Kim Gee 5k Run for Awareness

Results of the Mississippi High School 5A state meet are in, and several of the kids from Starkville that have run with us in the past did quite well. Damian Grady was the 5A state champion in the 1600m (4:40) and 800m (2:00) events, Kate Mattox won the state titles in the 3200m (11:13) and 1600m (5:15), WalkerMattox was 2nd in the 3200m race (12:23) and 3rd in the 1600m race (5:38),Alex Ross was 2nd in the boys 3200m race with his PR of 10:11, and Ethan Musser was 6th in the 1600m state championship race with a 4:58. Nice job!

Sunday, Snagged a late afternoon run with Joseph, Kamau, and the wily Arash Taheri who just returned from a family trip to the Dominican Republic! Lucky duck. He and Kaman only went about 5 miles or so, and Joseph and I went 7 miles today. Would have done more, but it seemed about right after the 10k race on Saturday, which, with warmup and cool down ended up being a long run for us anyway! Today was pretty nice. Started slow and gradually picked it up. Nothing crazy, but ended up just over 47 minutes.

Monday, planned on doing some 400’s at the high school track, since they just finished track season with the state meet being held on Saturday. Unfortunately, at least for us, XC practice started today and so all the wannabee distance buggers were out there gathered about and running and stuff. So, instead, Joseph and I did a fartlek workout in the neighborhood across the street from the school. Kamau apparently showed up to run with us at the school, but we missed him. Darn. Workout was pretty steady, especially considering we had a nice race 2 days earlier. After a 10 minute warmup jog, we did 6 X 2 minutes fast with 1 minute jogs between and then 6 X 1 minute fast with 1 minute jogs between. Followed that with a cool down jog, and followed that with some pizza! The run was pretty good today. Started out feeling stiff, and hey, I am 48 years old, so that ain’t surprising! Joseph was also a bit sore from the other day. We felt more sore today than yesterday! Haha. Anyway, it was a grand day, beautiful! I mostly was able to keep up with Joseph today. I do better on these short deals with jog breaks, but then I remember how much faster he is than me when he beats me by almost 5 minutes in a 10k (on Saturday). Punk.  The one minute fast ones were nice. So short! I actually worked on my form as much as possible today. Moving arms faster, snapping them a bit as they lightly brushed the sides of my hips. Thought about my breathing once in a while too. But not too much! Don’t want to be a freak about it. Basically – breathe in for count of 3, breathe out for count of 2. I love how for each time you count, a foot always lands. Count fast, run fast. Well, enough of that. But, I will say, there were a couple of moments where I felt really strong today, like a crazy runner beast. Then, I would look ahead a bit, and see Joseph in front of me going slightly faster and not looking like he was trying. Punk.

Kamau said he did get a short run in with some of the high school kids, and Arash and Jorge ran a few miles on the South Farm, so all was right with the world!

Tuesday, Had a nice run with Jorge Villarreal, Juan Villarreal, Arash and Joseph on the South Farm. Did just over 6 miles, 7 minute-ish per mile pace. It was awesome to see Juan out there again! Had not seen him in a while! Both he and his brother Jorge used to run for MSU, so having them out there with us is always motivating! Juan is coming off a hamstring injury, so is mostly taking it easy right now. Today he did about 3-3.5 miles, but he looked good.

Wednesday, Ran thru the MSU campus and beyond with Jorge, Juan, Joseph, and Kamau today. Probably around 5 miles. Jorge and Joseph finished just ahead of me. I ran at a 6:30 average pace, which after the first slower mile, meant that we were going along pretty well! Kamau and Juan did not go as far today, but were also running well.

Thursday, Jorge, Juan, and me today. Ran 5.6 – 5.7 miles on the South Farm. Not fast, a bit over 7 minutes per mile.

No run on Friday!

Saturday, Joseph and I participated in the Kim Gee 5k this morning at 9 AM. We have done this race on and off for a few years now. Fun run for a good cause. The crazy and wildly enthusiastic Holly Wiley is the race director for this event, which is a fund raiser for Ovarian Cancer research. It is done in honor of Kim Gee, a local lady who died of this type of cancer a few years back. You can read more about this cause at  Her husband and kids are always at the race, and the kids are quite the speedy runners!

Some running Gees!

Some running Gees!

The weather this morn was very iffy, with storms threatening, but we lucked out and the storms ended up being earlier and later. Of course, this meant it was humid!!!!! WOW! But, hey. We were not here to go crazy or anything, but mostly here to run the race for fun. Even so, and not surprisingly, Joseph was the overall winner with a 17:07. He ran pretty well with nobody near him. I thought I was doing ok, but ended up running 18:51, which was good enough for second place. Third place went to 14 year old Joe Gee! So, the top three spots went to Joes!

Joseph rounding the corner to the finish

Joseph rounding the corner to the finish (photo by Melanie Dobbs)

Me about 100 m from the finish

Me about 100 m from the finish (photo by Melanie Dobbs)

Joe Gee, 3rd place finisher

Joe Gee, 3rd place finisher

Our buddy Arash was at the finish line, so that was nice! That crazy joker. Didn’t run the race, but came out to help! Nice.

Joseph and Arash

Joseph and Arash

Whew. Lots of people there we know! So many. And met some nice new folks as well. A big running party for eccentric weirdos who want to run in ridiculous humid conditions! Following the 5k, there was a 1 mile fun run for kids up to age 13. Some of those kids were not much over 2 feet tall! They had lots of fun for sure, with their parents running with them or rooting them on! Anyway, good day, I think everyone enjoyed it!

Start of the 1 mile fun run

Start of the 1 mile fun run

Back to it this afternoon at 4 pm, meeting at the MSU South Farm Parking area.


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