some repeats around the inside loop of the Research Park Blvd. Each one was 0.9 mile. Dominique Belcher joined us again. He can’t get enough of this stuff. He and I did 2 and a half, plus warmup and cool down. Joseph did 3: 4:49, 4:45, and 4:34. He was feeling better today for sure, although he still sounded like he was sick.  Good run. Felt energized afterward!

Wednesday, Joseph ran the morning practice with the XC team, and his first afternoon practice with them since being on some medicine of which prevented him from running at the higher UV times of day. Unfortunately, today was not a good day to start back because it was hot and humid with the heat index between 1:05 and 1:07°F! The practices are long too, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm (or longer). The team ran on the South farm today and did their version of a long run: 6-8 miles. I also ran out there, but did not start until 4:30 pm, as I don’t really do any of the warmups that they tend to do. Man!! It was some kind of HOT!!! I guess I have not run at this time of day at this temperature in quite a while and had forgotten how crazy it was. I started out like I normally would, and my first 2 miles were at 6:38 mile pace, but I had to slow down a bit soon thereafter.  I looped thru the farm, then ran the MSU XC course. I got in just over 7 miles, and was very glad to be thru! Despite starting my run much later than the practice start time, I was done much earlier than Joseph who, was still finishing up 10 X 100m strides. Finally got him, and we headed home for some serious homework (him) and eating. Got home at about 6:20!

Did a tempo type run on Thursday in Longmeadow neighborhood. I went ahead and did mine for 3.1 miles, to sort of see where I might be for a 5k right now (considering I had been sick this week). Somewhat flat, but with gentle hills here and there, so not completely flat. I ended up doing it in 18:32, so was pretty happy with that. Joseph went a little farther and did his at a 5:50 pace. Still not his normal pace, but he is looking like he is feeling better and better.

While waiting for Joseph to finish up at XC practice on Friday, I got in about 4 super easy miles on the south farm. The team ran an easy run on the XC course, after an extensive warmup period, and followed the run with 10 X 30m strides. Typically, I take Fridays off, but him running XC, I need to do something while waiting on the practice to finish.

Since the run was so easy Friday, we decided we would go ahead and get a long run in the next morning. The high school team often has meets on Saturday mornings, but this is an off week. Unfortunately, we ended up staying up much later than we meant to, which made getting up on Sat. more difficult. This was exacerbated by the fact that when we awoke at 5:30 it was raining and dark outside! Despite this, we met at the Boardtown Club for 12.3 mile run. We were feeling fairly lazy today, so started out a little slower than usual, me especially. Joseph ran ahead with Micah and a couple others for the first two segments, but after the 2nd water stop, Joseph and I picked it up and ran the last 6 miles together at a decent pace. I know my second half was faster than the first half by a good bit. I think his was about the same throughout, as he ran the first half faster than I did. He ended up running the 12.3 miles in 1:21 and I was just over 1:23 .This was much better than we expected today, so I will take it! The morning was again very humid, and my shoes were soaked by the time I got back. For some reason, Joseph does not sweat as much as me, as was reflected by his dry shoes! During the latter part of the run, however, we did find some respite as a light breeze appeared out of nowhere. In fact, as the day progressed, the weather became nicer and nicer. Anna Jackson was the only other SHS XC kid to make it to the Boardtown run today. She really loves to run and it shows. We have seen her many times out running here and there, as well as watching her run the Frostbite Half Marathon each of the last couple of years. In addition to her great endurance, Anna has a great attitude! A few of our Starkville Striders folks were there as well including John Mitchell, Michael Lee (who we had not seen in a while), Audrey Sheridan, and Steve Shaffer, Mr. durable! Michael looked particularly good today and ran with the front group of Joseph, David Dycus, Micah and Kelly White, Meggan Franks, and me (I know, what the hell am I doing up there??). For the first couple of legs of the run, Michael and I ran together just behind the front group and talked about stuff as we ran. We also saw a monkey crossing the road.

Later, after lunch we got in some pushups, curls, pullups, and ab excercises. Followed that by some high skips, long skips, bounds, and some fast arm drills. Even played a game of basketball! Sunday morn was beautiful! Breezy and cooler than it had been. Used this opportunity to get in some casual kayaking out at the lake at Noxubee Wildlife. The lake was extremely low, but even so we saw an abundance of wildlife between alligators, wood storks, and water striders! As the morning wore on, it warmed up, so we called it a day at noon. Saw one of the SHS XC kids, Stuart Woomer, out running at the refuge on  our way back.  Crazy little joker running in a the middle of the day! I don’t do too much of that any more. I guess I have turned into a slacker! Joseph skipped out on the kayaking, but instead used that opportunity to chillax in the hammock! Slacker. Can’t really blame him though. Man, what a beautiful day! Will cap it off with a run at 6 pm -meeting at the South Farm parking area.


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