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Wednesday afternoon, got in a nice 6 mile run with Kamau Bostic and Joseph. We took off at 6 PM through the campus and downtown streets of Starkville. In contrast to the night before when we ran the Glo 4 Haiti 5k and temps were in the upper 30’s, it was 60° at 6 pm. How crazy is that! Joseph and I did not even wear a shirt. Anyway, it was supposed to a recovery run from the race, but with Kamau, we always end up running faster. Today was no exception and we finished up right at 40 minutes. Felt pretty good though.

Joseph and I hit the gravel roads of the north farm on Thursday afternoon. As we were stretching, some of the MSU runners came striding by. We did a mile easy, then 30 minutes tempo run, trying to maintain a steady pace, then about a mile cool down jog. Don’t know what are pace was, but it felt ok, especially considering the gravel.

Took Friday off, but did get in a morning upper body workout: pushups, curls, pull ups, and ab stuff.

Saturday, rain! Even so, we got in a few 400’s on the SHS track at 4 pm. Being a painted concrete track, it was slippery! With the weather being bad, we only did 8 of them. Also squeezed in a couple of 100’s just to work on form a bit. We were both pretty even paced today. Mine were mostly 1:15, one was 1:14, and one was 1:16. Almost all of Joseph’s were 1:10. Not bad considering the rain, slippery track, and having to run in standing water in places.

Got up Sunday morn and did a short workout. Three sets of pull ups, 3 sets of pushups, 3 sets of dumbbell military presses (40 lb dumbbells, 30 reps each set), 3 sets of 40 lb dumbbell curls, and various ab exercises. Would have done more, but I was anxious to finish up my cold frame that I started yesterday and put some plants in there. Success! Don’t know if it will work or not, I made it maybe a little too tall. But, I wanted it also for some bigger plants on occasion. It is about 30 inches on the back side and 22 in front. Top is made from some old windows that I made a frame for and I have bisquene on the sides and front. Back is wood. Transplanted some tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, and other plants from little 4 or 6 packs into larger pots. Trying to get them a head start before I put them in the two raised beds that I made a couple of weeks ago. Typically, we can put those things right in the ground by now, but the danged weather has been so back and forth, that I am reluctant to take a chance just yet. Supposed to be in the 30’s again this week. Hope to also start seedlings in there.

Kamau, Brent, Joseph and I managed to sneak in a run Sunday afternoon between storms. A little wet and slightly windy, but actually quite nice out, about 68°F. Kamau and Brent did our Sunday afternoon 6 mile route through town. Joseph and I  ran with them, then added a loop around campus for 8.22 miles total (according to Beautiful day to run!!! We were both slightly sore from the 400’s yesterday, so today was pretty easy. Joseph was even nice today and did not take off. He and I ended up running our loop at 56:21 for an average pace of 6:51 per mile.

8.22 mile MSU/Starkville Route

8.22 mile MSU/Starkville Route

After my run, I went home and cooked up an awesome stirfry of chicken, carrots, onion and portebellos with lemon, garlic and basil seasoning. Put that on some yellow rice and, boy, that was some kind of good! Ate out on my deck as the sun set. What an extraordinary evening. As I ate, I was entranced by the multitude of bushes and trees of many shapes, colors, and sizes. I love seeing such diversity. Makes me happy. Several species of frogs were singing, and birds were flitting about in the holly bushes. All this ambiance made for a delightful meal.

out on the deck

out on the deck

Sunset in Sessums

Sunset in Sessums


Sunset poking through the pines

Less than a week until the Biggest Loser 5k and Half Marathon in Jackson, MS. Joseph and I are signed up for the 5k. Still time to register. For more info go to  It should be lots of fun. Our buddy, Rod Simmons, who promotes running and racing will be there helping to promote the race.


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