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run happy and do lots of pushups

Sunday, awesome weather-65°F, sunny, no wind.  We took advantage of this and had a great run. Joseph and I met Arash Taheri, Brent Wallace, Lucas Muniz, Kamau Bostic, Steve Shaffer, and JoVonn Hill at the South Farm at 4 pm. Steve had already run a few miles, so added another 7 miles to get in a practice half marathon before the real one this Saturday. Yes, time for the Frostbite Half Marathon again.  The rest of us did only did the 5.5 mile loop, except for JoVonn who went with the 4.3 mile loop choice. JoVonn’s first time with us, and really he just started running a few weeks ago. Pretty good run considering! I am sure he will be back after seeing how very incredible it was to run with us. A very relaxed and easy run today, cruising along together talking the entire way. Nice.

So, according to, here is what I have done the last two weeks so far (see below). It is interesting to see how I compare to men my age (48 years old), at least on  Only 63 miles for 2 weeks, but missed some days because of rain and stuff.

Nike Screen Capture Nike Screen Capture2

Monday morn, me and the Joseph got up and did an awesome workout with some Rage Against the Machine fueling the burn. Ok, so Joseph was not quite as into it as I was, but he did pretty well even so. I decided that I wanted to do at least 1000 pushups and 150 pullups/chinups during the workout. So, it was goal oriented today. I have never done more than about 1150 pushups in an hour long workout, so. Today was good though. I did a total of 1518 pushups in 10 sets and 200 pullups/chinups in 9 sets (3 side grip, 3 reverse grip, and 3 front grip)! Sure, I imagine if you looked at every single pushup, some might not have passed every military definition of the perfect pushup, I was doing them pretty quick. But, I was pretty pumped up, so it worked very well. First a set of pullups, then a set of pushups, then abs, repeat. Also did at least 12 sets of 4 types of ab exercises and 5 sets of dumbbell curls with 30 lb dumbbells (12-15 reps each set). After 9 sets of pullups, I did the remaining pushups between curls. My best set of pushups was in the middle somewhere when I did 255 in a row. Worst set was near the end when I only got 60! Man, my arms and chest were burning!!!  After that, I had to eat something! Anyway, new record for me in a workout for both pushups and the pullup deals. Pretty sweet.

Monday afternoon, chilly, but not bad. Joseph and I met Kamau, Lucas, and Steve at the North MAFES Farm for a nice afternoon run. Got in 5.65 miles (according to watch), easy pace. Joseph and Kamau added another mile at the end, ran around the Research Park loop. When we got through, Lucas tried out some of my shoes. He really liked the Saucony Kinvaras! He also tried my Brooks Pure Connects, but did not like them as much, although he did look like a superstar in them!

Lucas trying out the Brooks Pure Connect

Lucas trying out the Brooks Pure Connect


Me, Lucas, Kamau, Joseph, and Steve giving the thumbs up for the run today.

Tuesday, south farm, me, Joseph, Nathan, JoVonn, Lucas, Brent, and crazyman  ARASH. Man, that joker is trippy! Anyway, pretty nice afternoon, but glad I wore longsleeves near the end. Brent and Lucas did not even wear a shirt! Monsters. They did the 5.5 mile loop, as did Nathan. JoVonn slammed down a 5k distance, Joseph did 7, and I got in 8. Not bad, not bad.

Wednesday, just Arash, Joseph, and I at Longmeadow, the nice little neighborhood where we sometimes run. One mile warmup, then Joseph and I ran 4 miles at a decent clip, about 6:10 minute pace per mile, then cool down. Arash ran a more subdued 30 minutes. Got home and worked out for over an hour. Not a crazy workout, just lots of variety.

Thursday, 7 miles miles with Arash on the rolling hills of the South Farm. Very windy on the return of the loop. About a 7 minute mile pace. Richard McCrory also showed and got in just over 3 miles. He has been suffering from some sort of knee malady, trying to get back into it. This was a good day for Arash. He had been only going about 30 minutes, but got in a good 7 mile run today with some decent miles in the middle.

