Oak Mountain State Park

Pretty good running again this week! Sunday started out well with a 9. 5 mile run on the South Farm and XC course. Beautiful weather helped. Juan, Jorge, Steve, and Brent also came along, but they ran somewhere between 5.5 and 7 miles. Another good one on Monday with Brent. He and I ran around the South Farm and XC again, but this time started in the back. Joseph had another day with two runs, one in morn and then in the afternoon with the team. We saw them running here and there. Today was almost chilly, very nice day to run. I actually wore a shirt! When we saw Joseph, he was running barefoot and had no shirt on. Apparently forgot to bring his shoes to practice. Good thing they were on the XC course, which is grass. When we saw him he had already run 4 or 5 miles. After I showed up, he grabbed a pair of shoes from my truck before completing his run.

Tuesday afternoon, I ran a fartlek with Joseph and Richard McCrory on the South Farm. Had not seen him in a couple weeks. Today, we did 4 X 30 seconds, 3 X 2:30, and 4 X 3:30. Pretty hard running on these hills!

Joseph again ran with the team Wed. morn and that afternoon. He said they did a slowish 3 mile tempo for the afternoon run. He about 17:30 he thought. Not terrible. I ran some short tempo paced runs myself, 1 mile, then 3 X 800. About 5:48 mile pace. Thursday started fall break for Joseph. We went for a nice 6 mile run that afternoon through town. Almost got run over twice! Had to basically vault myself over the back of one car on campus as it stopped abruptly in the crosswalk as we were entering it! Thanks.  But, it was a good run. We cruised along at about 6:30 per mile.

Joseph ran with his team Friday morn for folks still in town. I guess it went well. He was getting ready for the Choctaw Open in Clinton on Saturday. Meanwhile, I headed to Oak Mountain State Park for some trail running and Mountain biking. Also paddled around one of the 3 lakes there.

Oak Mountain is a 10,000 acre state park in Alabama, and it has some wonderful bike trails! After paddling on Friday, got a good trail run in. Very difficult, as the trail soon became rocky and steep. Sometimes that meant walking. Pretty cool. We started Saturday out biking on the trails. Don’t know how far we went, but a good while anyway. Then, a nice hike up to the falls, and down to the bottom of the falls. Later in the day, I got a super fine trail run in. This was on an easier bike loop, so I could actually run pretty good in places. Headed back to Starkville on Sunday after a nice exercise filled weekend.

Of course, with me out of town, I missed Joseph’s meet. He did pretty well, being the first Mississippi finisher placing 2nd overall with a 16:45. The winner, Leonel Moreno of Jewel Sumner in Louisiana was 16:37. Third place was Tupelo standout Andrew White.  Joseph was again the first SHS boy with Damian Grady once again the 2nd SHS runner with his 9th place, 17:24 run. Ethan Musser was 21st (18:06), Stuart Woomer was 34th (18:40), and Aaron Remotigue rounded out the scoring with his 48th place (19:17).  Complete boys results are at http://gochoctaws.com/custompages/mcross/2012ChoctawOpen/HS%20Boys%20Varisty.htm. As a team, the SHS boys placed third behind Tupelo and Saltillo.

SHS girls were once again lead by Kate Mattax  who easily won the race with an outstanding time of 14:35! Next for he SHS girls was Walker Mattox in 19th (16:51), Anna Jackson in 24th (17:08), Shaunika Musser in 33rd (17:32) and Abigail Arinder in 38th (17:44). The girls team placed fourth behind Pontotoc, Tupelo, and Saltillo. Complete results for the girls varsity race are at http://gochoctaws.com/custompages/mcross/2012ChoctawOpen/HS%20Girls%20Varsity.htm

Complete results for all divisions are at http://gochoctaws.com/sports/2012/10/13/MXC_1013122946.aspx?path=mcross

Will be running today, again meeting at the South Farm at 5 pm.


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