Great running weather….

Our run Sunday afternoon was awesome. 73°F at 3 pm as I met up with Brent Wallace, Dominique Belcher, Lucas Muniz, Jorge Villarreal, Ian Prester, Nathan Gaudin the Savage, and Steve Shaffer. Ended up getting 10. 5 miles in at a 6:57 pace. We all started together as we made our way through town and back for a 6.63 mile route. Some of us wanted more. Lucas and I headed toward the South Farm, where I ran about 4 more miles. Lucas was shooting for 14, so he kept going. Ian ended up with just over 11!  Nathan and Steve ran like beasts today, and finished the first loop just behind us! Good job Jokers!

Monday. RAIN!

Tuesday, 5.5 miles, with Steve, Nathan, and Joseph at the south farm. 6:40 pace. Steve and Nathan hung with us for first couple of miles! Waited for them at 3.6 mile mark, then took off again! Awesomeness. Cool weather, felt great.

Wednesday, 9.1 miles with Joseph, Lucas, and Arash on the south farm and XC course. Arash did about 7. We averaged 6:53 per mile. 43°F as we finished. Good run. Chilly!

Thursday, 6 miles, super slow, 7:30 mile pace. Entomology Christmas luncheon today meant me and Joseph were as full as ticks! Ran with Arash, Steve, Dominque, Brent, Joseph, and Jessica Comer. Jessica, Brent and Dominque split off after a mile and did some fartleks, the rest of us continued through and around campus, around the research park and back. Easy running. Too full! Got back and some of the MSU team and their coach, Houston Franks were there stretching after a run.

Got a 5 mile run Saturday at noon with the Joseph. First mile was 7:01, then 6:33, 6:44, 6:53, and 6:10. No energy! Not enough breakfast!!! We planned on doing 10, but didn’t happen!

Sunday, raining all day! Got up at 6 AM and did pushups. Went back to bed. Probably won’t get a run in today, it looks like rain all day!! Workout instead I guess…..


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