chilly nights

Had a great Sunday evening run at the South Farm with Joseph, Arash, Brent, Kyle, and Steve. The weather was freakishly beautiful tonight. We started just after 6 pm and by the time we finished the 7 mile loop, we had a cool breeze and a spectacular sunset. If that wasn’t enough, there were two newly born foals stumbling about in the horse pasture! The run was very nice too. We all started together. Arash turned around at 15 minutes, as he was only going 30 minutes. By the 2nd mile, Joseph picked it up some. We did too, but not as much I guess! Kyle kept up with us for the first 2.5 miles, which was at a pace a good bit faster than he typically goes. So, hats off to Kyle! He and Steve ended up running in together at the end of the run, doing the 7 miles in 53 minutes. Brent and I picked it up a bit. By the 3.6 mile mark (at the gate), Joseph turned around and waited on us. Then the 3 of us ran the 2nd half together at a very decent pace. My splits were 7:18, 6:47, 6:35, 6:47, 6:50, 6:35, and 6:15. Felt great tonight!

Just me and Brent today, about 7 miles. Started at the XC course, hit part of the South Farm, hopped a gate and headed down Poor House Rd. First ran through Sunnyland Estates and the gorgeous houses with gigantic mowed lawns, then back to Poor House Rd (no longer an appropriate name for these road after seeing these houses!!!), crossed S. Montgomery and continued on for a while, turned around and headed back finishing up through the XC course as the SHS team was finishing up. Easy run today, but not bad, with the last two at 6:26 and 6:26.  Most of the team had left by the time I found Joseph out running on the farm. In fact, he was only one still running. He wasn’t sure how long he had been, but a while I guess. He said he also ran 5 miles that morn with the team. Long day, probably 14 or 15 miles.

Got some decent running in Wednesday at 6 PM. Kyle and Joseph joined me at the Research Park. Warmup mile, then 3 X 1 mile, then 4 X 400m (on a hill), cool down and some stretching. Ran my first two both at 5:27, did not run the full distance on the last one, but instead ran a fast 600m then jogged back. Joseph ran the first one with me at 5:25, the 2nd at 5:01, and the third at 5:12. Kyle did a great job today: 5:57, 6:08, and 6:18. The 400’s were all pretty good. Surprisingly good really. I thought we all were cruising along nicely.

I ran 5.25 miles with Brent on Wednesday afternoon. We started at the South Farm, then ran around campus, behind campus, crossed old 82 to the North Farm, then back through campus to the South Farm. Ended up averaging 6:50 per mile. Not terrible. I felt very good for the first 3 miles, then felt a loss of energy. Don’t think I ate enough today! Brent had no problem at all. Joseph was just finishing up with his team when we got back to the South Farm. Of course, he had already done an early morning run with them. This afternoon, after a warmup, they did a 4 X 1 mile workout, then cool down. Of course, he had done something similar the day before, but apparently today’s mile repeats were slow, so it ended up being a series of slow tempo cruise miles, which was ideal actually. He said his first two were 6:00-6:10 or so, then the next two were 5:40 and 5:50. I would not have minded him doing them at his actual mile tempo pace, which is about 5:28, but he was dragging in general this week, so that was probably for the best. Not enough sleep and too much homework! Such is the bane of many a high schooler!

Thursday afternoon, ran by myself for a change. Joseph ran an easy run with the XC team. I headed back to Longmeadow for a slightly fast paced run. After a warmup, I did 3.5 miles at a 6:12 average pace.

Took Friday off and only did an upper body workout on Saturday. Watched Joseph and the SHS team run at the Corinth Invitational. Another good week for Starkville. The girls team won second place to Pontotoc, and was once again led by Kate Mattox who finished up at 14:52 for the 4k.  Walker Mattox was next for the team (16:19) followed by Shaunika Musser (16:41), new comer Carla Bohna (16:46), and Anna Jackson (16:59).

SHS boys at race start

The boys team, despite having two of their top 6 runners out due to illness or what have you, placed 2nd behind Saltillo, the no. 1 ranked 5A team in the state.Joseph once again led the team and once again won first place overall  with his 17:06 time, with Damian again coming in 2nd place overall. The race was very similar to the Bulldog Invitational two weeks earlier for both of them. By 2 minutes into the race, Joseph had a good lead and was never really challenged. Damian ran hard with a runner from Pontotoc and one from Corinth for most of the race and just edged them at the finish with a tremendous battle to claim the 2nd place spot. How close? Damian and Brayden Timmons (Pontotoc) were both 17:18, and Clayton Allred (Corinth) was 17:21.  Good job to Damian for edging that out. Ethan Musser ran much better this week coming in side by side with Alex Ross both at 18:14. Jack Bryan was next (19:12), then Christina Kingery (19:12), and Nathan Methvin (19:17). All  of these guys looked great and I would say this was easily their best race of the year. Joseph was not happy about his time,  and similarly Damian was not overly happy with his (17:18), but time means nothing in XC. Courses vary in length and difficulty. They were definitely running well Saturday. It was an easy course, so I figured it was long, had heard that before. In fact, I talked to some of the boys who ran the race with their Garmin watches, and they measured the course at 3.25 miles rather than 3.1. If true, this meant that the guys’ times were much better than they thought. For example, if the Garmin guys were right, then a 17:06 for 3.25 miles translates to a 16:17 5k. Guess we will find out next week at the premier Jesse Owens Meet in AL. Either way, any time you have 2 guys coming in 1st and 2nd you are doing great. Two meets in a row with an SHS girl and boy winning is pretty amazing too. I can’t remember a time when this has happened, although it may have.

Complete results at:

Joseph finishing up the race…

Tomorrow, I plan on meeting at the South Farm for another run at about 5:45. Join us if you like!


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