Christmas, ho, ho, ho…

Well, Christmas is great and all that, but I am still hyper and still have to run. So, Sunday afternoon, time for a run. Ran 5.5 miles through campus and around the Research Park with Jorge and Joseph at 3 pm. Nathan “the Hulk” Gaudin wanted to come with us today, as he loves rain and mud, but he had to decorate Christmas cookies today with his family. I will probably give him a hard time about that for a about 6 months!  Chilly, windy, and rainy! Not much traffic though with the holidays.  Easy -ish pace today, after the first mile, which was about 7:20, we ran then rest of the way at about  a 6:40 per mile pace.  Wet  and chilly!

Bad news though, my Saucony Ride 4 shoes are about completely worn out. Not the soles, but the top and sides have ripped. Quite a few miles on them though, so can’t complain. This has been my favorite pair of trainers ever!

Unfortunately, with my Sauconys being about dead, it is time for something else. Just ordered a pair of Saucony Xodus 3.0 shoes and a pair of Brooks Pure Flow. Will have to compare them and see which pair I like better. Look for an update on that topic in a few weeks.

Brooks Pure Flow

Brooks Pure Flow

Saucony xodus 3
Saucony xodus 3

So, yeah, I have been super happy with almost all of the Saucony shoes I have tried and so has my son. In fact, when he won the 5A XC state championship this fall he ran in Saucony Shay spikes.

Saucony Shay XC2

Saucony Shay XC2

Yes, we love Saucony running shoes. I have recommended them to many people. Heck, I have even bought pairs for various high school runners! To show you how much we  love Saucony, here is a photo of some of our shoes from the last couple of years. This is not all of them, but you get the idea. Still waiting for the Saucony company to realize how much I like and promote their shoes. Surely they can start buying my shoes and pay me lots of money to wear them?

 Some of our Saucony running shoes

Some of our Saucony running shoes

Got a nice Christmas eve run in at 3 pm with Brent, Joseph, Nathan, and Steve as we cruised through Starkville. About 70°F, so no need for shirts! Of course, tomorrow we are expecting storms with possible tornadoes as a cold front moves through. Every other day is a mystery here on the meteorological scene.  Nice easy smooth run today. We all started together and ran the first mile at 6:45. Nathan and Brent hung with us for the next two miles at 7:05 and 7:00 minutes, but then dropped off, so, we picked it back up and ran the last three at 6:50, 6:35, and 6:14 and finished up the remaining 0.25 pretty fast. The route was actually about 5.8, but added a bit at the end to get a 10k in.  Nathan probably averaged about a 7-7:10 today, pretty good for a “swoll-up” weightlifter looking joker. Brent somehow got ahead of us after taking a short cut, but we caught back up with that wily shortcut taking sneaky joker. Steve came drifting in a bit later and said he also took a short cut. They said something about too many Christmas sweets!

No run on Christmas day. Good day to take off too, with the strong storms that moved through the region!

Great upper body core workout on Wednesday morn with Joseph. Lots of pushups, curls, pullups, and ab stuff. Good stuff! Wednesday afternoon, back to it eh! Nathan, Joseph, and I ran 5.5 miles at a 6:50 mile pace at 3 pm on a crazy day. Windy, dark, damp, cold. Only stupid fanatics would run in this stuff. If they had not run, I would have skipped out! Both Joseph and I wore running tights. Gaudin had shorts on though. Nut. We all wore gloves and hats. Actually, when the wind was behind us, it was not terrible. We ran through the campus and downtown a bit. Nathan did a great job. He has run with us off and on over the last 3 or 4 years, but has not been out with much this past year. He only started back with us after the SHS XC season was over about a month ago. In those short few weeks, he has made some leaps and bounds in his conditioning. When he first showed up a few weeks ago, he could barely keep up with us for a couple of miles on these “easy” runs; now, he is  already running 5+ mile runs faster than at any point in the season. Pretty good for a 180 lb weightlifting, cookie decorating joker! At this rate, he will be in great shape by this spring.

Thursday, just me and the kid. Did the six mile loop at the South Farm at 3 pm. About 40°F, but not windy. Shorts today. Averaged just over 6:40 per mile, but I was lacking the energy today! Slacker.

Friday. Another one of those “rain all day” days! Did not run. Did some ab stuff and 10 sets of pullups. 155 pullups total. Not full hang pullups, but not bad. I don’t like the “full hang” pullups. Too much stress on my shoulders. Anyway. Will do some other stuff tomorrow!

Saturday was cold and windy. About 36°F at 3 PM with wind and damp skies. Joseph and I were being lazy slacker punks, but somehow managed to drag our sorry selves to the SHS track to attempt some type of workout. Had some tights and gloves on for sure today. Got a mile warmup in, then 4 X 800m with 400m jogs between, then 2 X 400m with 400m jogs, and finished off with a pretty quick 200m run.  Of course, got a cool down in after. The 800s were between 2:36 and 2:43, and the 400s were 1:08 and 1:10.  Nothing crazy, but good enough for this nasty day. As we were finishing up, Steve Shaffer showed up and ran a mile with us during the cool down. Too cold for him he said though, and he soon left to run indoors at the Sportsplex indoor track.

Will be back at the South Farm tomorrow at the 3 PM for another afternoon jaunt.


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