faster training started!

This week’s blog is short, so for those of you who actually read it, I imagine you are happy! Its been a busy week, not much time for blog writing!

Sunday, Me and Joseph-10.4 miles, 1:09.  Brent and Steve -6 miles, Kamau and Lucas got a late start -10 mile.

Monday, amazing winds from South. Joseph, Arash, and I did a workout on grass at the South Farm. Warmup, then 6 X  200m/200m jog, 200m/200m jog, 400m/400mjog. This was very hard today with the wind, which was over 20 miles per hour. We split up the workout with half of the 200s and 400s into the wind and half with it at our backs. Joseph’s best 400 in the wind was 1:11, the three in the other direction was 1:06-1:07.

Tuesday, 7 miles with Kamau, Lucas, and Joseph, pretty fast considering, about 6:30 pace.

Wednesday,  Joseph and I at Research Park, warmup, then 3 X 1 mile, then cool down. Threshold pace. He was 5:35, 5:29, and 5:10. I was 5:40, 5:54, and 5:55.

Thursday, dark and stormy – no run!

Friday, Joseph and I got in a 4 mile run on the South Farm. First mile was around 7:30, then 6:30, 6:19, and 6:20. Felt pretty good.

Saturday, We got the day started with a good upper body workout. That afternoon, me and the kid did a fartlek workout out in Sessums. First, 1.1 mile warm up, then 2 minutes hard, 1 easy, 1 minute hard, 30 seconds easy, 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy, then repeat 4 more times and followed by a cool down jog. We felt like we could have done a couple more, but were pressed for time as some of our running buddies were coming over for dinner and a movie.

Will be doing a 10+ mile run Sunday afternoon, meeting at the South Farm Parking area at 3 pm.

Foggy Friday Morn!

Foggy Friday Morn!


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