Another week of running in Starkville…

Sunday afternoon, beautiful-75°F, fairly windy, but not ridiculous. Started out with Lucas, Joseph, and Steve Shaffer. By about 2 miles, Steve had drifted back a bit, but a new feller joined us for little while. Will Kallfelz, a professor in the philosophy dept. here at MSU, was out running, and jumped in with us. How cool is that. Then, downtown, our crazy happy bud Ian Prester was running and also joined us for bit. Lucas stayed with us for a little over 3 miles, then headed back. Joseph and I did our 10.4 mile loop. At about 5 miles, he started picking it up. He came back and joined me here and there, but basically did the route in 1:07. I was just over 1:09. Felt pretty good afterward, even sort of hyper. Cool.

Monday. We got a late start on the run. Ended up doing 8 X 400s on a road out here in Sessums. I have one of those cool measuring wheel deals and marked us out a 400m segment. We rested 2 minutes between each. Mine were between 1:09-1:14, and Joseph’s were between 1:05-1:08.  Neither of us were overly tired after we finished, but he had lots of homework, so we stopped with 8 today.

Tuesday.  Ran at the South Farm with Arash and Joseph at 4:30 pm. We did a 6.1 mile route with the first and last mile being slower and the 4+ in between faster. We all jogged the first mile together, then I picked it up. Joseph stopped to stretch a few minutes before running faster.  I was 41 minutes for the entire route, but I don’t know about Joseph and Arash.  It was very windy again today, especially from the north, so the return of our loop was much harder! I guess we could have waited a couple of hours and paid money to run in the Zombie 5k, which was being held on the MSU campus, but too much to do!

Wednesday. Joseph and I again ran the South Farm 6.1 mile loop.  Another late start, 5:30 pm. Easy day  today.  Joseph was around 43 minutes and I was 46:16. Nothing crazy. 

Thursday. The kid is out of town for a few days. He went up to Austin Peay University in central TN  to check out their school. Meanwhile, I ran  7 miles with Lucas on the South Farm. Sort of a leisurely run, ended up at 48:06.  Got in a decent upper body workout when I got home.  There was a 5 k on the MSU campus this evening at 6 pm, but I don’t really do many races, and there seems to be one every three days now, so I could not afford it anyway. Our bud and MSU XC Country Houston Franks did run it, however, and in a time of 16:15! That joker is 38 years old and still running strong! Way to go Houston!

Saturday. I thought about getting up and running in the Starkvegas 5k/10k, but at 6 AM, it was raining, so I turned over and went back to sleep.  I did an upper body workout when I finally got up. So, not a total loss. Last year Joseph won the Starkvegas 10k and Arash was 2nd! Neither of them ran this year. Don’t know who run. I thought I might have had a chance to do ok in the 5k, but not getting up really hampered that! We may run in a 5k coming up this Tuesday in Starkville. This will be a “Glow Run” and will be at 8 PM at the Research Park on Old Hwy 82.

Tomorrow, we will again meet at 3 PM at the South Farm parking area for a run. Been going at least 10 miles on these Sunday afternoon runs, but some folks do a shorter version.



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