Southeastern Branch Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Baton Rouge, LA

I headed down to Baton Rouge Sunday morn for the Southeastern Branch Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. Unfortunately, I did not have time to run after driving down and then registering for the meeting. Stayed at the Hilton down near the Capitol, and it was pretty nice.

Hilton in Baton Rouge on Lafayette Street

Hilton in Baton Rouge on Lafayette Street

I hung out at the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum for a good bit on Monday, where I identified and catalogued their ant collection. Some decent things in there. I was able to get back to the Hotel in time for a late afternoon run before the evening events started. Ran along the walkway on the Mississippi River Levee, which was just across the street from the hotel. It was a CRAZY run! I ran the first 23 minutes south against 25 mile + wind! WOW! It was tough. I did 3 minutes hard with 3 minutes easy. The hard sections were very hard. I got in three of them against the wind. On the way back I did one 3 minute hard run, then 3 minutes easy, then a 6 minute hard, 1 minute easy, then 4 minutes hard and finished some where in between. Pretty good run!  That night I had crawfish, catfish, and beer.

Walkway along the Mississippi River Levee in Baton Rouge

Walkway along the Mississippi River Levee in Baton Rouge

Tuesday was a busy day, but somehow I managed to get up and do a few pushups before having to attend some talks at the conference. After a pretty heavy lunch, I was not really ready for my afternoon run, but, even so, I went about 7+ miles. Again on the levee. Today was exactly the opposite from Monday, super windy, but with wind from the north. So, I ran with it at my back to begin with, then ran against it on the way back. Lots of runners today, some walkers, some bikers, and many were struggling with the wind. Whenever I saw another runner, it picked me up a little, helping me maintain my pace!

No time for a run on Wednesday, was at the museum all day until after dark looking at ants! They have a great group of folks there and a pretty decent bug collection. The museum director, Chris Carlton, and curator, Victoria Bayless, were very accommodating.

Before leaving Baton Rouge on Thursday, I snapped a few photos. One of my favorite buildings was the old capitol building. Absolutely gorgeous! Looked like an old castle up on the river bluff. Check it out below!

The old capitol building in Baton Rouge, LA.

The old capitol building in Baton Rouge, LA.

Got home Thursday just in time to pick up Joseph from school and go for a run. We went to the South Farm where, after a warmup jog, we did 2 X 2 miles with a 2 minute rest between them. This was pretty hard to do on the hilly, gravelly roads there! We went out 2 miles, and then came back for the second one. The return was maybe harder, due to the wind hitting us. We were not trying to race or anything, but shooting for a tempo pace. Joseph was 11:20 out and 12:03 back. I was 11:50 out and 12:18 back.

Friday, easy run in Longmeadow with Joseph. A recovery of sorts from Thursday. Plus, I was pretty tired from the long week, as was Joseph from exam week.

Saturday, we did a speed workout of sorts. Today: 4 X 200m (200m jogs between), 2 X 400m (400m jogs), 1 X 800m (with 800m jog), 2 X 400m (400m jogs), and 4 X 200m (200m jogs). Planned on going to the Mississippi State track, which is sweet, but there was a baseball game, which meant, no parking anywhere near the track. So, we went to the Starkville High School track, which is painted concrete. My legs always hurt after running on this crappy track, and today was no exception. Not only does it have a very hard surface, it also is not flat, slopes from the outside to the inside. Oh well. Workout went pretty well. Joseph was 34-36 seconds on 200’s, 1:08-1:14 on 400’s and 2:28 on the 800. I was 37-39 for my 200’s, 1:17-1:20 on 400’s, and 2:46 on the 800. After the 800, my left calf felt really tight. I attributed that to the track. I guess I should have ran some in the opposite direction, but there were a few other people running. My right leg is at least a half inch shorter than my left leg, and I have often had ticky little injuries associated with my right leg, but sometimes with my left leg.  Over the years I have compensated for this by hitting the ground differently with each foot. My right leg is mostly straight when my foot lands and more of that foot hits the ground; whereas, I don’t completely straighten my left leg and I tend to land more on the front part of that foot. Strange, you would think it would be the other way around, but because of the bend in my left leg, it works. On a track that is slightly sloped inward, it seems to mess up the way I run. Weird. I was able to finish by carefully monitoring my posture and running as erectly as possible. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, although again very windy. All of  the 200’s were in the wind!!

Don’t forget about the Biggest Loser 5k/half marathon coming up in Jackson, MS on April 6th. For those of you who follow the Biggest Loser, three former and one present contestant will be at the race: Dan and Jackie Evans from Season 5, and Patrick House winner of Season 10. Gina McDonald from Season 14 will also be there. 

Tomorrow, for those of you in town for this spring break week, we will be meeting at the south farm at 3 pm.


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