rain, rain, rain

Sunday, yep, rain!! Planned on a 10 mile run, but it was simply too nasty out. Storms. Luckily, we did not get the tornadoes that devastated parts of Hattiesburg, MS, which is about 3 hours south of us. We did get in a great pushup type workout though!

Monday, rainy, chilly, windy. Even so, Joseph and I did 5 X 800m with 2 minute jogs between, and a warmup and cooldown jog. Ran over on Spruil Rd. near McKee park. Nice little 1/2 mile road that is relatively traffic free. Nothing crazy. I was between 2:37 and 2:43 on mine; Joseph was between 2:31 and 2:40 on his. Time to get back after it!

Tuesday, yeah, rain, rain, rain. This place is saturated! Did not run. I did see some folks running, but when I got off work at 4 pm, it was simply to wet for me to run. Pouring rain, and standing water on the ground. We are flash flood warnings in the area. Indeed, I had to take the back way home, because the gravel road I live on was flooded. Of course, had to do something, so me and the kid did a pushup/pullup/curl/tricep/ab/shoulder/leg extension and leg curl/etc. type workout. Not bad. Not exceptional either. Too freakin dreary out to get overly excited.

Wednesday, cloudy all day and in the mid 40’s, but at least it was not raining. Planned on doing some mile cruise tempos at the research park, but without the recovery run following the 800’s on Monday, my legs did not think it was such a good idea. Instead, Joseph and I did a 10k loop at a 6:40 pace. First mile was super slow, needed to get our legs moving. But the last 3 or 4 miles felt really good.

6.1 miles Thursday afternoon with Joseph and Lucas; 40:06. Joseph ran first mile with us, then stopped to stretch, then did 3 X 5 minute pretty fast with short jogs, then a 3 minute fast, then jogged back at average pace. Beautiful day! 58°F when we started at 4:50 pm, a bit cooler when we finished. Ran in my Brooks pure connects for the 3rd run in a row. Starting to get used to them. But, one thing, they are not comfortable to run very slow in. Like today, we dragged the first mile along, very slow, getting the legs going and all. Just not much cushion in them. But once you get going, with some decent rotation of the legs, they feel great.

Friday, just me and Brent today, just under 40 minutes with our campus/research park loop. Some of the other jokers ran earlier. Beautiful today.

Did not run Saturday. Instead, yard work,which spilled into Sunday. I did get up and do my pushup/core/etc. workout, so not all was lost. And digging in the strange chalky, claylike soil out here is always and adventure. Was working on my walkway to my art studio adding some step. Also, lots of mulch to unload from my truck.  Along the way I seemed to have made my right knee sore! Hope that does not last. Not sure exactly how. Yard work for me tends to be more dangerous than running.

Will be back running Sunday afternoon meeting at 3 pm at the South Farm parking lot.


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