Old Cotton Mill 5k 2013

Monday- What the heck? Hot today! Crazy. After a warm up jog, did 3 X 1 mile repeats with Joseph today at the Research Park loop. Nothing crazy. I averaged right around 6 minutes per mile, Joseph was faster. We were both tired from the last couple of days.

Tuesday- Ran with Joseph, Brent, and Zach today. Pretty easy today, not sure how far, but about 37 minutes total. Along the way we ran through the Old Cotton Mill 5k route, which starts on University drive and meanders through the MSU campus before returning. This  course  is fairly difficult.

Zach and Joseph

Zach and Joseph

Wednesday- Fairly late start today. Joseph and I did 8 X 400m runs with 30 second rests on our trail. Still sort of muddy, and this section of the trail is fairly hilly. Today, the plan was to do the 400’s at 5k pace. I think were both on top of that, so good enough.

Our little buddy Kate Mattox was on WCBI News this evening. They interviewed her as athlete of the week. She is currently ranked no. 1 in the country in the 3200m and 2 miles distances for all 8th graders that have posted times on Milesplit.com. Kate has been running well and is clearly the fastest girl in Mississippi right now in the 3200m distance (11:01). She is also doing quite well at the 1600m distance as well (5:24). Currently, we have several very fast 8th-10th grade girls in the state, at least 3 of which have run two miles in 11:15 or faster! Way to go. Check out the interview here: http://www.wcbi.com/wordpress/run-kate-run-starkvilles-2-mile-champion

Thursday- Ran 5.5 miles with Joseph on the South Farm at 4:30 pm. Nice day, breezy, but warm. Easy pace of about 7:10 per mile. As we finished we saw the dynamic duo of Chad Anderson (mad dog drummer art dude) and Albert (Bert)Hart (trippy art dude/design dude) beginning their run.

Friday- no run today, took it easy and ate some awesome grilled ribeye, with grilled mushrooms and red peppers, and french fries!

Saturday- Woke up at 5:00 AM, ate a breakfast bar, then at 6, ate a banana! Headed out for the Old Cotton Mill 5k at around 7 AM. Chilly this morn. Thursday afternoon it was mid 80’s, this morning was upper 30’s! But, not windy. By race time it was mid 40’s, so we wore shorts and short sleeves. Awesome. Saw a bunch of people we know of course. A bit surprised to see our running bud Brent Wallace there, we thought he was going to do the Warrior Dash, but cool. Superstar Meggan Franks was there, as were many of Starkville’s regular runners such as Peter Rabideau, Meg Henderson, and others. Some of my former high school classmates ran today including the likes of Jeanne Butler, Steve Porter, and Eric Miller. Both Chad and Bert were here for the race. Quite a few high schools kids that have run with us before were also in the race. Some of them were Patrick Bell, Layton Little, and Lake Spradling. Long time friend Andrew Rendon ran the race today. First time I had seen him do one!

Old Cotton Mill 5k

Old Cotton Mill 5k

Run went pretty well. Joseph won overall with a 17:18. Not terrible, relatively hard course. He was pretty fast at the mile, then coasted until the finish. He also won this race last year.

Joseph at finish

Joseph at finish

I ran with Meggan Franks til the mile, which we hit around 5:34, then I slowed down as we started hitting the hilly part of the course. Meggan ran a 18:00 and  was the first overall female.

Overall Winners Joseph MacGown and Meggan Franks sporting Rods Racers shirts

Overall Winners Joseph MacGown and Meggan Franks sporting Rods Racers shirts

I was the next finisher at 18:46 or so, and being the 2nd male overall, obviously won my 45-49 year old age group today. Felt comfortable the entire way. Maybe I am getting old, but I can’t seem to find the gumption to push myself in a race anymore. Just slog along at a pace that feels comfortable. 14 year old Lake Spradling did pretty well today, somewhere in the mid 19’s. Brent was right around 19:40 and also won his age group. Terrance Owens (from Tupelo), my main competition in my age group, placed second in our age group finishing just under 20 minutes! Winning an age group award often means winning yet another fairly meaningless trophy or medallion, but not in this race, which is a part of the Cotton District Arts Festival. All awards are awesome cool pottery pieces done by MSU Art professor Rober Long. So, yeah, $25 race fee and win a $65 piece of pottery for 1st place in age group. Seriously cool. He does a different design each year. Full race results are at http://www.stearnsracetiming.com/Results/2013/4-20%20cotton/overall.txt

Me and Terrance Owens, 1st and 2nd 45-49 age group

Me and Terrance Owens, 1st and 2nd 45-49 age group

Brent Wallace finishing up

Brent Wallace finishing up

Good race, great awards, refreshments, and a day full of art and music! For me, I left the race awards and headed to the Juried Arts Competition Awards where I had 3 pieces accepted this year. I ended up winning Best of Show in that show ($750!). Also sold another piece, Mayan Awakening! So, good day there. Then I went over and listened to Joseph sing in the SHS choir. Full day for sure! Read more about the juried show and festival on my art blog at: http://joemacgown.blogspot.com/2013/04/cotton-district-arts-festival-2013.html

Back to our run on Sunday afternoon, and will once again meet at 3 pm at the South Farm parking area for a run.


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