Wind, gravel, wind, gravel, wind…..

Wednesday. Yep, cool and windy. Seems to be the norm here lately. Got the kid and we hit the South Farm. One mile warmup, then 5.1 miles decent pace. Joseph was about 31 minutes and I was 32:30ish. Not bad. It was very windy! And, they had just graded the gravel roads, so the footing was quite loose. Coupled with the ever present hills, it made for a good run!

Thursday. Just Joseph and me again. 5.5 miles semi easy (about 6:55 per mile for me) on South Farm. Of course, nothing is easy on the South Farm!


MSU South Farm 5.5 Mile Loop

Friday. 6 mile loop from the South Farm through town with Kamau Bostic, Lucas Muniz, and Joseph. Yeah, me trying to keep up with 3 beasts. Cruised along pretty well, and I ended up running a 6:30. So, yeah, I was behind them. Ah well.

Saturday.  Ran with Joseph at 3 pm on the South Farm. Steve Shaffer and a couple of his friends were also there to run. It was cold and windy!! It just looked cold out! Snow flurries, strong north wind, and the rough gravel made today’s 10 mile run more difficult than usual. We did the 7 mile route, got a swig of water, then did the 5k route. Averaged right around 7 minutes per mile. Today was for a “tights” day. Also, as it was very gray and windy, I wore my yellow sunglasses. They give me some eye protection, but I can still see through them when it is somewhat dark out.

Joseph and I after the run

Joseph and I after the run

cold sky

cold sky



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