run happy and do lots of pushups

Sunday, awesome weather-65°F, sunny, no wind.  We took advantage of this and had a great run. Joseph and I met Arash Taheri, Brent Wallace, Lucas Muniz, Kamau Bostic, Steve Shaffer, and JoVonn Hill at the South Farm at 4 pm. Steve had already run a few miles, so added another 7 miles to get in a practice half marathon before the real one this Saturday. Yes, time for the Frostbite Half Marathon again.  The rest of us did only did the 5.5 mile loop, except for JoVonn who went with the 4.3 mile loop choice. JoVonn’s first time with us, and really he just started running a few weeks ago. Pretty good run considering! I am sure he will be back after seeing how very incredible it was to run with us. A very relaxed and easy run today, cruising along together talking the entire way. Nice.

So, according to, here is what I have done the last two weeks so far (see below). It is interesting to see how I compare to men my age (48 years old), at least on  Only 63 miles for 2 weeks, but missed some days because of rain and stuff.

Nike Screen Capture Nike Screen Capture2

Monday morn, me and the Joseph got up and did an awesome workout with some Rage Against the Machine fueling the burn. Ok, so Joseph was not quite as into it as I was, but he did pretty well even so. I decided that I wanted to do at least 1000 pushups and 150 pullups/chinups during the workout. So, it was goal oriented today. I have never done more than about 1150 pushups in an hour long workout, so. Today was good though. I did a total of 1518 pushups in 10 sets and 200 pullups/chinups in 9 sets (3 side grip, 3 reverse grip, and 3 front grip)! Sure, I imagine if you looked at every single pushup, some might not have passed every military definition of the perfect pushup, I was doing them pretty quick. But, I was pretty pumped up, so it worked very well. First a set of pullups, then a set of pushups, then abs, repeat. Also did at least 12 sets of 4 types of ab exercises and 5 sets of dumbbell curls with 30 lb dumbbells (12-15 reps each set). After 9 sets of pullups, I did the remaining pushups between curls. My best set of pushups was in the middle somewhere when I did 255 in a row. Worst set was near the end when I only got 60! Man, my arms and chest were burning!!!  After that, I had to eat something! Anyway, new record for me in a workout for both pushups and the pullup deals. Pretty sweet.

Monday afternoon, chilly, but not bad. Joseph and I met Kamau, Lucas, and Steve at the North MAFES Farm for a nice afternoon run. Got in 5.65 miles (according to watch), easy pace. Joseph and Kamau added another mile at the end, ran around the Research Park loop. When we got through, Lucas tried out some of my shoes. He really liked the Saucony Kinvaras! He also tried my Brooks Pure Connects, but did not like them as much, although he did look like a superstar in them!

Lucas trying out the Brooks Pure Connect

Lucas trying out the Brooks Pure Connect


Me, Lucas, Kamau, Joseph, and Steve giving the thumbs up for the run today.

Tuesday, south farm, me, Joseph, Nathan, JoVonn, Lucas, Brent, and crazyman  ARASH. Man, that joker is trippy! Anyway, pretty nice afternoon, but glad I wore longsleeves near the end. Brent and Lucas did not even wear a shirt! Monsters. They did the 5.5 mile loop, as did Nathan. JoVonn slammed down a 5k distance, Joseph did 7, and I got in 8. Not bad, not bad.

Wednesday, just Arash, Joseph, and I at Longmeadow, the nice little neighborhood where we sometimes run. One mile warmup, then Joseph and I ran 4 miles at a decent clip, about 6:10 minute pace per mile, then cool down. Arash ran a more subdued 30 minutes. Got home and worked out for over an hour. Not a crazy workout, just lots of variety.

Thursday, 7 miles miles with Arash on the rolling hills of the South Farm. Very windy on the return of the loop. About a 7 minute mile pace. Richard McCrory also showed and got in just over 3 miles. He has been suffering from some sort of knee malady, trying to get back into it. This was a good day for Arash. He had been only going about 30 minutes, but got in a good 7 mile run today with some decent miles in the middle.

Friday, Joseph, Arash, and me hit the farm roads again. Raining, chilly! Joseph said he was not going very far. Arash and I thought about doing the 7 mile loop. But, Joseph felt better than he thought and by the mile was far in front of us. Arash and I were apparently lacking energy today, and only did 4.2 miles!! Joseph ended up doing 7.

Got up Saturday morn and did a nice workout with Joseph. Pushups, pullups, curls, dips, shoulder presses, lots of abs, some other stuff. No run today. Couple of nice races today, but did not do either. The Frostbite Half Marathon here in Starkville was one, but we did not feel like doing it this year for some reason. Last year Joseph came in second with his 1:19, which I thought was pretty good for a 15 year old.  Don’t know who won this year yet.

Tomorrow, 3 pm, meeting at South Farm for a run. Probably running around campus and elsewhere.


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