Running in the Rain; crazy pushup and pull up workouts

Sunday, 73°F at 2 pm here in Starkville, but suddenly dark and windy! So, whatever, we go running at 3 pm. Now its like 55°F and raining like crazy. Joseph and I parked the truck at the South Farm parking log, but were thinking that if no one showed up, we were going to the store. Then Brent shows up and Kamau runs over from his house. Dang it. So, we took off toward the campus in the rain. Just as we started, Arash drove up, parked his truck on the side of the road, and joined us. We only did a 30 minute run, but according to Kamau it was about a 6:30 pace. WETTTT. Soaked. Felt good though. The sting of the cold rain being blown into our faces was invigorating. But, make no mistake, it would not have been as fun by myself. Great run guys!

Well, yep, we were all crazy, gung-ho running nuts on Sunday, but the rain continued throughout the night, and throughout the next day. Temps dropped another 20°F and by Monday afternoon, we suddenly all became weenie punk runners and skipped the run. Yeah, it was wet like you would not believe. And cold. Wet? My road was flooded. Had to go the back way to get home. So. But, don’t be alarmed and worried about my fitness level being diminished by the lack of a run. I got a crazy good workout in when I got home. Twelve sets of pushups and 12 sets of pullups back to back-not much rest. The fewest pullups done in a set were 10 and the fewest pushups were 30, but mostly more. First three sets were 75, 106, and 126, and pullups were 15, 21, and 26. But, to be fair, on those sets I did 6 types of ab exercises after pushups. So: pullups, pushups, abs, repeat. I liked how that was going, so then I did pullups, pushups, repeat 8 more times. No rest between. Lowered the reps to do this. 10-15 pullups, 30-50 pushups, the most were done on the last sets. That seems unlikely? Nope. I was hyped more and more as I kept going. I felt high. Yep. Are you kidding me! Awesome! Man, I was pumped up like a crazy pigeon. Could have done more sets, but this was getting out of hand. Did some more ab stuff, then dumbbell curls, dips, repeat 5 times. No rest. Holy moly! I had to stop, getting crazy, need food…..Freebing out man! Good stuff. Why would anybody do drugs??? If you exercise the right way, its better. Yeah baby! Anyway, 2 bananas and a cliff bar later, starting to calm down (an hour later)…….

Tuesday, rain, rain, rain….no run again. Grrrr.

Wednesday, rain, rain, rain, and chilly. Ran 3 miles anyway. From about 3:55 to 4:20pm, the rain slackened a bit, so I got in a 3 mile run. 6:20 pace, not bad. Temp was about 36°F. I wore long sleeves, a hat and gloves, and shorts. Once I got going it was not bad though.  Ran in Longmeadow. After my run, I  picked up the kid from his choir practice, went home and did lots of cool upper body exercises. Pullups (several types-front hand grip, turned hand grip, side grip, and some with legs extended straight out), pushup (narrow, normal, and wide), hand stand pushups, dumbbell curls, preacher curls, dumbbell shoulder presses and flys, dumbbell shoulder shrugs, and numerous ab exercises. Pretty good workout all in all.

Thursday, snow! What? Yeah. Snow. No school today. Not much snow really, but enough to cancel school. Did not go to work either. Slacker. But, we did go for a run at 3:30 pm with Nathan and Arash on the muddy south farm roads. At 11 AM it was dark and snow was flowing from the sky, but by 3 PM it was a sunny 47°F and most of the snow was melted. Don’t be fooled by the temperature though, with the strong north wind, it was brutal at times during the run. We all somehow ended up doing a different distance, even though we started together. Arash went about 4 miles, Nathan 5, I went 6.1, and Joseph did the 7 mile loop. Don’t know his pace, but way faster than the rest of us. I picked it up at 2 miles, but for sure slowed down when I hit the wind!

snowy deck

snowy deck

Joseph looking all chilly

Joseph looking all chilly

Bridge over creek in woods on our property

Bridge over creek in woods on our property

Friday, Brent and I got in a decent 5.6 mile run around campus and research park. Pace averaged about 6:50. The weather was very nice, short sleeves and shorts! The campus was pretty while making our way back on Stone Boulevard,  some redneck in his jacked up 4 X 4 pickup thought it would be amusing to  come as close to me as possible without actually hitting me. Holiday weekend, three lanes (counting center turn lane) and a parking lot, which I was running in, and no other vehicle on the road. Nice. I just waved.

Saturday, the weather was fantastic!! 60°F. In fact, it was so nice, I just hung out at the house doing yard work and drawing. Did not run or workout at all.

Sunday. Another fantastic day!! 60°F at least and not windy. Definitely will run today. Going to run the South Farm loop at 4 PM (a bit later than usual). Come on out and join us.


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