Stormy Monday Blues

Awesome run this eve with Steve, Joseph, Brent, Dominique, and Richard the Motorcycle Man McCrory. Headed downtown, down Greensboro St., Whitfield St., Gillispie St. and back to the South Farm. Ended up doing 6.6 miles. Started slow and gradually sped up. Easy today for sure. First mile was 7:40, then 7:03 with each mile after being faster with the last mile being 6:35 and the last 0.6 at 6:19. Pretty nice. Felt great. Dominique and Richard started with us and then split off and more or less did their own thing. Steve stayed with us for much of the way until the about the last couple of miles. He was cruising along very well!

Well, Monday it rained. Joseph’s XC practice got canceled, both morning and afternoon. With the weather, I also took the day off. That’s ok, needed a day off anyway;) Ran with Dominique and Joseph again on Tuesday afternoon.  It was somewhat windy, but the temperature was very nice. Road was still a little wet from the crazy amount of rain we got the last couple of days. Research Park loops today. Joseph and I did 2 miles for warmup, then 4 X 0.9 miles, then 1 mile cool down, and Dominique did a 1 mile warmup and 3 X 0.9 miles, part of another one, and mile cool down. We rested 3 minutes between each one. The reason we did a 0.9 mile distance, was that is basically the distance around the inside loop. Pretty good place to run, although sometimes we have to slow down for cars exiting the various buildings. We all did pretty well today I thought. Joseph averaged 4:36 for his four, with the first and last the best (thats a 5:06 minute per mile pace); I averaged 4:56 with all of them fairly close, but the last one being slower-4:59 (5:28 per mile pace average for all 4); and Dominique was right on 6:02 for the three full ones he did (6:42 per mile pace).  Couldn’t believe Dominique showed up, as I posted the run very last minute, and it was his 21st birthday. Happy birthday, come run some crazy intervals! Gotta like that.  Today was weird, I felt tight, but still did ok. I may be getting in shape? I ate  a humongous jalapeno bacon cheeseburger with some gnarly awesome fries and 2 cokes for lunch at Brian Michael’s Burgers in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. Boy, did I feel that on the last one!! But, it was worth it. Great burger and fries! On each of my loops, and in about the middle of the long slow hill that is on this route, my mouth became very dry. Not sure why. I did not like that.

Wednesday! Gorgeous day! Perfect running weather. Joseph got his morning run in with SHS. I got mine in that afternoon at the South Farm at about 4:30 pm with Brent and Dominique. The SHS XC pumpkin-heads and Starkville Academy jokers were out there doing their running thing.  MSU’s XC team was on the XC course practicing as well. Lots of fast folks out and about! Brent, Dominique and I got in 7 miles, which was the longest run Dominique had done with us yet! Felt pretty good, first half was easier, then Brent and I picked it up gradually. Finished up with a 6:20 mile. Nice. Joseph said he ran 8 or 9 miles with the team, and did 5 hill sprints after (about 300m each) after.

Thursday, another nice day. Met Ian and Joseph at Longmeadow at 6 pm for a tempo type run. After a 1.25 mile warmup, we started. Joseph did 5 miles at 28:08 (5:37 per mile pace). I did another .75 miles at a 6:25 pace, then started my 4 mile tempo, which I did in 24:19 (6:05 pace).  Ian ran 3.7 miles (I think) at about a 7:10 per mile pace. We all finished with a cool down of about a mile. Stretched a little and got out of there. Good day. We all three felt good. Felt energized afterward. Felt like running some more, but figured that was enough!

While waiting for the SHS team to finish practice on Friday afternoon, I got in about 7 easy miles around the MSU South Farm and XC course. Joseph and his fellow runners (at least the older ones) did a 12 K run looping the XC course 4 times. Nice afternoon for running, maybe a tad warm.

Joseph did not have a XC race on Saturday. We thought about running the Screaming Eagle XC 5k in Hattiesburg, which also had an open division, but instead we did some 400’s at the XC course. We got over there about 9 AM and I measured out 400m with my wheel on the open, mowed field where they start the races. Basically, the field is 400 m long, but I wanted to be fairly exact, so I measured it. After a warmup jog, we did 10 X 400m with 30 second jogs between. Not as easy as it sounds! The short rest makes these pretty hard. Plus, we had two pretty good workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe it would have been easier if we had not run that evening before. Well, for sure it would have been easier. Also, we stayed up too late the night before. Joseph actually went out with some friends to hear some local band play, so no telling when they went to bed. He said he had a doughnut for breakfast though! Yeah. Anyway, back to the story. He averaged 1:14 for each of his, with his slowest being 1:18 and last two at 1:09 and 1:08. I averaged 1:22.4 for mine. I had one as slow as 1:27, but my last two were 1:18 and 1:17. We tried to hit the last two a little faster.  To me, everything seemed slow today, but I usually when I do 400’s, I take more rest in between each. In actuality, the pace for both of us was very close to what we wanted to do. If you have read this blog before, then you know I love the training advocated by Jack Daniels (voted collegiate women’s cross  country coach of the 21st century). I love his training methods and love the pace charts that he created. If you don’t have the Daniel’s Running Formula book, you should get it. If you follow it, you are more than likely going to get better. Anyway, Daniels likes the idea of using several different running speeds, as do I. Also, do every run at a certain pace based on your current race pace. Sure, its easy to go run 10 X 400’s at 1:10 or whatever if you rest long enough. But, then, how easy is it to do every other workout and easy run later that week at the right pace. Its not one day that matters, but every day, every week, every month, etc. Yep. Sure is. So, how did we do this week? According to the Daniel’s chart, if I can run a 17:17 5k, my easy and long runs should be between a 6:58 and 7:28 pace per mile, and if Joseph can run a 16:07 5k, his easy runs should be between 6:38 and 7:08. No problems there. In fact, maybe we are doing them too fast. I hardly every average over 7 minute miles, unless its a recovery type day, and even then, I am never over 7:28 for sure. Next, 1000m or mile intervals. I would need to be at a 5:28 pace, he would need to be 5:08 pace (according to the chart). On our Tuesday run for 0.9 miles I averaged a 5:28 pace and he averaged 5:06. Good. My threshold pace should be 5:59, but add a few seconds for the 4 mile run vs. 1 mile cruise tempos, and Joseph should be 5:36 per mile (same deal, could be a few seconds slower for a longer run). On my Thursday 4 mile tempo, I averaged 6:05 per mile, and Joseph averaged 5:37 per mile. Good. My 400m interval pace should be 1:22 and Joseph’s 1:17. Saturday morn, I was 1:22.4 (average) and he was 1:14 average. Basically, every thing I am doing is on pace for a 17:17 5k.  Joseph is actually doing everything a bit faster than a 16:07 guy, and should be able to do a 15:45-15:50 5k right now. Of course, training is all well and good, but then going out and putting it together in a race is something else altogether!! Especially for me, because I rarely run races. Feeling good right now though. I am lighter than I have been in about 15 years. 165 lbs and staying more or less there. Awesome. Maybe I will run a race this fall???


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