Friday, Joseph, Arash, and me hit the farm roads again. Raining, chilly! Joseph said he was not going very far. Arash and I thought about doing the 7 mile loop. But, Joseph felt better than he thought and by the mile was far in front of us. Arash and I were apparently lacking energy today, and only did 4.2 miles!! Joseph ended up doing 7.

Got up Saturday morn and did a nice workout with Joseph. Pushups, pullups, curls, dips, shoulder presses, lots of abs, some other stuff. No run today. Couple of nice races today, but did not do either. The Frostbite Half Marathon here in Starkville was one, but we did not feel like doing it this year for some reason. Last year Joseph came in second with his 1:19, which I thought was pretty good for a 15 year old.  Don’t know who won this year yet.

Tomorrow, 3 pm, meeting at South Farm for a run. Probably running around campus and elsewhere.


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Running in the Rain; crazy pushup and pull up workouts

Sunday, 73°F at 2 pm here in Starkville, but suddenly dark and windy! So, whatever, we go running at 3 pm. Now its like 55°F and raining like crazy. Joseph and I parked the truck at the South Farm parking log, but were thinking that if no one showed up, we were going to the store. Then Brent shows up and Kamau runs over from his house. Dang it. So, we took off toward the campus in the rain. Just as we started, Arash drove up, parked his truck on the side of the road, and joined us. We only did a 30 minute run, but according to Kamau it was about a 6:30 pace. WETTTT. Soaked. Felt good though. The sting of the cold rain being blown into our faces was invigorating. But, make no mistake, it would not have been as fun by myself. Great run guys!

Well, yep, we were all crazy, gung-ho running nuts on Sunday, but the rain continued throughout the night, and throughout the next day. Temps dropped another 20°F and by Monday afternoon, we suddenly all became weenie punk runners and skipped the run. Yeah, it was wet like you would not believe. And cold. Wet? My road was flooded. Had to go the back way to get home. So. But, don’t be alarmed and worried about my fitness level being diminished by the lack of a run. I got a crazy good workout in when I got home. Twelve sets of pushups and 12 sets of pullups back to back-not much rest. The fewest pullups done in a set were 10 and the fewest pushups were 30, but mostly more. First three sets were 75, 106, and 126, and pullups were 15, 21, and 26. But, to be fair, on those sets I did 6 types of ab exercises after pushups. So: pullups, pushups, abs, repeat. I liked how that was going, so then I did pullups, pushups, repeat 8 more times. No rest between. Lowered the reps to do this. 10-15 pullups, 30-50 pushups, the most were done on the last sets. That seems unlikely? Nope. I was hyped more and more as I kept going. I felt high. Yep. Are you kidding me! Awesome! Man, I was pumped up like a crazy pigeon. Could have done more sets, but this was getting out of hand. Did some more ab stuff, then dumbbell curls, dips, repeat 5 times. No rest. Holy moly! I had to stop, getting crazy, need food…..Freebing out man! Good stuff. Why would anybody do drugs??? If you exercise the right way, its better. Yeah baby! Anyway, 2 bananas and a cliff bar later, starting to calm down (an hour later)…….

Tuesday, rain, rain, rain….no run again. Grrrr.

Wednesday, rain, rain, rain, and chilly. Ran 3 miles anyway. From about 3:55 to 4:20pm, the rain slackened a bit, so I got in a 3 mile run. 6:20 pace, not bad. Temp was about 36°F. I wore long sleeves, a hat and gloves, and shorts. Once I got going it was not bad though.  Ran in Longmeadow. After my run, I  picked up the kid from his choir practice, went home and did lots of cool upper body exercises. Pullups (several types-front hand grip, turned hand grip, side grip, and some with legs extended straight out), pushup (narrow, normal, and wide), hand stand pushups, dumbbell curls, preacher curls, dumbbell shoulder presses and flys, dumbbell shoulder shrugs, and numerous ab exercises. Pretty good workout all in all.

