back in the swing of things?

Due to the death of  my Garmin 405 watch, I had a few days without knowing my pace. However, on Saturday, my new Garmin 110 came in the mail. This was  a cheaper model that I thought I would try. This model has buttons, instead of the stupid bezel, but has fewer functions. That’s cool, because I don’t use most of them anyway! Unfortunately, this model appears to lack the ability to save the pace for each mile in the history. It does save the overall pace for each run, but I like to know my splits. It was cheaper though.

Cold again last night, but beautiful by the afternoon. Steve, Brent, and I got in a sweet 5.9 mile run through the campus and University Estates neighborhood. Had so much fun running those hills with Joseph on Wednesday, thought I would share the joy with Brent and Steve. We pretty much ran together for the first 4 miles or so, then I broke away on a nice hill and finished the last 1.9 at a nice 6:26 pace. Ended up averaging 7:05 per mile for the entire journey.

Rained on Monday, but was able to snag a 5 mile run in with Arash “Dance Machine” Taheri on the quite muddy gravel roads. Went out 2.5 miles relatively slow, around 7:20 pace, but the return was significantly faster. I even hit one mile at 5:58.  Was cruising in to finish up feeling like a maniac in the drizzle when Joseph showed up. So ran another 3 miles with him before it got dark. We were running about 6:18 average per mile. Arash took off after the 5 miles.

Stormed for a few hours early Tuesday morn and the temps dropped. Tuesday afternoon was dreary, overcast, windy and chilly. Joseph had something going on after school, so I decided to just do an upper body workout today at lunch. It was a good one. Got all pumped up and hyper while listened to Jane’s Addiction!! Pretty much skipped out on lunch, although I did have a breakfast bar, a hunk of habanero cheese, and some peanut M & M’s. Jorge Villarreal emailed me at about 3 pm and wanted to run, so I ended up running after all. We ran the 7 mile loop at the South Farm (its really more like 6.9 miles). It was cold enough with the wind that I wore a long sleeve shirt! Jorge wore running tights. I figured I would be pretty worn out, but actually felt good. We did the route at a 6:41 pace. Not bad for such a windy day. I was really hyper! The cold, windy weather gets me going.

Thursday, just me at the South Farm today. As I was about to get started, Jessica Comer and Dianna Eddington of the MSU XC/track team stopped by to say hello while they were out running. They asked if I wanted to join them, but I was headed the other way. Got my new Garmin out, and guess what??? It was dead!%@$#! Nothing on the screen!!! Yeah, great. I think its time to try the Nike GPS watch, because these Garmins are not doing the job.  Well, I ran “old school” style today, no watch. No shirt either. Can you believe that? It was 27°F this morning, but warm enough to run without a shirt on this afternoon. Did the 7 mile loop. Pretty easy pace. Who knows.

Got Joseph after school Friday and went back to the South Farm. Why not. Place is beautiful and basically no cars. Of course, if you don’t like to run on gravel, then you would hate the place. As we were getting ready to start, some dude pulled up on his Yamaha scooter, got off and started stretching. Looked like a runner, so I said hello. His name was Daniel Scoggin, and he said he was a recent MSU grad. Anyway, he ran with us for a while. Cruised along easy enough to the first 3.6 mile mark, which we hit at just over 27 minutes, or just over 7:30 per mile. We split off there as Daniel headed straight back northward for the 5.5 mile route, and we took the right/east loop and did the 6.9 mile loop. We ran the next 3.3 miles in 21:07, which was about 6:24 per mile. Felt really nice out again today. No shirts again as it was 62°F when we started, and even though it got colder along the way, we were plenty warm as we moved along. I was actually sweating quite a bit. What an awesome day to run!

Planned on getting up and running the Chinese Restaurant loop with the Boardtown Running Club, but at 5:30 AM, neither Joseph or I really felt like getting up and running in the semi cold. So, back to sleep! We ended up going at noon when it was 72°! No shirts, awesome. Ran steady for 35 minutes. Beautiful day!!!!!

Tomorrow we will be back at the South Farm Parking area at 3 PM if anybody wants to join in for a run. We will be there on Tuesday and Thursday at 3:40 PM also.



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