Nathan “the savage beast” Gaudin executes a horizontal handstand!

Monday, quick 4.5 mile run through the quite hilly University Estates neighborhood before dark with Joseph; averaged 6:52 per mile according to Nike GPS watch, which sometimes seems accurate and sometimes not.  For sure the instant pace is way off. The instant pace seems to be much faster than I am actually running. I know it is supposed to change, but my pace is not changing to the extent the watch says. The average pace also varies somewhat, but seems to be pretty close. Will start testing on the track. For example, today, my last mile was pretty fast, I know that, and the watch only showed it being a 7:03 minute mile. I would have guessed it was closer to 6:10.

Tuesday, Nathan Gaudin, Brent Wallace and Jorge Villarreal joined us for a run at 3:45 PM at the South Farm. Jorge, Joseph and I did 7 miles. Those two finished up a bit ahead of me and I averaged 6:39 per mile, so they were better than that. Pretty good for this gravelly hilly course and the fact that our first mile was a warmup at 7:22. Nathan did 6 miles, and Brent finished up with 5.5 miles. Pretty danged nice out.

Before the run, Nathan Gaudin (pronounced “G0-Dan”) demonstrated a horizontal handstand! Pretty cool! This high school senior is a beast and is in incredible shape. I have not met many kids his age or any age in the kind of shape he is in. So, of course, I have about 100 nicknames for him!

Nathan Gaudin, horizontal handstand

Nathan Gaudin, horizontal handstand

Wednesday, beautiful outside, about 70°F! Grabbed Joseph after school and we did a 5k tempo type run through Longmeadow neighborhood. Got a mile warmup in, stretched a little, then got going. Pretty good run, except it was busier than usual in places, and we were probably slowed by about 20 seconds during the run as we dodged cars and slowed down to talk to people in vehicles. This was a route we have been running off and on for several years. So, its nice to compare runs from back when to now. For me, today was my best run for this route in quite some time, so I was pretty happy. We ended up at 17:55 for the 3.1 miles with mile splits of 5:31, 5:53, and 5:55. Did not feel exceptionally great today, but ok. Maybe finally getting back in shape? Definitely in pretty good shape lately doing lots of pushups, ab stuff, and consistant running. So, who knows, maybe a 17:30 5k is not out of the question. Good day, able to break 18 minute 5k and it was not hard.

Well, Joseph starts his Christmas break today and is off shopping with his Grandma. Meanwhile, out here in Sessums, I got in a pretty hyped up workout while listening  to some Radiohead. Pushups, pullups, curls, handstand pushups against the wall, and some ab stuff. Still feel like I am hanging in there for an old feller and this stuff helps for sure. Not going for the gigantic weightlifter look or anything, just trying to stay healthy and feel good. For folks old enough, you might remember the solo flex ads back in the 80’s? People used to think I had a “soloflex” styled build and maybe even resembled one of the guys who did the ads. Of course, that was over 25 years ago. I found one of those ads on line and put a picture of myself from now next too it. Not exactly the same pose, but somewhat similar.

Solo flex guy (Scott Madsen) and me now.

Solo flex guy (Scott Madsen) and me now.

Thursday afternoon run with Brent, Gaudin, and Jorge. Sunny, but chilly, and windy!!! 25-30 mile per hour sustained winds with higher gusts! The wind was mostly from the west, which was unfortunate for us because for the majority of our run we had wind hitting us in front or on either side of our body. We only headed east briefly on the route, but that minor respite was most welcome! Pretty decent run even so. Planned on going easier today anyway. Averaged 7:01 for 7 miles. Jorge was faster, as he took yesterday off.  Brent and Nathan both ran well and kept up the first 3 miles or so. They somehow beat me back though? Must have taken a shortcut.

weather channel wind forecast!

weather channel wind forecast!

Friday afternoon run through town with Jorge and Joseph was brisk and steady. About 6.5 miles more or less. Started out slower and picked it up. Not sure what the pace was today, as Jorge’s Garmin and my Nike watches were quite different. Last week I measured this course at 6.7 miles on my Nike gps watch. Today I measured the same route at 6.35 miles? Jorge’s watch said 6.5 miles. Who knows? 45 minutes of running, I know that! Probably around 7 minutes or slightly less per mile.

Saturday afternoon, Joseph, Jorge and I met at the MSU track to do some 400’s. Been a while since I have done any of these jokers! After a mile warmup, I did 12 X 400 meters with 90 second rests between each; averaged about 1:14. Kept them pretty consistant with the slowest 1:15 and the fastest 1:12. Joseph and Jorge did a 2 mile warmup then jumped in with me. I had already done 4 by then.  Joseph averaged about 1:12 I would guess. He also did 12. Jorge did 16 and was around 1:13-1:14 for his. We all did a cool down. Pretty good day, about 58°F and sunny with only a slight wind. These were good 400s for me pace-wise, especially since I have not done 400s in a while. They were not hard, but my lunch and breakfast were weighing heavy on me. Breakfast was awesome! Ham, eggs, toast and orange juice at 9 AM. Then we had to go to a funeral. Very sad. The mom of a kid on the SHS XC team died this week. Man. Man. Too young and such a nice lady. We left there and got a large bag of M&Ms and  some mountain dew action.  So, yeah, not the best food for an upcoming workout. So, we then ate lunch at Popeyes Fried Chicken. Got some chicken strips, a bunch of fries, and lemonade. Tasty. Pretty good. So, by about the 7th 400 I was ready to throwup!!!!! Joseph said it hit him at about the 7th 400 also! But, we made it through it. Cool. One thing of note today. I used my Nike GPS watch to see how accurate it was on the track, but also used the shoe sensor, which I have not used before. I recorded 14 laps around the track and with both the sensor and GPS and the distance recorded on my watch was 3.5 miles. Pretty good. It was not exactly spot on for each lap, but the end result was right there. In other words, this watch appears to work better when used in conjunction with the shoe sensor.

Will be running tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM meeting at the South Farm.


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