Thursday, snow! What? Yeah. Snow. No school today. Not much snow really, but enough to cancel school. Did not go to work either. Slacker. But, we did go for a run at 3:30 pm with Nathan and Arash on the muddy south farm roads. At 11 AM it was dark and snow was flowing from the sky, but by 3 PM it was a sunny 47°F and most of the snow was melted. Don’t be fooled by the temperature though, with the strong north wind, it was brutal at times during the run. We all somehow ended up doing a different distance, even though we started together. Arash went about 4 miles, Nathan 5, I went 6.1, and Joseph did the 7 mile loop. Don’t know his pace, but way faster than the rest of us. I picked it up at 2 miles, but for sure slowed down when I hit the wind!

snowy deck

snowy deck

Joseph looking all chilly

Joseph looking all chilly

Bridge over creek in woods on our property

Bridge over creek in woods on our property

Friday, Brent and I got in a decent 5.6 mile run around campus and research park. Pace averaged about 6:50. The weather was very nice, short sleeves and shorts! The campus was pretty while making our way back on Stone Boulevard,  some redneck in his jacked up 4 X 4 pickup thought it would be amusing to  come as close to me as possible without actually hitting me. Holiday weekend, three lanes (counting center turn lane) and a parking lot, which I was running in, and no other vehicle on the road. Nice. I just waved.

Saturday, the weather was fantastic!! 60°F. In fact, it was so nice, I just hung out at the house doing yard work and drawing. Did not run or workout at all.

Sunday. Another fantastic day!! 60°F at least and not windy. Definitely will run today. Going to run the South Farm loop at 4 PM (a bit later than usual). Come on out and join us.

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Back to work, and running in the mud

Been off for Christmas break the last 3 weeks! Nice. But, have to go back to work tomorrow. Ah well. One last decent run in before going back. Sunday afternoon was sunny and in the low 50’s! Not bad. Joseph and I met Brent Wallace, Steve Shaffer, Walker Mattox and Patrick Bell. Walker and Patrick love running. They are like crazy wildebeests and run with that happy abandon that only teenagers can muster. Good to have those mugs out there to enthuse us with their zest for running. With all the rain we had yesterday, it was fairly muddy on the farm roads today. Thought about running downtown, but this was not quite the group I wanted to take on that route. Despite the wet conditions, I opted to try out my new Brooks shoes.  I have to admit, I really liked them. My plan was to use these on the paved roads and to use the new Sauconys on the gravel, but  could not wait. Awesome shoes, even on gravel.


Brent Wallace, Joseph MacGown, Walker Mattox, Patrick Bell, and Steve Shaffer

The run was not bad. Joseph and I got in 7 miles at a 6:45 minute pace. Brent did 5.5 miles, and the others all finished up with 5 miles. We all started together. Joseph started out faster, running the first 3.6 miles at probably a 6:25ish pace. Brent and I ran together for a couple miles, then he faded a bit, and I gradually caught up with Joseph. He ran the last 3 miles with me. The others all ran together for their 5 mile route. Pretty steady run. Was planning on doing more, but I guess we were semi lazy!

Monday, ran with Joseph and Nathan Gaudin at 4 pm in Longmeadow. Love this neighborhood to run in. Not too busy, a few decent loops. We ran the main loop today, which is about 1.25 miles one time around. Chilly, but not terrible. Shorts and short sleeves! First did the loop once for a warmup at a 7:15 mile pace. Then ran the loop twice faster. Joseph finished this 4k distance in 14:06, I was 14:50, and Nathan was somewhere not too far back (probably in the 16’s). I felt good for the first loop, then I started to feel my two double cheeseburgers and fries that I had for lunch at Hardee’s!! That second loop was hard! Anyway, then we ran a fast 600m or so. Don’t know the pace, but brisk. Worked on good form and gliding. We all ran together. Then jogged around the loop some more, then did a couple of 300m type fast runs, and a nice little 50m stride, with jogs between and after. On the last 300m run, Nathan decided to fly and finished well before Joseph and I. That kid can move when he wants too. He could probably be a pretty decent 200m or 400m guy if given the chance. One thing is for sure, he looked good today. But, yep, overall, a very satisfying run. When I got home I did 500 pushups in 5 sets and 5 sets of 40lb dumbbell curls in between (15 per set). That was enough for today, feeling a bit tired with this whole back to work thing. I am going to have to start going to bed before 2 AM or something. Topped everything off with a mackerel sandwich (canned mackerel) with hot sauce and mustard, a hunk of habanero cheese, and a Little Debbie snack cake. Tasty.

