running with the beasts

Got in a great run Sunday afternoon with Brent “the voice of reason” Wallace, Steve “happy as a clam” Shaffer, smooth Jorge Villarreal, and Joseph the trippy hippie as we hit the 7 mile loop on the South Farm. We started together then drifted a part a little.  Joseph was hyper early and ran the first 3.6 miles pretty fast. Jorge, Brent and I ran together for about 2.2 miles, then Jorge and I picked it up some. Joseph waited for us at the 3.6 miles point, then we took off. Jorge was going now and took the lead, but came back to run with me for a bit. Must have been lonely, poor feller. Then, he caught Joseph and they ran together for a while, then he took off again. I caught with Joseph at about the 6 mile mark and actually finished up before him. I think his skipping breakfast this morn caught up with him. I ran the course in 46:08. Jorge was at least a minute faster. Joseph was right behind me. Brent came strolling after not too long, and Steve pulled up at just over 53 minutes. It was truly nice out today, warm-73°F!

Did not run Monday, took the day off. Headed over to the gravelly goodness at the South Farm again on Tuesday. Met Nathan “the Hulk” Gaudin. That muscle headed joker ran with us for a couple of miles before veering off to the east and finishing up a 5 mile route.  He was running pretty well as we were doing about a 7 minute pace.  Joseph and I continued southward and picked up the pace. We met Jorge and Lucas Muniz at about the 3 mile mark and ran with them the rest of the way. Lucas is wanting to walk on the MSU team this spring and seems to really enjoy running. We went ahead and did the 3000 m loop of the XC course before heading back to the gravel. We were running along at a decent pace I think. Kept up with those rascals for a while, but after about 7 miles, I either slowed down slightly or they sped up! Or both. Anyway, those three punks finished about 25 seconds ahead of me. Joseph and I ended up with about 9.4 miles, and I think they were closer to 8 miles. Almost as soon as we got back to the cars, a crazy dark storm came in! We were running shirtless, but suddenly it was mighty chilly! Got a quick stretch in, and headed out. Good run. Yeah!

Wednesday was also a grey and chilly day. Picked Joseph up late from choir practice, and we managed to get a short run in before dark on the rainy, wet roads of Longmeadow neighborhood. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had some issues with my Garmin watches, so I ordered a Nike GPS watch. Today was my first time to try it out. I used the first half mile or so to see how the thing worked.   The watch said I was going an average pace of 10:39!! I was probably going about 7 minutes a mile type pace. Looked at the watch and realized that both the GPS sensor and the shoe sensor were on, and I was not wearing a shoe sensor. Figured that might be messing it up. Hoped that was it, or I was sending this joker back too! It was cloudy of course, but surely it would not mess it up that bad? Anyway, then ran two semi quick miles along a route I knew. Average pace 6:05. Better. One thing I did not like was the back lighting on the watch, which is activated by tapping the screen, absolutely sucks!!! To the point of not really working. Other ticky things are the tiny letters and numbers for some things, but the giant numbers for the time of day. What’s up with that? Also, I would like to be able to plug it into an outlet to charge, but have to use the computer for that. The coolest thing is when you connect to though, and you can chart your run. Very cool.

Since the run was cut short by weather, I was still hyper as a wild duck, so I went home and did pullups, pushups, ab stuff, curls, dips, and military presses! Nice. Helped a little.

Thursday afternoon was awesome. About 73°F and not windy. We met Nathan Gaudin and Steve Shaffer at the South Farm and got going. We all started together. We pulled ahead of Steve a bit at the mile, and Nathan hung tough until the 2 mile mark, where he again veered off for a 5 mile run. Joseph and I ran the 6.1 mile loop, and Steve ran the full 7 miles! Man, it was so nice out! Muddy too. Nathan “the beast” loved the mud and made crazy noises while we splashed along. When we got thru, we did a few push ups to make Nathan happy! As we were getting ready to leave, Lucas showed up for his second run of the day. He is needing 70+ miles this week. I was curious if the Nike watch would show the same distance at various points and at the end as my Garmin watch had. It seemed to be very close. So that was nice. I uploaded the data to and it drew me a cool map with elevation. Said my splits were: 7:04, 6:47, 6:54, 6:51, 6:35, and 6:15.  Interestingly, as we ran, the pace on the watch said we were going much faster. But, when the route was completed, these were the results.

Steve Shaffer, Nathan Gaudin, Joseph MacGown, and Lucas Muniz

Steve Shaffer, Nathan Gaudin, Joseph MacGown, and Lucas Muniz

Bummer, did not get to run either Friday or Saturday! Did get some pushups, crunches, shoulder presses and curls in Saturday morn. Nice hike Saturday afternoon at Tombigbee National Forest!

Tomorrow, meeting at the South Farm again-3 pm, and also on Tuesday and Thursday at 3:40pm. Join us if you like!


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