Will the rain ever stop??

Sunday, Easy run with Joseph and Lucas today.  Cruised around town and MSU. Saw Zach the red bearded wonder boy out running as well. Ended up doing about 6 miles at just under 7 minute per mile pace.

Group shot from our run with Boardtown runners on Saturday. Me, Lucas, Jorge, Joseph, Simone, and Brent

Group shot from our run with Boardtown runners on Saturday. Me, Lucas, Jorge, Joseph, Simone, and Brent

Monday, Joseph and I met  Jorge at the Research Park this afternoon for a fartlek type workout. As we were getting ready to start, Lucas came running by on an easy run. He stopped for a minute, then headed out. Then Joseph, Jorge, and I did about a 10 minute warmup on the North Farm gravel roads, before starting our workout. The pattern today was simple:  5 X  4 minutes hard with 3 minutes easy. Not so easy depending on how fast you go! Gravel and it was warm today! I mostly kept up with them on the first one, which was around a 5:20 mile pace, but the next four, I was probably closer to a 5:45-5:50 mile pace. After, we jogged back and stretched a bit. As we were getting ready to leave, we saw Cleat Morris emerge from the bike trails with his golden retriever who looked beat after their trail run!  Good to see that semi long haired bearded dude!

Tueday, easy run with Zach and Brent today. Mostly around campus and the Cotton District. Lots of folks out today! Pretty day. Managed just over 6 miles at around a 7 minute mile pace. Upper body workout when I got home! More yard work.

Wednesday, Rained all day! Got Joseph after school and we ran through Longmeadow. 10-15 minute jog, then 15 minutes at just under 6 minute mile pace. Started raining too hard, so we cut it short.

Lucas, Brent, and me

Lucas, Brent, and me

Thursday, pretty nice afternoon! I ran 6 miles with Brent Wallace today, as we did our campus, Main Street, historic Greensboro route. Somewhere between 3 and 4 miles it started to rain. Lightly at first. As we hit the Cotton District on our return, the rain became steadier, but felt wonderful. Brent could tell I was getting happy and told me to go ahead and take off. With a bit over a mile to go, I could not help myself and did pick the pace up, greatly enjoying the brick cool rain on my face. I don’t know what my last mile was, but certainly under 6 minutes. Brent came strolling in a bit later. Lucas and Jorge showed up as we were getting ready to leave. They just got thru with their last exams and were heading out for a run in the rain. When I got home, I did a somewhat abbreviated upper body workout.

Friday, a few of us got together and ate lunch at McAllisters before some of our runner jokers left town after finishing classes. Lucas, Jorge, Arash, and Brent joined Audrey Sheridan and me. Lucas was leaving for Atlanta for the summer. He is hoping to run for MSU next fall. Hopefully he will stay healthy and have a great summer of training that will propel him to his goals! Arash was about to set out on a vacation with his family to the Dominican Republic! Jorge was about to head home with his brother Juan to north MS, but will be back this summer and will be running with us again! Anyway, nice lunch!

Did not run today. I was thinking about running the Market Street Festival 5k the next morn, and I usually don’t run the night before a race. Actually, I often take Fridays off in general. Had thought about running the Corinth Coke Classic, but ended up not signing up for that. Both Joseph and I thought two 10k’s in a row were more than we wanted to do, and we had already signed up for the Gumtree coming up next Saturday.

Saturday. Well, I woke up early enough, but really did not feel like running this morning, so went back to sleep until 8 AM! Needless to say, I did not run the 5k! However, Joseph and got a nice workout in with pushups, pull ups, dips, curls, shoulder flies, and ab exercises. Joseph also did some plyometric skips and bounds, and some other drills. I opted for lots of yard work, because that is my way!

Later in the day, about 4 PM, we ran our 4.9 mile route out here in Sessums. Started out slower, but picked it up after the first half mile. Hit the turn around point at 14:15! Never got there that fast before. Slowed down on the way back, but ended up with 29:34, which was the first time I had run this route under 30 minutes. Sweet. Joseph was behind me today, just sort of cruising along.

Saw the results of the Corinth Coke Classic 10k, and our friends Tiffany Dudley and Meggan Franks did not disappoint! Tiffany won the female division with a time of 36:34 and Meggan was 3rd with a time of 37:40! The overall male time was 30:44, 2nd was 30:48, but then the times dropped off a bit. In addition to age group awards, top five overall awards were given. Third was 33:03, fourth was 35:14,  and fifth was 36:30. Kind of wish Joseph would have run this one, as he would likely have placed at least 5th, if not 4th. Actually, Bo Boatner who won the Masters division with his 33:13, was fourth overall, but they don’t duplicate awards at this race, so he took the Masters award. Nice job Bo! Full results are at: http://www.coke10k.com/uploads/result/2013%20Results.txt

In other awesome running news, our buddy at Columbia Academy, Jon Luke Watts, won the 2A MAIS state meet in the 3200m event (and probably other events) and broke the overall MAIS state record in doing so with his time of 9:41! Way to go!

Planning on running tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm, meeting at the South Farm parking area again. Probably won’t be many folks to run with for a while, with the MSU students out fo town, but who knows! Hopefully, the rain will stop for long enough for us to run.



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