Tuesday, Brent, Arash, Joseph, and I got in a few miles at the South Farm. Brent opted for the 5.5 mile route, as he needed to lead the physical fitness training for the Air Force ROTC group the next morning. The rest of us ran a 10k distance more or less (I was 6.3 miles). Joseph finished up around 41 minutes, I was 42:05, and Arash came in a bit behind us. Not a bad run.

Got a late start Wednesday, plus it rained a bunch, as it seems to be doing every other day lately. Kept it simple and did an easy 5 miles with Joseph in Longmeadow. Easy.

Thursday. Rained like crazy! I ended up running by myself at my house. I have a cool trail with a 400m loop that I measured with a wheel. After a warmup, I ended up doing 8 of them.  For my rest, I did 60 pushups between each 400. They were not fast. First one was 1:45! Then, the rest were 1:27-1:30. The last few were the fastest. Essentially, I had to almost stop at each corner to avoid sliding into trees! It was pretty fun slopping through puddles and mud. Got done and hit my punching bag a while. Anyway, mud running is all the rage nowadays, and this was free, so what the heck!

Friday, Joseph and I ran the 5.5 mile loop at the South Farm. MUDDY!!! Seven minute mile pace. MUDDDY.  Lots of young calves in the fields frolicking about. They amaze me in their ability to run as fast as they do. They don’t look like they should be able to run fast, but they do. And they do it with such happy and cute abandon. This is about the only age that cows appear to enjoy life. I guess I can’t blame for not being happy later in life. Do they know that they will most likely end up as hamburger???

Saturday at 3 pm it was slightly overcast and 73°F! Breezy too. Supposed to have rained all day, but nope. So, me and the kids and Dr. Steve Shaffer ran the campus, University Commons, and Bardwell Road Route. Added a bit at the end to get in a 10k distance. This is about the hardest loop you could do in Starkville due to the supremely awesome hills in the University Estates neighborhood and along Barkwell Rd. We ran at about a 6:55 mile pace today. Steve cruised in a while after as he was taking it easy today after an interval workout the day before with some of the SHS track kids. Man, it was nice to be able to run without shirts on! Crazy, one day its freezing, then its pouring, then its hot. Mississippi weather is so trippy.

Back to it tomorrow, weather permitting!

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Happy New Year, welcome 2013

Not many of our running buddies in town, but wildman Steve Shaffer did show up to run with us Sunday afternoon.  Dry enough to run the South Farm roads today. About 46°F, but not windy, and the sun was shining for a changed. Nice. Steve started with us, but did not go as far today, not sure what he got in. I went just over 7.5 miles and Joseph got in just over 9 miles.   Headed out at a 7:30ish pace, then picked it up. The next couple were 6:40-6:45. Joseph was far in front of me today. I followed him over to the XC course, which he ran on. I ran part of it, but it was so wet there, I just turned around and went back to the gravel roads. According to my Nike watch, my pace was considerably slower the rest of the way. Same for Joseph. When he got through, his watch said his last few miles were done at a pace slower than he ever runs. So who knows.  I have to say, thus far, I am not at all happy with the new Nike watches. We each have one, but only one of us can upload runs to the web site from my computer, despite us having our own accounts. Supposedly, we should both be able to do this, but so far all the Nike reps have been able to do is delete all my runs that I posted this last month from the web site. Gee, thanks. Beyond that though, the instant pace give is completing meaningless. Do you want to know what pace you are running while you are running? Don’t get this watch. The Nike technical reps have given me all kinds of bull about how it constantly changes, blah, blah, blah.  The problem is not that the instant pace changes a lot when I run, but rather, that is just completely wrong and does not give me any idea of how fast I am really going. For example: along the way during a run the pace may say 6:08 continuously for a mile. After the run, when checking my average pace per mile, that mile pace might be anywhere from 6:51 to 7:29. USELESSSSS. Not happy. I don’t think it is as accurate as the Garmin I had that died either. Darn.

