Biggest Loser 5k/Half Marathon coming up in Jackson, MS April 6th, 2013

Biggest Loser 5k/Half Marathon April 6th in Jackson, MS

Nice, someone from the Biggest Loser TV show contacted me this week and asked me if I would participate in their Biggest Loser 5k/Half Marathon race coming up on April 6th in Jackson, MS and if I would provide a review of the race on this here blog. Well, they are comping both Joseph’s  and my race fees, so yeah, why not? Should be fun. Looking forward to it. And, this is probably the most appropriate state in the country to have this race, although they do have them elsewhere. Mississippi leads the nation in obesity and all of the other associated problems that come with that. Anything we can do to motivate people to lose weight is certainly worth trying. So, I am all for this race! Come join us on April 6th! Registration info at:

But, enough of that for now, here are the highlights of our running so far far this week.

Sunday.  Brent Wallace, Kamau Bostic, Steve Shaffer, and Joseph ran with me. Ran through town, with Brent doing the 6 mile route, but the rest of us doing the 10.4 mile loop. Pretty nice afternoon at 3 pm with the temp about 60°F. No shirts today. Lots of folks yelling at us from cars, but mostly positive yells! Pretty good run. I kept up with Kamau and Joseph for about 5 miles, then they sped up until about 7 miles where they stopped at McKee Park to get some water. This is a normal stop for us. Sometimes get in a quick stretch. In that two mile stretch Joseph gained about 1:15-1:30  on me and Kamau was about 30 seconds ahead. We took off together from there, but they soon were ahead again. Caught them at a light. Then we again took off with probably 2 miles to go. I hung with them pretty good, except the last half mile when Kamau almost sprinted in. Joseph and I finished up together pretty well. I could not sprint, because my hamstrings were cramping. Not enough water this weekend and maybe too many beers the night before!! Joseph’s calves were tight. The new Sauconys Progrid Ride 5s I bought him are not working for him. The heel to toe drop is 8 mm and apparently that is too much. Also, the shoe just seems to have too much sole, too thick everywhere. He does not do well in “big” shoes. The last version, the Ride 4, was awesome, but they have redesigned the shoe. I have also been getting used to shoes with less drop and my new Saucony trainers also have an 8 mm drop and they bother me. Weird. It used to be the other way around. The higher heeled ones did not bother me and the lower ones did. So, yeah, I ran in my Brooks Pure Flows yesterday, which basically are a zero drop shoe. I think I will order him a pair. Anyway, I ending finishing the 10.4 mile route in 1:06:34, and Kamau and Joseph both finished in the high 1:04 area. Pretty good, for me that was about 6:23 per mile and for them around 6:13-6:14 per mile.

Monday. No run today:( Stuff happening, work, etc. Also, the Starkville Public Schools Parent Teacher Organization had some art/writing contest deal for grades kindergarden through high school and the awards ceremony was at 5:30 pm. Five categories: Graphic design, drawing/painting, photography, poetry, and creative writing. Joseph entered all five categories with some pretty nice entries. He ended up winning first place in the first four and 2nd in the creative writing. Pretty cool.

Tuesday. Cool day, and windy. Of course. So, Joseph, Arash and I did a nice little workout on the mile loop around the Research Park. After a mile warmup, we did an interval type fartlek run of one minute hard/one minute easy and did 15 total, then a cool down mile. I don’t have any idea of how fast we were doing the hard parts really, but even with the easy jogs, we were well under 6:30 per mile. Of course, Joseph was ahead of us. Felt really good. Could have done a lot more, but that was good for today. MSU’s Coach Franks was also at the Research Park running with his distance girls. Pushing them on a tempo run! That guy is 38, but still running like a beast. Their tempo is an easy run for that joker. Go Bulldogs! Renee Masterson, as per usual, was leading the way.

Back to it tomorrow, will be meeting at the MSU South Farm for a beast 7 miler.


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