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Sunday, pretty day, but whew! Joseph and I were both worn out from the long day on Saturday when I was up from 5AM until 2PM Sunday morn. Then got up at 7AM.  We ran in the afternoon at 3PM, but only did a 6 mile loop today because neither of us had the energy to do more! Punk slackers. We did the crazy hilly University Estates loop to make up for it though. Pretty slow today!

Monday, no run, both busy. But, I did get some yard work and gardening in, plus some pushup type deals.

Tuesday was better, Joseph and I ran 6 miles with Lucas “cool daddy” Muniz on the South Farm. Have not been running out here much lately. Lots of MSU runners out there today including the likes of Renee “the  beast” Masterson. Good run. Had not seen Lucas in a couple of weeks, so we had plenty of catching up to do. He and Kamau ran on some trails at the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday, and he was giving us the scoop on the wildlife that he spotted. Apparently, they came across a huge alligator crossing the trail at one point! That will wake you up. After the run we were goofing around a bit with some pullups. I said I had been trying to do a one-armed pullup, but had not yet got there. So, I tried today, and did one! How cool is that. Not the kind with the other hand holding onto the wrist, those are easy, but the actual one-armed one. I almost got two. That was with the right arm. Now to work on the left.

Wednesday, Joseph and I ran the Longmeadow loop several times. Along the way, we picked the pace up here and there for a loose fartlek type session. We saw the Starkville junior high distance runners jogging through the neighborhood as well. Got lucky with the weather, as it had rained all day. Temperature dropped quite a bit, but we still ran shirtless. Breezy but probably in the upper 50’s.

Thursday, close to 6 miles at 3:45 PM with Captain America Brent Wallace. It was a beautiful afternoon as we drifted about the MSU campus and streets of the Cotton District. Did not push it hard today after the semi fast running the day before. Brent seemed happy with that as he has not had the opportunity to run as much lately!

No run Friday. Usually take Fridays off if I am going to take a day off. Needed it today. My right hip (IT band?) has been sore this week. I actually think its from sitting at my office desk too much the last couple of weeks. I have two monitors, and the angle that I sit and type at is slightly awkward. My upper body is pointed to the right and my legs to the left. Need to remedy that. Of course, it could also be just me being an old punk! I do tend to have more problems with my right leg due to its being somewhat shorter than the other. I should probably wear some sort of orthotic to correct that, but generally don’t. Since it was sore, I decided to put a cushioned type lift in my right shoe for the run on Thursday and all day today. I have to say, it made a big difference. Go figure.

Got up early Saturday morn-4 AM. Too early. Ate a banana and cereal bar after doing a few pushups. At 5:30, Joseph got up as well, and we headed out at 6:15 to go run with the Boardtown Running group, which starts at Mike and Marcie White’s house every Saturday morning at about 6:30 AM.  This was a gorgeous morning to run, just over 60°F .  Beautiful. I managed to wrangle some of our running buds to join us. Lucas, Brent, and Jorge Villarreal all showed up for the almost 11 mile route. Additionally, former MSU distance running standout Simone Domigue ran with us the entire way and was great company! The run was very relaxed for the most part, and the only times I felt like I was pushing it at all were on a couple of the hills on the South Farm. But, mostly it was a nice, easy run today, probably just under 7 minute mile pace. Periodically, Joseph, Lucas, and Jorge picked it up. Jorge actually turned around at 4 miles for an 8 mile total, and Brent opted for about 6.5 miles. Had not seen Jorge in a WHILE! He had quite a few injury issues while on the MSU team and finally decided he would be better off not running college track and XC. Probably the right decision for him; at least, he seemed to be healed up and was running well today. Apparently, today was a good day to show up, as it was picture day! We had not been there in quite a while, but somehow managed to make it on the day of a group picture! Crazy. Met several new folks today, and of course, it was nice to see the regulars who we had not seen in a while too!

Boardtown Running Club

Boardtown Running Club

Thought about running the Cornerstone 5k yesterday in Louisville Saturday morning, but decided not to for a couple of reasons. One, already done more races this year than the last 3 years combined (or close to it), and secondly, this race, and others as of late, only gives an overall award to the first female and male. Depending on the year and how I feel, I could actually potentially win this race some years, as typically no super fast guys show up, but I think its a bad idea when races don’t have age group awards. It does not bother me so much, but that is the motivation and reason many active runners go to these races. They want to compare themselves to their similarly aged peers. Anyway. Did not go. Local awesome runner Meggan Franks has won this race previously, but she was in Canada this weekend for the Canadian National Half Marathon Championship!! However, Tiffany Dudley, another ridiculously awesome runner from Starkville did run the 5k and won with her time of 18:01! Crazy. She will be running in the Coke Classic next weekend, and I believe Meggan will be there as well! Showdown for these two speedy chics who both ran for MSU! Joseph and I were thinking about doing the Corinth race, but decided not too. We are planning on running in the Gumtree in Tupelo 10k the following week.

Tiffany Dudley, overall winner of  the Cornerstone 5k

Tiffany Dudley, overall winner of the Cornerstone 5k


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