Monday, New Year’s Eve! Gloomy overcast day. About 50°F, but seemed colder. Joseph and I decided to take today and Tuesday off from running. Instead, on Monday we got in a most excellent upper body and core workout!!! Yeah baby. Seriously good.

Tuesday, even if we had planned on running, we would not have gone today. Rained all freaking day! Good weather to stay inside and draw weird stuff. Have my wood stove going. Feels great.

Got a 6.6 mile run in Wednesday afternoon with Nathan and Joseph. Chilly today, or at least I was. I wore running tights, long sleeves, hat,  and gloves. Wished I had short sleeves on by about 3 miles. The other two posers wore shorts. We hit the campus, downtown, and some random streets here and there. Pretty easy run, we all ran together much of way until about the last couple of miles when Joseph and I picked it up a little. Nathan was not overly far behind. Ended up running the route at about a 7:15 pace according to the Nike watches. Measured this course in the past with my Garmin watch and always got 6.73 miles. Today, I got 6.52 on my Nike watch and Joseph got 6.63 miles on his Nike watch. Who knows. We ran together the entire way.

Thursday afternoon,  I ran with Joseph in Longmeadow neighborhood. Chilly again, mid 40’s. Wanted to compare our watches again, but mine died right before we were about to start. Thought it was charged, but apparently not good enough, despite the fact that it said full. ?? Anyway, we jogged a mile, then did some tempo type intervals around the 1.25 mile loop. First loop we were 7:13 and 7:16 (I was 7:16). Rested about 2 minutes, then went again. Joseph was 7:04 and I was 7:19. Another slight rest, then a fast 2 minute run, then jogged for 4 minutes, then fast 2 minute run. Not terrible. I have actually felt weird this week with some slightly swollen lymph nodes, which has made the running more difficult than usual. So, not can’t complain too much.

Ran a little over 4 miles Friday afternoon on the south farm. By myself today. Finally got my new shoes in from Took two weeks! Normally, I get stuff from them within a couple of days! Anyway, since I was running on gravel, I tried out the Saucony Xodus 3.0 shoes. Verdict? Ok. Not nearly as nice a shoe as my old Saucony Progrid Ride 4. The Xodus shoes felt much heavier and stiffer. Maybe they will loosen up. Will try out the Brooks Pure Flow this week. Tried them on and they felt ridiculously wonderful! Very comfortable to my feet. If they feel this good while running, I am going to be happy as clam. Back to the run. According to the fickle god of running, Nike, I ran the route at a 7:00 pace. Again, who knows. Not really happy with this watch. I will say it was pretty good one day on the track. Today, mile splits were 6:58, 6:48, 6:58, and 7:19 (plus 6:51 for the final 0.13). The intant pace given for the first two miles seemed believable, as the first half mile was in the mid 7’s, then the second half was in the mid 6’s (I always do the first half mile slower), and the 2nd mile was around 6:42-6:48 most of the way. I then picked it up for the third mile (I thought), but my average pace of 6:58 certainly did not indicate that. Of course, the instant pace did not help at all. I glanced at it numerous times along that 3rd mile, and at no time did the pace given exceed 5:50. It fluctuated from 5:36 to 5:50.  But, mostly it stayed at a particular pace for a one minute or more, which indicated to me that it was certainly not instant, and obviously not accurate. My fourth mile was 7:19, and again, the instant pace was far off being between 6:05 and 6:26. Anyway, very annoying.

Saturday, chilly and overcast early, then rain most of day. Should have run early, but didn’t, so no run today. Looking good for Sunday though, will meet at South Farm parking area at 3 pm for a run….

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